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  • Ambrane A-7 Ultra Slim @Rs3490

    Ambrane A-7 Ultra Slim @Rs3490

    Ambrane A-7 Ultra Slim: Ambrane, a near household name now, has come up with one of the cheapest Tablet PCs in the market. But by pricing it at a cheaper value, they don’t mean compromising with the quality. The tablet is no lesser in specs and corresponding features than any of the lower budget segment players.…

  • Ambrane AC-770 Tablet

    Ambrane AC-770 Tablet

    Ambrane puts its Calling King series model, the AC-770 Tab into the tablet supremacy war raged in the budget category. The Tablet has decent specs under the hood and sports SIM Calling feature to create a separate niche for itself. Given its price, it has become one of the most sought Tablet PCs in the…