Tesco Tablet HUDL

Tesco Tablet HUDL


Ecstatic Christmas gift for this year has been announced by the supermarket giant TESCO. It is going to hit the market with bang with its new tablet HUDL this year. The might of Amazon,Apple and Google will be taken on by Tesco own Tablet computer . They will smell the coffee when HUDL will arrive on the store shelves. Tesco expects to offer an 18 cm (7 inch) device, priced to compete with Amazon’s updated Kindle Fire and the newest version of Google Nexus 7 built by a Chinese manufacturer which is likely to fetch less than £100 where Kindle Fire costs £130.

Other upcoming tablets that are expected to arrive this festive seasons are Xolo Tablet and HP budget tablet.

Tesco Tablet HUDLHowever, it’s likely to arrive running Google’s Android mobile operating system, which Tesco will apparently supplement with some homegrown features including its supermarket, pre-loaded books, internet film, music service and Blinkbox apps, much like Amazon does with its Kindle tablets. It is said that the tablet would contain easy ways to order goods from Tesco and also offer fast access to Blinkbox video-on-demand, which Tesco has controlled since April 2011. Given that Tesco also has its own mobile phone network, it’s likely that the tablet will feature a SIM slot as well, so that users can pick up 3G connectivity on the go. It’s also likely that the tablet will be offered as part of a bundle with a smart phone from the Tesco Mobile lineup. So get ready to get every little from Tesco in affordable price.

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