tablet stuckk at logo screen

Techniques to Tackle Android Tablet from Boot Stuck

tablet stuck at logo screen

The major problem now a day’s which arise with Android tablet users is getting tablet stuck during startup. In this case the tab remains at the logo screen and does not move forward . There are possible of reasons for this. here we are going to enlist some of the solution which will help to fix your tab.


When the tablet starts press volume up & down button randomly for about 10-30 sec. Sometime this method works but the possibility is very low.


This technique is used to reset all the data in the tablet. The hard reset method works while the tablet is switched off. the data and the apps within the tablet get wiped out and the tab get its setting restored. See the Android tablet hard reset method here.


Flashing is Android OS installation process on tablet / mobile. If the tab is stuck at logo due to software issue then it will be removed using flashing. For this compatible Android OS image file and flash tool is required.

The various flash tool are:-

a)     Live suit tools.

b)    Phoenix tools.

c)     Phoenix card.

d)    Rock chip tools.

See Android flashing method in details here.

4. PCB board Cleaning

If the tab is stuck due to hardware issue then it may be possible that the PCB board is not clean and it’s working is effected by carbon or moisture . Possible solution is to disassemble the tab and take out the PCB and apply thinner over it. Afterwards with the help of hot air gun we vaporize the thinner.  See the PCB board cleaning process in below video.

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