ZTE ties up India

ZTE ties up with the Pune based Calyx Telecoms.

ZTE ties up India
Calyx Telecoms will take care..

ZTE, the Chinese manufacturer of the phones and Tablet PCs has better plans to surge in India, for the fact that the Indian Tablet/phone market is on the boom. ZTE genuinely believes in making heavy profit riding popularity wave of smartphones and Tablets here in India. In order to get into the distribution channel deep within, the company has recently tied up with the Calyx Telecoms, which is a Pune based company which has its distribution nexus in over 60 major cities in India.

Speaking to the media over this new venture, the Chief Executive for ZTE India, Mr. Xu Dejun says, that the Pune-based firm will be taking care of the distribution, sales and marketing of the ZTE smartphones and Tablets. He believes with this tie up ZTE will have a better standing against the current market leaders in this field in India.

Calyx Telecoms is first expected to cover as many as 5 states starting from Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, MP and Chatisgarah, says Mr. Gaurav Somani, Chief Excecutive for Calyx Telecoms.

Initially, ZTE will import the devices from its China installed factories but, in due course of time, ZTE has its production met by their local Gurgao factory. As per the another information, ZTE is expected to make at least 10percent of their total profit from India, if the plans execute fairly.

ZTE officials made an announcement off late that the company, under the tie up period, will launch a good gamut of smartphones and Tablets, in the range of Rs5,799 to Rs14,999. The devices will be available from the month of October, this year.

Ipso facto, lets hope for so many good products from ZTE. By the fact that the company targets the budget segment, we can expect a lot more in lesser range.

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