Ubuntu Linux on Tablet

Ubuntu Linux now on Tablet

Ubuntu Linux on Tablet

It’s official now: Ubuntu is now even on Tablet PCs….

It’s been on the desktops, laptops, phones and so, why not on the Tablets? Therefore, it’s time to see Ubuntu on the modern Tablet PCs, bridging the functionalities of a PC and a Phone. The eco-system of the Ubuntu, the most popular of Linux distributor, is natively and invariably clean. The display never appears cluttered with toolbars and various buttons or icons. The motive of Ubuntu has always been to give its users an immersive and engrossing environment where they can care only about the content on the screen and not lose their focus from it, by any means.

Various upsides of getting an Ubuntu on your Tablet can be drawn point-wise, and hence we try to do it for you. Read the below:

1) Content is the King:

So you are somewhere in your content say reading a pdf , watching a video, net browsing or on phone call. You don’t have to leave it in the middle to adjust some system settings on look up something else in some other app. Imagine a scenario when you are watching a live streaming video and suddenly you decide to switch to your Wi-Fi network from your slower mobile carrier’s internet. In this situation you don’t have to close the browser and go to the settings to make the changes. All you need is an effortless pull from top edge of the tablet which will have all the needed settings, just a touch away. Nothing additional appears if not needed, just to value the content more than anything else.

2) Multitasking:

Well all because of this feature one can work in different Apps simultaneously by sharing the screen of the tablet. Say for example you got to Talk to somebody on Skype and at the same time enjoy playing your favorite game. Not an issue here! Enjoy glitch-less and hassle-free multi-tasking, all just at your fingertips.

3) Effortless Navigation among the Apps and instant launches:

The left edge of the Ubuntu Tab will hide your most used or say favorite Apps which you like to use time and again. Any time on the fly if you feel like switching to some other App you like, all you got to do is pull the toolbar from the left edge by giving a smooth swiping gesture sideways, starting from the left edge and you will have the list of Apps lined up for you to choose. Moreover, you can even customize this toolbar for your favorite picks.

ubuntu unity on tablet

4) Ubuntu One:

This is one native feature from Ubuntu which comes towed to this OS. A personal cloud which is offered here is nice way to keep all your files safe and ready to deliver when sought. Access it from anywhere or any device and you get your favorite files ready to use.

5) Voice control:

The Ubuntu OS also features voice controlling. With all the immaculate work-flow arrangement by Ubuntu, Voice control adds on as an extra pair of hands.

6) Gallery is great and safe:

The regular gallery from the Ubuntu which has been loved and admired by all its users happens to be here as well. This intrinsic gallery appears beautifully sorted and very user-friendly. Safety has always been a prime concern for Ubuntu, being a no exception even this time.

7) Brilliant, Bright and Beautiful:

All in all with the power of Ubuntu, a tablet PC is bound to look brilliant, bright and beautiful. Enjoy the matchless experience and for sevices, count on the trusted Canonicals, with no hesitation.

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