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HP Envy Rove| All-in-one| 20inch In a bid to to overcome the languid sales of PCs, HP is coming up with hybrid stuffs to re-establish there lost stature in recent times. The concept of all-in-one computer is on the rise now and HP is hell-bent to ride on this new wave in the electronic market. HP launches ENVY ROVE, a […] Continue reading →

HP ENVY 20, Tablet cum Desktop

HP 20 inch Tablet PC HP is on a roll and spree of launching  various hybrids and all-in-ones, all to get his hold back on the market what once seemed to be slipping out of their control. Pursuing the plan, HP introduces HP Envy 20, an all-in-one desktop which you can also think of a large screen Tablet PC, as […] Continue reading →

HP ENVY X2 (2 in 1) Tab

HP ENVY x2 HP ENVY x2 11-G004TU, a tablet err a notebook or oh wait! It’s a bit confusing. Is it both? The answer is: Yes, HP delivers this new entry in the market trumpeting it as 100% both, tablet and a notebook. The highlight here is the detachable screen off a complete notebook or you can look it […] Continue reading →

Install Android 4.0 on HP TouchPad

Okay, first things first, HP TouchPad is a discontinued flagship tablet by HP. It runs WebOS which is, to be frank, half-baked cake. It has tiny number of apps (good luck finding useful ones) and very few developers open their hands for it, even though it was a great piece of hardware and software too! […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →