Micro USB OTG cable

Using USB pen-drive with Nexus 7 : End to your memory woes

Nexus 7 2013 is an awesome android device. Why? Because Google manufactures Nexus devices in conjunction with an original equipment manufacturer to provide best possible user experience. It comes in two variants – 16 GB and 32 GB internal storage. And no microSD slot. Yeah, that’s a turn off. According to the current price listing on flipkart, you will end up paying Rs 6k – 7k more for extra 16 GB storage. There is no fun if you cannot carry around all your favourite movies, music, pics and be able to satisfy your never ending hunger for android apps.

Before we proceed further, I want to warn you that this solution requires a rooted Nexus 7.  If you are interested in rooting Nexus 7, we have solution for it. You can find it here. So if your device is rooted, then lets get on it!

Prerequisites :

1.       Rooted Nexus 7 2013
2.       Micro USB to USB OTG data cable  – will cost you around Rs 100-150
3.       StickMount – free app at Google Play store ( To mount the device)
4.       OTG Disk Explorer ( To copy the files )
5.       ES File Explorer File ManagerTo Explorer the files in pendrive
        NOTE : Back up any important data on your internal storage.

Micro USB OTG cable
Micro USB OTG cable

 Steps :

  1. Install the apps StickMount and ES File Explorer File Manager on you device
  2. Connect the Micro USB to USB OTG data cable to the tab.
  3. At the other end of the cable, connect your pen-drive
  4. Start StickMount. Tap Unmount once just to make sure everything goes right.
  5.  Now, tap Mount. A pop-up will appear notifying that USB storage device has been mounted.
  6. Start ES File Explorer. Tap on the small blue icon upper left corner.
  7. Go to Tools > SD Card Analyst > usbStorage > sda1. All the files on your pendrive will be listed.
  8. Tap on any file and app suggestions may pop-up allowing you to choose which one to use to open desired file, be it music, video, photo or document.
  9. Now if you want to transfer any file on to your device, you need another app called OTG Disk Explorer Lite. Download from Google Play store and install it.
  10. Now Start the app. Select any file. Tap on Download at the top. A pop confirms the file transfer.
  11.  Go to Downloads. Transferred file can be found there. Current support FAT32 disk format of flash drives.

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