Track Lost / Stolen Android Tablets



If your Android Tablet has been lost or stolen, you can track it even if you haven’t installed any anti theft or tracking app. There are lot of website which are asking for the registration and to submit your Tablet IMEI, actual advantage of submitting IMEI is that you can get the location of your device, even if it has been stolen. Just you have to visit website and enter the IMEI of your Tablet.

Few of the steps to track the tablet are :

1- How Google is helping you back in tracking Android Tablet?
When you purchase an Android Tablet, it asks for Google account. The utmost advantage of connecting your Tablet with your Gmail account constitutes a term called Android Device Manager. If your Tablet has Internet connection it will track your tablet and it does not need any additional Application to be installed.

Just Login to ADM and when the login credential is accepted it will track your tablet of its own. If you have registered more than one android device, just choose the device  which has been lost from the list.

Android device manager
Prerequisite to Android Device Manager:-

  • Your Tablet must be registered to Google account (i.e. Gmail Account).
  • Tablet should have Internet connection.
  • Allow Android Device Manager to locate your device.
  • Allow ADM to lock your device and erase its data which is in Setting-> Security->Device Administration.
  • Your Tablet GPS and Access to Location feature should be turned on.

Google has been renowned for its creativity and it had integrated ADM with search engine. By simply searching at Google for Find My Phone, it will locate your tablet on Google Map. You can also ring your phone directly from the button to the left of map.

Find My Phone

***Your PC must be connected to your Google account, to use “Find My Phone” keyword to display the results.

Though, advantage to access your phone with ADM is that you have more option other than Ring. You have access to erase data of your tablet and you can lock and reset the password of your Android Slate.

In case your Tablet is stolen and you have another Android device either of your friend or relative, just install ADM App. From Google play store. Login as a guest and track your device.

Limitation of ADM:-

  • If your stolen tablet has been hard reset or soft reset by user then it cannot track your phone, even if it is connected to Internet.
  • Internet is must me connected to use the features of ADM.

2- Remote Control & Track your Tablet with Android Lost
Android Lost is an app to track your lost Android tablet. Basically it had to be installed on tablet and the installation process in tablet varies from phones.

Prior to installation of Android Lost, you have to install AndroidLost Jumpstart. As it initiate the registration process when AndroidLost is installed.

Sign In to Android Lost Website using your Google account. After login you will be able to access features like:-

  • SMS Tracking
  • Play an Alarm with flashing screen.
  • Track location of your device.
  • Change Password.
  • Wipe Data.
  • Use Camera to capture snapshot of person carrying your tablet.


  • Your Device must be connected to Google account
  • Internet Connection

3- Use TimeLine to Track your Lost Android Tablet

  • Your Device must be connected to Google account.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Location Reporting & Location History needs to be activated on Tablet.

Timeline feature of Google Maps does not track the lost tablet. It records the location history where you had been travelled over the past days. It can be helpful to track down your lost android tablet by checking the location history.


Just Go to Timeline and select the date which you wish to track on the left side of screen. It will display the history of location you had travelled. While, on the right location is visualized on Google Maps.


To track location, Timeline uses cell tower IDs and Wi-Fi location to collect location data.

Highlight features through which it is considered vital point to be enlisted in tracking of lost android tablet is that if the person who had stolen your tablet has visited their home or office. This will help you to locate the thief.

4- Register your Samsung Tablet to Track

  • Tablet must be connected to Internet.
  • Device must be registered with Samsung account.
  • Find My Mobile must be setup on Samsung Tablet.

Samsung has launched its own tracking services termed Find My Mobile. It’s free of cost and you just have to create Samsung account and register your tablet through it.

If you want to test the position then just login to Find My Mobile. Check the left panel it will display the list of registered Tablets. To track down tablet device must be online & Remote controls should be enabled. Now, check Locate my device and select locate button. It will display approximate location.


With the help of Find My Mobile you have more powerful control like: – Lock the screen, Wipe Data and Unlock Screen of Tablet.

5- Dropbox can bring your lost Android Tablet

  • Tablet must be connected to internet.
  • Activate Camera Upload in Dropbox app.
  • Just wait until thief capture Selfie.

Dropbox is the last resort to have your tablet back. Just you have to install Dropbox App. in your tablet and enable Camera Upload feature. As a result of it, if anyone captures any image with the tablet it will directly uploaded to the Camera upload folder of dropbox.

With the background images you can get an idea of its location and with the help of Social Networking websites you have the option to find that people.

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