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Barnes and Noble: The Nook HD+ for those who want more( Snap it up! Prices slashed for limited time only)

Off late we had the Nook HD from the makers, Barnes and Noble. Now, let’s zero on a bigger and better(for many) Tablet PC from the same family. No points for guessing, we are talking about the Nook HD+ . On contrary to the Nook HD which is posing hefty […]

Barnes and Noble: The Nook HD. Is it better than Kindle Fire?

Get heavy discount on a Nook HD Tablet PC, only for this week. So, buy one right-away. Check-out the link at the end to reach its online store. Okay! First and foremost, apologies  for so royally ignoring the Barnes and Noble Tablet PCs on our website. But it’s never too late […]

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