Wammy Desire, Jelly Bean Tab

Weakylead Wammy Desire: Cheapest Jelly Bean Tablet till date.

Wammy Desire, Jelly Bean Tab

Weakylead Wammy Desire, is the new Tablet PC in town. Yes, it is the name of the Tab and nothing else. This very Tab is the source of tremors observed in the Budget Tablet market before long. So, how good is it? Why is it posing threat to others in the same price point? The answer lies in the following paragraph.

Wammy Desire costs just Rs 6,499(cheapest in the market), which makes it a surprise package, given the fact we vaguely expected this cheap Android Jelly Bean tablet, this soon. The processor is Cortex A9 Dual Core clocked at 1.5 Ghz and the RAM under the hood flaunts 1 GB DDR3. Screen resolution is very engaging with 800*480 pixels, apt enough for riveting experiences. Now, the only put-off is the unavailability of SIM card slot, but c’mon, let’s not be too greedy.

Follows its specs and features which you must know and compare, before you go for it.

Specifications: Features:
OS Android v4.1 JELLY BEAN
Screen Size & Display 7 inch, LED screen, 800×480 pixel, 1024*76 HD
Processor 1.5 GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core
Camera 1.3 MP Primary Camera (Front)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet Dongle 2G/3G.
Battery 3000mAh
Price Rs 6,499

The Tablet PC is selling like hot cakes on its official website.   to fly to Wammy Desire store.







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