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The Retina Display

The Retina Display

what is retina display

Retina display is a term coined by Apple Inc. to describe display device specification having a pixel density such that the human eye fails to distinguish between two adjacent pixels in a pixelated image.

Every image that we see on a modern display device is pixelated. Pixels can be thought of as fine dots which when collected together make the image complete. For example, when we draw a line, thousands of pixels follow each other in a straight pattern to make up the line. The pixel density, the size, the intensity of display all depend upon the architecture of the underlying hardware of the device. To display a pixel, the parameters of a pixel like the colour, the intensity are varied according to different algorithms like Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm, DDA algorithm, Xiaolin Wu’s line algorithm and many more advanced algorithms. To display the colour, different colour models like the RGB, CMYK are used. Read More “The Retina Display”

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