Techniques to Tackle Android Tablet from Boot Stuck

tablet stuck at logo screen


The major problem now a day’s which arise with Android tablet users is getting tablet stuck during startup. In this case the tab remains at the logo screen and does not move forward . There are possible of reasons for this. here we are going to enlist some of the solution which will help to fix your tab.


When the tablet starts press volume up & down button randomly for about 10-30 sec. Sometime this method works but the possibility is very low.


This technique is used to reset all the data in the tablet. The hard reset method works while the tablet is switched off. the data and the apps within the tablet get wiped out and the tab get its setting restored. See the Android tablet hard reset method here.


Flashing is Android OS installation process on tablet / mobile. If the tab is stuck at logo due to software issue then it will be removed using flashing. For this compatible Android OS image file and flash tool is required.

The various flash tool are:-

a)     Live suit tools.

b)    Phoenix tools.

c)     Phoenix card.

d)    Rock chip tools.

See Android flashing method in details here.

4. PCB board Cleaning

If the tab is stuck due to hardware issue then it may be possible that the PCB board is not clean and it’s working is effected by carbon or moisture . Possible solution is to disassemble the tab and take out the PCB and apply thinner over it. Afterwards with the help of hot air gun we vaporize the thinner.  See the PCB board cleaning process in below video.

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  • som20029241

    Hey sir please help me my tablet HCL ME V1 after flashing didnt start.PLzzzzzzzz help me out of these thing.PLzzzzz sir.plzz sir replay me plzzz.My gmail

  • OJ NaTiOn

    my tab is polaroid tab ..i loss my password and need flash tool and saggest how to flash it .. plz info me

  • Pertea Vali

    I have a E-Boda R77 GPS tablet and when i try to turn it on it gets stuck on “E-Boda” loading screen, any working solution?

    • specify the chipset within the phone
      & try hard reset first


    Hi,I have a F&U ETB7506 tablet and whenever I turn this on it stucks on F&U logo

    • try to reset the device & clear caches using recover mode

  • Sarah Samuel

    Hi Guru,
    my tablet is iBall slide 6351 Q40i … It is stuck during start. Help me fix the problem…. Please

  • mbongeni sebele


  • Sandeep Itnal


  • youtube account

    Tablet Guru. I have a O plus Fab Color 2.0 tablet. At first it boot loop and then stucked on boot screen. another problem is that, my device is not recognize when i plug it to a computer via usb cable. i dont know what to do.

    • try to hard reset the device and if hard reset fails then flash the tablet

      • AnneRose

        TabletGuru. How is the flashing the tablet done. Im not that to intellect on Technology terms. thank you.

        • Share the CPU of the tablet

          • AnneRose

            TabletGuru. have patience on me. i cant find the firmware for my tablet and i dont knoow the flashtool needed that can read my tablet.
            my tablet is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system with its Quad Core 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex A7 and Mali 400 based MediaTek MT8382 chipset

  • Sahil Goyal

    hey I m using infid designing pad but it stuck on startup screen as well as in boot screen it also doesnt connect to pc so plz help out how to boot it or any other way to make it work again

  • Gina

    My tablet is a tmax 9 inch. My tablet is stuck on the go screen I wiped the data and cache but nothing is happening it is still the same. What should I do?

  • jack

    i have the samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 it is stuck on the samsung logo screen i tried hard reset i took out both sim and sd no luck it is rooted i want to reload official firmware if i could and start from there fresh any help would be great

    • Try to flash the device using Odin tool and send Model no of the device.
      So i could provide stock rom of the file

  • shankar

    Dear Tablet Guru. I have mentioned you my problem of Pendo Tablet even in your Forum bu you have not answered. My Pendo Tablet has stuck on Android Logo. It is AL A13Q8 Rev 5.0 Pendo Tablet, China Made. Please help me as it is a gift to my daughter. I guess, I need the Firmware, I tried to downoad the Firmware but every time I try the download stops in middle of the process. Please send me the link for my Pendo Tablet Firmware link as well as the Procedure to make it working.

    Thank you Tablet Guru.

  • Nikhil Lakra

    Can you provide me a link for stock rom of hcl me u3

  • munzi

    Hcl me connect v3 flash file plzz

  • ken2

    i have bluewave 8 HD+ it doesnt i press the power buttom nothing happen

    • Try to charge with USB and either it get identified by PC or not???

  • maynell Rodrigues

    i have a lenovo a3000 ideatab it dosent boot up . the lenovo logo appears and goes after 2sec again and again

  • farraz

    My euro star epad stuck on logo plz help me plz plz plz

    • Try to hard reset & if it fails then full flash the device

  • Izhaar Alam

    Hey Tablet Guru My Dany Genius Tab_G5 Stuck On Logo bcz i deleted some file by mistake and i don’t have any Firmware for flash my device bcz not found so plz yaar kuch help kardo meri kafi pareshan ho gya hun youtube pe search kr kr k….

  • Erin

    Hi Guru,
    I have a Neutab N7 Pro that will turn onto the Android KitKat 4.4 Allwinner screen but just stay on that screen ( while still flashing. not frozen on the screen) I have tried the reset with the power button and up volume. Nothing seems to work. HELP!
    Thank you!

  • Florence

    i have a acer Iconia tablet that wont start up plsss help

  • James Washington

    Hey guru my RCA tablet is stuck on the boot screen and I tried everything what do I have to do to stop it from being on the boot screen

  • Try to flash device using MP tool

  • shreyas

    hi ashwin! im shreyas! actually even i have the same tab hcl me connect v3, i fiddeled with the system ui and im not able to use the soft keys, if your tab is rooted and in a working condition, please make a backup of the rom and please upload it in google drive and give me the link. i would be verry happy if u do that for me. and guru, if u have the rom with u for hcl me connect v3, please give me. my email id is
    thank you @disqus_SfjhmqODki:disqus and @MyTabletGuru:disqus

  • ashwin

    Hi, Guru.
    have a tablet hcl me connect v3….the tab is show the logo of me again and again…. it not start perfectly i have no flash file… i try to hard reset but the problem is not solve please help me….

    • is your tablet charged????

      • ashwin

        yas my tablet is charged

        • It cannot be flashed through SP flash tool. you have to use MP tool

          • ashwin

            sand me link of mp tool and the prosses of use mp tool

  • Wilson

    Hi, Guru.
    I have a tablet RCA branch size 10.1 and the android system don’t work, I did the factory data reset and did’nt work. What can I do.

  • Awin

    hi guru, how to flash a tablet on stuck logo.. thanks..

    • Download the firmware & flash tool supporting your device and flash it.
      If your device has stuck at boot logo then hard reset can also be solution

  • Zoe Ryder

    my acer b2-710 stuck on formatting data and will not go off plz help

  • Mike

    i have a commander 3d tablet it is stuck at the boot screen i was wondering how to reset it as every combination i have tried does not work

  • ali

    hi tab guru i need to ask i have gal tab 5 made in korea i forgotr my pattern and tried a lot to hard reset it via key combination kindly plz tell me how to get rid of it r lemme know the procedure of flash plz

  • craig boles

    my tablet is stuck on the screen that says android,can not get it off that screen,it powers up and goes through the motions to where it is going to start up but gets stuck on the screen that says android. it is a model #9a13-wt…any suggestions.i have tried just about everything

    • Try to hold power key for 40-50 seconds it will redirect you to recovery mode and if it fails then elaborate Processor of your tablet with chipset

  • Scott Moerke

    i have a mediatek t610 won’t boot stuck on the andriod screen please help

    • Is your tablet not switching on?

      • Scott Moerke

        it is switching on but does not do anything else after showing android screen like the operating systems gone how can i get it back i can not find no firmware for my model and when i hook it up to my laptop it is not reconized

        • Post board id of tablet

          • Scott Moerke

            i have a mediatek t610 it just at the Andriod screen won’t go any further i think the android iso is gone

          • Scott Moerke

            i have no idea the tablet can’t even boot up to find that out

      • andrian dagohoy

        my polariod tablet stuck in picture therse no volume bottom oli power wat can i do

        • Please mention model no. & processor of your tablet
          as Hard Reset is the easiest solution and if hard reset does not work then you have to flash the tablet

  • Akash Kumar

    i rooted my tab but it cant hard rest my tab micromax p650

  • Asher Vargheese

    what if i hard reset a rooted tab.any problems???its a hcl me sync 1.0

    • No, there will be no problem as hard reset in rooted tablet keep it Rooted

  • Stephanie H.

    I have a zeepad 9RK, Android 4.4. I can’t get into tablet because I don’t remember the number lock pattern. How can I reset so I can get back in? Reset is on back of zeepad. Can you help? Please? I try reset button but it just takes me back to screen with number lock pattern. Help!!

  • bloo

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 made in korea. it’s model is GT-P1000. FCCID: A3LGTP1000 Rated: 5V-2A. I clicked the bluetooth and the tablet automatically shut down and restarted but got stuck at the android logo. I tried reseting it using the reset keys such as holding both the power button and vol+. After 30 seconds an image of android with exclamation point appeared but there were no reset selection menu. I let it stay for awhile and after a minute it shut down and restarted again automatically but still got stuck at android logo. I also used the reset button at the back of the tablet but it still got stuck at the android logo when restarting again. Please help me. It’s driving me crazyyy!

    • When the tablet is at exclamation point then press the home button to see the reset option. If home does not work then press any other button.

      If none of the button work. Then use the Android Multi Tool software. Use the software while the tablet is at exclamation point.

      • Jaybee

        Hi master guru we have same issue but we do anything like android multi tools . What we need?

        • Android Multi tool
          PC (XP or 7)
          USB Driver
          USB wire

          • Check the steps to install driver as your tablet seems to be not identified by tool

          • Jaybee

            But it not working can you help me Ankur

          • Switch off your tablet
            Press and hold volume down while press power key
            If the downloading appears and tell that you have pressed the wrong key, then re-insert the battery and try again

          • Jaybee

            Sir if i hard reset my tablet there is Invalid Argument HELP me sir.

          • Can you post the snapshot

    • If hard reset is not working then you have to flash the Tablet

  • My tablet is HCL ME Conect 3G
    plz Find the Firmware in my tablet and tell me…


    hey what should be done when you have already done a hard reset on the tablet but it does not move from the android logo?

    • In that case you have to flash your tablet. If that also does not work then clean the PCB board.

      • Blessing Fasina

        pls can u upload the file u use to flash/update the tab in ur video

  • tommy

    my tab i.e. micromax p360 got boot stuck which method should i use

  • disqus_RoimNxyyYa

    how to use factory reset data on g-tab

  • Nikko