Top Myths About Tablet PCs

In this vast and rapidly evolving technological age, one tends to confuse and foster false knowledge about various cutting edge gadgets coming incessantly. One amongst many misinterpreted gadgets around is also a generic TABLET PC.

Following are a few Myths and its real stories about the TABLETS, which we would like to highlight for you:-

MYTH 1: We can connect internet using our GSM/CDMA cell-phone connection by attaching it to the Tablet PC through a data cable.

REALITY: There are no USB ports in most of the Tablet PCs at first place, except for the new Windows Tablets.

One can still connect to the internet (2G/3G) using his/her phone service provider, using Wi-fi Hotspot feature in some of the high end phones, which enables the phone’s internet to be accessed by the paired Wi-Fi enabled devices( here Tablets).

MYTH 2: Tablets have pre-installed MS OFFICE.

REALITY: Only Windows Tablets support MS OFFICE, rest all have their own workarounds to read and edit document files and presentations.

MYTH 3: We can boot our own exclusive ‘.exe’ files to get our applications running

REALITY: NO, except for the windows tablets, rest all the other tablets will not support .exe file execution. Android OS/ iOS apps can be downloaded from the respective online markets like Google Play, Apple store etc.

MYTH 4: We can connect external hard disks.

REALITY: NO we can’t as there are no external USB ports, exception: MICROSOFT SURFACE TABLETS.

MYTH 5:  All the tablets support simply all the network dongles.

REALITY: Big NO!! .. Tablets are only compatible with their own set of friendly network dongles. So, highly advised that before you decide over any network dongle for your tablet, just make sure the very same is compatible with your tablet.





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