Top 5 problems faced by tab users

Operating a Tablet PC is some times not that easy. Different Tabs have different issues which mostly surface out of the blue and then stay to vex their users badly. A lot of visitors on mytabletguru post their pains and problem related to their individual Tabs and seek troubleshooting for the same. Based on all the complains and queries we create this post to make you aware of the most probable issues with a Tablet PC which annoy us to the core.

Problem no.1 : Dongle connection

People buy Tablet PCs under an impression that their device will be compatible with all the dongles available in the market. But it’s a sad truth that every Tablet PC has a list of supporting devices and they blatantly refuse to accept any entry which is not programmed for them. So, it is very much advisable that be sure of the dongle-tablet compatibility beforehand and then do the purchasing. Also be aware of the Tabs which offer no dongle support at all.

Problem no. 2: Stuck at Boot, starting problem!

Some times a Tab goes haywire no sooner you switch it on. This has been a common complain with the Chinese tab. This issue generally arises because the OS goes corrupt. But if it’s a battery issue, take out the battery and charge it else where for at least 30 mins and then place it back to start the Tab again.

You can try to reboot if there is any other issue. Easy steps to perform Android installation in a Tab can be found here.

Problem no. 3: Skype calling, not as good as we thought.

If you own a not-so-expensive Tab, and are also not hesitant enough to pull in more and more Apps in your Tab, you got to keep a check a bit. Apps like Skype are highly desirable in a Tablet PC. But it is fact that Skype needs good RAM and internal memory to run seamlessly. Make sure you don’t run many Apps in background which will inevitably consume RAM and result in aberrant or no Skype functioning.

To get rid of this, spend a little more and get a better rated Tab.

Problem no.4 : Locked Tablet PC, password forgotten.

Drat! What to do now? This happens with many if not everybody. We set passwords and then somehow forget it to make our lives more exciting. This, in many cases, leads to anger and eventually to the service center. But there are a few remedies which you should try, before you actually take it to the service center to get your Tab cuffed again because of your folly.

Read the content here, which has all the possible methods of unlocking your Tab at home.
Problem no.5 : Upset screen, spilled colors and unresponsive touch.

This is a situation when you should know that your Tab has been manhandled. Either you have dropped it or you have yourself sat on it; possibilities are many. In this situation if you are a quick learner, and learn things perfectly, you can watch the process on youtube and replace the screen all by yourself. Otherwise find a guy at a nearby Tablet PC service center to it for you. In most of the cases they will charge a good amount. So, better be prepared.






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  1. Brendan Lally Avatar
    Brendan Lally

    I opened a chinese 6inch tablet to try fix an issue with headphone port only to discover
    I now have a f:(!)??n white screen only have volume rocker and power button so not to many buttons to try reboot combinations any suggestions

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