WishTel BSNL|IRA Tablets

Wishtel to tie up with BSNL for the new slew of IRA Tabs.

Wishtel BSNL IRA series| Calling Tabs
Launch is on the cards!!

You can’t wish for more. Wishtel is all set to bring the best of both the worlds, the high quality Tablet PCs and affordable high speed INTERNET connectivity. In pursuit of this feat, this Mumbai based company, Wishtel shakes hands with one of the leading and most reliable network service provider in India, the BSNL.

It is now confirmed that Wishtel is about to launch a whole array of IRA Calling Tabs which will feature BSNL SIMS within. According to the Wishtel officials, there will be a bevy of new models coming up with all kinds of screen sizes.

The makers have confirmed launching 7 thousand such pieces in Rajasthan first. The launch is due on 7th June,13. Further they have 5 thousand pieces each for Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerela.

The launch of BSNL packed IRA Tablet PCs is not yet scheduled in Pune. But it will be held any-day before 20th June, 2013.

With Pental sweeping the market off with the power of BSNL support in the past. We can be a lot sure to see a repeat telecast of the same, but with the Wishtel-BSNL product line this time..

Visit Wishtel’s website to have a look at ablet PC range avaialable with them.

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