Google Smart App Update



Updating an App in your new Android tablet/phone is not less than an adventure. Going to the Play Store and downloading the whole App just for a small update? So now Google comes up with this new idea of what is called as the Smart App Update also known as The Delta Update.

What is Smart App Update?

So what is this smart app update, what does it do and how it works for your app? Let’s clear it here. The first thing to notice here is that it works for all versions of Android 2.3 and above. So it will definitely work for your tablet. Next, the most important part here is that when there is an update available for your favorite app you don’t need to waste your time downloading the app again and upgrading it. Instead use the Smart App Update and it will just download only the parts of the app which have changed. So you can spend more time using/playing with your app then just to wait and download it again and again. Isn’t that cool?

How it works?

So, now you may be wondering how this new feature works? It’s simple! All that is done is that the play store, instead of downloading the full app just gets a copy of the update and keeps it with itself. When you update your app only those files which are new are downloaded and overwritten on the older ones so that it makes the work much easier for both the Play Store and the user.

How it Helps?

Google has promised to save the user’s valuable time and also Play Store bandwidth. So this makes the whole process even lighter and easier. Also, as said by Google, the I/O has nothing to do with this Delta Update feature of the Android. Moreover, it not only saves the time and bandwidth but also the most crucial thing of a Smart Phone, its Battery. As less internet and energy is consumed in data transfer it saves a lot of battery for the user to use it for the latest upgraded App. The update of 50 to 100 Mb just turned into 4 to 5 Mb in size.

Now upgrading is fun, isn’t it? So now updating an App will not be an issue for an Android user even using slow connection for. Here we can say that Google is playing “smart” by introducing their smart update technology.


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