Tablet and Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has essentially revolutionized mobile computing. Storing documents and applications on a remote server and accessing them anytime and anywhere, provided an internet connection is available, has enabled professionals and students alike to go beyond the realm of personal computing. The immense power and portability provided by tablets has proved to be the icing on the cake for people who love to keep in touch with their work and applications.

Computer tablets or simply tablets, are now being used by organizations to improve the productivity of their employees through BYOD(Bring Your Own Device), which means the individual can use his own tablet while he is at work, not worrying about the software and hardware compatibility issues. This is due to the fact that all important and widely used software are stored and run through a remote server. This not only reduces the company’s cost of maintaining the hardware and software of each and every employee but also enables the employee to comfortably use his own device. From individuals to industries, cloud computing has helped in keeping all their vital information in one secure place, away from the worries of being lost or falling into malicious hands. This means even if you forgot your tablet on the airport, you need not worry about your data falling into the wrong hands, or being stolen.

For tablets to support cloud computing, it is a prerequisite to be connected to the internet. Tablets do this either through WiFi or by dongle facility or using their EDGE/GPRS/2G/3G enabled SIM cards, which is supported only by some tabs. Some of the applications that allow individuals and even organizations to store and retrieve documents anywhere are:


Google Drive




Windows Live Mesh





So if a tablet can connect to the internet, so can it to cloud computing. This promises to revolutionize the working of most industries all over the world by bringing together all the required tools in one place and then just manage them to provide a full fledged software package.

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