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Tablets: cooler than ever!

Change is the only thing which is permanent. This famous adage works just fine even in the Tablet industry. People want to see their Tabs do more and more stuffs than just regular stuffs. Mostly the App-industry should be thanked for coming up with the Apps which are incessantly adding different horizons to the otherwise simple Tablet PCs. We made a little survey to find out which unusual Apps are catching up the pace and getting more usual now. These Apps are enabling the users to use their Tabs in many different ways. Here is a list–of a few–for you.

1) Your DSLR can use a help!

If you are ready with your USB On-The-Go adapter and the DSLR assistant App, you are ready to add a set of cool features to your DSLR. Now you can use a bigger camera display, as big as the size of your Tab. In addition to this clear display advantage, you can also use the internet and quickly upload your clicked pics and videos. Powerful! isn’t it?

Tablet PC with DSLR
Tablet PC tied to a DSLR

Download Android DSLR App.

2) Your Dog will love it too!

Yes, your dog is no lesser a member of your family. Beside everything else, your dog also needs your Tab to be happy. Well, only if you love your dog very much. But there are Apps which are especially coded and designed to please your dogs. These Apps simulate games which a dog can figure out and enjoy. Dogs are smart! No questions please.

Apps for dogs to play
Good Dog!

Download nose nudge games for dogs.

3) You are a cat-person?

Okay even you guys don’t have to be disappointed. Cats too can have the luxury of a Tab. But the Tab should be scratch proof for the obvious reasons. Games like painting by paws, stamping fishes etc could be installed for your kitty to while away when you aren’t around. Games are simpler than that of the dogs. Does it imply that dogs are smarter?

Cats paw playing
Why should dogs have all the fun?

Download some Apps for cats as well, click here.

4) Your car’s dashboard is even closer now.

With the help of a few car oriented Apps, one can have the GPS and so many other features like music controls, reverse camera display etc tuned at just one screen of your Tab.

Tablet PC in the car cabin
Tablets adorning the dashboards.

Checkout in detail how you do this with your Nexus 7.

5) You got a Kindle fire? Do this.

You can covert your Kindle fire into a juke box. Thanks to the cloud computing and your personal external stereo system, you can enjoy great quantum and quality of music.

kindle fire system
Kindle fire with a stereo output. Cool combo!

Checkout the other ways which can keep the Fire in the belly alive.

6) Your Tablet is a virtual canvas now. Really!

With quality of painting one can draw on his or her Tablet, it appears so unreal. It is pretty understandable, if someone could not believe the printouts to be coming out from a Tablet PC art App. But this is getting very popular as a certain section of the buyers are specifically buying Tabs ( especially iPads ) to unleash their artist on this modern canvases.

canvas app for tablets
Go green! red, blue, orange…

Download the Canavas App for your iPad here.

7)  Your Tablet can be a gaming console.

With Apps available in the market which can sync your XBOX to your Tablet, you can now handle the console from your Tablet PC as well. Certainly an added advantage to the gaming clan.

psp-tablet console
Tablets + PSP, world is a much better place now.

Learn how to set up this, click here!

8) Your free Chromecast!

Heard of this App — CheapCast? This is an amazing non-Goggle App. If you have an Android Tab, you can  use it as a TV with the help of this CheapCast Application. All you got to do is install this App in your Tab and use another Android devices for the streaming media to it.


Broadcast the Cheapcast way...
Broadcast the Cheapcast way…

Download CheapCast.

9) Your new Photo-frame.

This probably was in our heads, in most of our bodies. But battery back-up must had been the prime deterrent all these days. But with Picture Slideshow Apps which can save a lot of power and the quality of batteries per se have made it an affordable practice now.

Picture perfect
Photo frames that fits all sizes

Download Dayframe App here.

10) Your toddlers will thank you every morning.  

This has already been in the stores and is quite a hit. iPotty, is basically a kid’s shit pot which has a Tablet PC attached to it. The kids now don’t make kinds of faces while taking a dump. This time is utilized by them and their parents in learning new and good stuffs. Technology at its heights !

ipotty with tab

To read in detail about iPotty and later order one, click this Amazon link here






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