Tablets for Kids: Answer to parent’s concern

We all remember the famous nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny” from our kindergartens. But do you know the latest version of it??? Here it is,

Johnny, Johnny

Yes, papa

Using computer???

Yes, papa

Throw it out!!!

What, papa!!!

Here is the tablet

Ha hahahaaaaa

If tablets are exceptionally beneficial to the youngsters and adults, and are equally advantageous to the elders, so they can be constructive and nifty for the kids as well. I bet, they are. Technology is evolving at superfast speed. So are our kids and their demands, and the demands of even swiftly evolving, globally connected world ruled by the ultimate God of virtual reality i.e. internet. So, even kids need to stand apart and they are.  Smart classes in schools, multi media as subject and facebook and twitter account in their Smartphone-can anybody say that their world is limited to color books, crayons, building blocks, hot wheels car and Cinderella and Snowwhite!!!

Today even a 5 year old boy or for that matter a girl, know about the latest Smartphone and their specs, the hottest car in the market and the mileage it gives and the recently launched PC and tablet games and configuration that supports it. Not because it’s a trend but it is the need of the hour. What to do???Nobody can afford to sit at the back and see the world speeding up at light’s speed. So do not be surprise when you see your tiny tots swiping and tapping your business slat.

Technology manufacturers responded in a smart way when they realized that the tablet market has grown to leaps and bound and kid zone has to be taken up seriously.  They quickly retorted to this unseen market segment.  I exactly know…what is popping out of your brains???…. What distinguishes kid’s tablets? I won’t brag about education and games and all that….. There is only one word for it i.e. fun. Ohh yes… whether it is games, movies or music, or language learning, e-books, abacus or memory tools… tablet makes everything fun. And that is the key point here. Most of these apps and tools are preloaded and can be enjoyed at your finger tips. So, the kid zone of tablet has everything for everyone- toddlers, younger kids and teens.

I know, I know the favorite of the favorite concern of every parent is what about the boundless territory of internet. No doubt, when it comes to internet and smart technology parents become little concern. After all, it will expose the kids to entirety of unknown. Do not worry. There are controls and filters and parental control software that can track your child’s complete activities and hence, can protect kids online and regulate their usage of the tablet.

So, keep your kid’s need, your budget and some of the following buying tips in your mind while buying a tablet for your kid:-

  1. Robust design: – Children, especially toddlers and kids, bump their tabs into everything. So go for robust built with rear and side bumpers and cheaper ones with warranty.
  2. Bigger screen: – For kids, the bigger screen with large buttons and display lock ascertain great picture, bigger fonts, clarity and bigger drawing screen.
  3. Eyes protection: – Always go for an anti radiation screen to safeguard your child’s eyes from harmful radiations.
  4. Covers and sleeves: – To protect the slate from water and other impurities, tablet should be in sleeves or covers because you never know when the spilling of water becomes a game for your tot.
  5. Apps and software: -Tablets come with preinstalled educational and recreational apps and parental control software. Many more can be downloaded from Play store and Google apps.


So get the full information before buying and give your child a safe and knowledgeable tablet experience.






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  1. Trisha Furr Avatar
    Trisha Furr

    I have to say that since my children have started using their special android-based tablets, life has become a bit easier for me, in addition to making things more engaging for their learning. Their attention is focused on the “module at hand” and I love it. Can’t believe I didn’t use this for my oldest son (6 years old) until just recently. Tablet learning will give my boys the edge over other kids in school and pre-K. I’m so happy I made the plunge to this! Love it, especially for my kids!

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