Wanna buy Tablets online? Amazon.in starts selling Tablets and accessories

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Move over Flipkart, Amazon has started its operations in India and Tablets and accessories are on the menu. Yes, the world’s largest online retailer which started its online marketplace this month has listed Tablets as well and its here to stay.

The American online store launched in 1995 by Jeff Bezos clocked an online revenue of $61 billion last year. Currently, its operations have been limited to the US and Europe, which account for a major chunk of the revenue for the online retail giant, which sells everything from Mobiles, Tablets and toys to E books, home accessories and even food items.

On June 5th, it started its operations in India in a marketplace model. Here, like e bay, retailers from all over the country can list their products at given prices and then rely on Amazon to take orders, track shipments and deliver goods at the customers doorstep.

2 days ago, Mobile phones, Tablets and related accessories went up on the menu and orders have already started pouring in with several online retailers as well as many brick and mortar retailers too registering themselves so as to take advantage of the huge traffic and great customer experience that Amazon offers because of its expertise in Online retail. This is going to bring even more competition in the already crowded Indian online retail market with Flipkart and Saholic and the likes ruling the roost uptil now.

The biggest incentive for customers and retailers alike is the now world famous Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program, which allows retailers to deposit products at the scientifically managed Amazon warehouse (in Mumbai) and when customers place orders, it is then upto Amazon to ship, track and deliver products to Customers at Free of Cost charges within 2-3 working days anywhere in the country.

Launched 2 days ago, the Tablet store at Amazon already houses more than 174 Tablet models at different rates from more than 50 listed retailers. Including the much awaited Kindle Fire HD model, a home production of Amazon itself which is scheduled to be available from 27th June.

Kindle Fire HD: To be available for Rs 15,999 for the 7" model
Kindle Fire HD: To be available for Rs 15,999 for the 7″ model

Like most Online stores, Amazon lets you search products according to a variety of categories including Operating System, Brands, Price Ranges, Calling facility, Wifi models, 3G supported models, Display sizes and even according to Sellers.

Let us know what’s your experience on Amazon.in. Is it time for the Online retail world in India to make a run for their money? The daddy of Online retail is here.

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Zain Siddiqui
Zain Siddiqui