Unique features of Microsoft Tablet

Unique features of Microsoft Tablet

Apple with iPad, introduced a new tablet game. But with Windows 8 tab, Microsoft is changing the game rules. Here is the few features present in Microsoft tab,  which is present in no other tablet PC.

1) Almost a desktop look like: The tab screen interface is almost like your system screen, only things is now mouse is your finger tip. Start With a tap and you will see the familiar desktop user interface. The screen make you feel like you know the things before, nothing hidden. Every thing is good old days like old wine in new bottle.

The similar Desktop interface makes you more comfortable. The familiar looking My Computer , Recycle Bin make your usability lot easier. 

2) Device Support: Like computer Microsoft tab will detect almost every device connected to it, this features is still not available with Android and Apple iOS. This is the major USP of Surface Tab. Connect your Android mobile, camera or any other device and built -in device will recognize it. Surprisingly of all connect the iPad to Microsoft tab and iTunes will pop up. Manage your music, video and other stuff of iPad from surface tab, this amazing features is not available in Android tablets and iPad even not support the USB.  

3) Tablet Interface : Some changes has been made to the interface, but still it is beautiful and easy to navigate. The touch screen has been named ‘Metro‘.   As the manes suggest touch screen is smooth and feel good while swiping fingers. Surface tab is as smooth as iPad and and as customizable as Android.

4) USB support : Transferring files from tablet is the toughest part of tablet. Some of the top brand Android tablet do not support USB  and even iPad does not have a USB port. But with the Microsoft surface, just connect your USB drive and you are ready to go.  You will find the same old ways of copying the files from USB drive to tablets.

5) Multi-tasking:  This is the area where the Microsoft tab is much ahead to both Android and iOS. In the Windows tab you have to simply swipe to left to open the other tab. This will make all the app running in back end to go in hibernate mode and hence saving the battery.

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