These Apps save life: Emergency medical Apps

lifesaver apps at mtgYou are in a life threatening situation and you have no way of communicating that you are in danger. This is the worst nightmare most of us can sometimes have. But today, with a smartphone/tablet in hand, it is possible for us to send out that SOS message without too much of a hassle. Here, are a few Apps that can be easily downloaded and are a must have for adventure freaks.


The world may not be ending anytime soon with the 22nd of December having passed without much of a global destruction as was to be expected but the need for an App that can be used to save lives is always there. Developers from around the globe today are working on bringing out the best out of tablet and smartphone technology’s to help create a safer world.

The e-Guard App by e-Zest

The e-Guard App that can be found on Google Play is an essential GPS and Network based App for areas where phone networks can be doubtful or absent. Putting your GPS to use, the e-Guard App sends out a SMS to your selected contact on the shake of the smartphone/tablet. It also allows you to call your selected contact for a short duration. Like magic, on three shakes of the device the App sends out the SMS with your approximate position on Google Map that can be opened with a URL link. Developed by Pune based e-Zest, the e-Guard App must be activated before it can function. It runs in the background to your tablet and takes up very little power while you can work away on other important stuff.

This App Saves your life

This App Saves your life

The LifeSAVER app 

Available on your Blackberry, the App locks down the drivers phone for use whenever the speed of the moving vehicle crosses the preset speed threshold, thereby, preventing accidents that happen when people use their phone while driving. A useful App to stop all those unnecessary accidents. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

LifeSaver App

This is another LifeSaver App that is very useful for medical emergencies as it can provide your detailed medical record to your doctors and emergency services staff. Developed by, the medical history stored on online servers is available to doctors within seconds with the help of a Microsoft Tag. The Tag technology helps identify the users Medical ID card that can be stored on the users tablet/smartphone.

ICEdot Crash Sensor App

By using a specially designed ICEdot sensor that calculates the force of the crash on a helmet, this App connects to your nearest Emergency medical service and transmits your location using GPS. The App uses bluetooth to connect to the sensor planted on the helmet of the rider.In cases of false alarm it can be switched off from transmitting within 15 to 60 seconds. This amazing App is expected to be available in the market by April 2013 and can potentially save thousands of lives that are lost every year due to cases where crash victims are not provided emergency medical aid on time.

*Note: All these Apps may not be available for free downloads but a small one time investment can go a long way when the stakes are between life and death.

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