6 Drawbacks of Budget Tablet

John: Oh man! Tablet…!!! Congrats buddy. So, is it promotion or increment???


Neal: What!!!

John: New, shiny, latest tablet. It must be expensive. So… promotion or increment?

Neal: Haven’t you ever heard anything called “BUDGET  TABLETS”!!!

Yes. Today, being techno savvy does not cost you your fortune. Not anymore. Today we have a whole lot of tablets that not only serve us with the latest up to date technology but also allow us to enjoy it without hurting our pockets.  Indian tablet market has witness a boom as a result of which the latest technology can be enjoyed by all kind of users, within all ranges of cost. Therefore, it equally attracts the business users as well as low cost customers. The concept of budget tablets has splendored the market for the user.  It has narrowed the gap between the rural and urban techno demands, the age and gender usage curve and business and entertainment based convention. 80% of the tablet market is dominated by budget tablets. As a result of which sales of tablet in India are expected to at least double this year to 6 million, the market’s third year of growth.

budget tablet

Apart from all these good things there are some issue with the budget tablet which the user are facing and here we are listing the most common issues that arises with the budget tablets.

1. Tablet get heated

The most common issue that catches our attention is that at times it becomes uncomfortably warm to hold them. Or what we say that they become hot.  Usually this happens while playing HD games or continuous long running or the tablet is running in vain like trying to find GPS or Wi-Fi. To deal with this, do not get tablet laminated fully. Ensure proper cooling. Switch off when it is not in use. Avoid keeping it on sleep mode, if not necessary. To savor the budget tablet efficiently, effectively and to ensure longer life, one just needs to take care of it properly. So, just a little bit of tending and you will enjoy the amity of your slab let.

2. Short Battery life

How long you can use your tablet is nearly as important as what it is you do while using it. A short battery life could mean the difference between your slim, sexy tablet with true mobility or carrying around various clunky power adapters, which isn’t nearly as sexy. So here comes the battery life in to limelight. Everybody wants 1080 pi of HD video streaming with full luminosity. And watch it till the very “the end”. Battery life is heavily reliant on the brightness of the tablet’s display and different sensors running. For example, wireless connection activity. The problem surface in, particularly, in case of the 7 inch tablets. So to ensure a long battery life, battery more than 3500AH is recommended. Turn off the tablet when not in use. Keep the sensors off so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of battery. Do not run unneeded apps in the back ground.

3. Tablet get hanged

When there is ever growing pool of apps with the fountain of selection streaming out, only the fools won’t be tempted. It’s always a craving, one become greedy of apps. And why not? What good your slate can be of if cannot satisfy the “apps desire”!!! In case of budget tablet, if one runs too many apps it gets hang or other performance issues float up. Generally this happens when tab is supported with Wi-Fi or internet. So try to use one app or may be two at a time. And do make sure that unwanted apps are not drumming your slate.

4. Camera not so good

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” and in case of tablets, it’s the cameras. Camera is one of the first things to dig for in case of budget tablets because you are not dish up with lot many options and also quality won’t be exceptionally fascinating. But you still be able to get your”wow” and “Aww” moments. Generally the available option is 2MP and one has to test out various options available as per one’s need.

5. Poor touch screen quality

Thinking about the touch, brings to my mind the old anecdote of King Midas who can turn anything he touches into gold. First it seemed to be a stroke of luck but later turned out to be curse. Still thinking… me too. Do not worry. All the budget tablets do not do this to you. Most of the budget tablets have good touch quality that gives quick response and are easy on fingers. Some are so good that they give you the chance to cherish effortless navigation. But the problem comes with the HD games or videos and large number of on running apps. At times, games like Angry birds or Fruit Ninja do not give the smooth touch experience. They simply lag. So it is advisable to explore and experiment the touch while you are in the shop.  So, don’t be shy. Go to the sales executive. After all, why are they there for? Jokes apart, but try different tabs with various applications of your need, if possible.

6. Short life span

My hard earned money!!! Buying a tablet??? How long will it be utilizable? Life span of tablet is at times considered as an unsolvable mystery. But honestly, it is not. Most of the bud tab (as I like to call them )do not ditch before a year. If taken care properly, they can even last to one and a half or maybe more. So follow these steps and you won’t have your tablet using experience “budgeted”.

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