Tablet PC sales to go down by 2017

It all started with tablet Vs laptop, then tablet Vs smartphone. Now the latest is tablet Vs phablet. Every time the smart technology redefines itself with awesomeness, the democracy of consumer has a newbie at their disposal. After all, change is the only permanent thing that exist and we totally respect that (Why won’t be, after all every time we have something new to fill our pockets with!). The next brain wave is phablet.

According to IDC’s forecast through 2017, the tablet market is going to absorb some shocks. The tab market that captures around 53.5 % (221.3 million) of the market in 2013 will tumble down to 22.2% to 270.5 million and by 2017 the expected sales are 386.3 million with growth rate in single digit. (told you, shocking). So what reasons might hunt down the tablet growth?                                                                                                                                                                     The very first point that I would like to present is the basic rule for a gadget and I thoroughly believe in this rule i.e. the quality of being handy and swift. From what I see, large screen “smartphone” (the right term is phablets now) are more approachable than small screen tabs. Obviously, 7 inch on ears does not make talking a delight rather it seems as if a waiter is talking to its serving tray.

Second reason, not exactly a reason but is a strange trend that has come into the light. USA has been the major consumer of tabs since 2010. And you will be jolt to know that “phablets-phobia” is not the concern there; the real threat is the market saturation that might the real sink hole for the tab companies.

I have taken up the customer angle, the market study and now I would also like the tab manufacturer to stand in the witness stand. Even they need to take up the truth. The cheap tablets (generally below 5K) do not even offer basic software support like Google Plus and all, beside the good-for-nothing hardware. I mean “these tabs” has certainly gone beyond hurting the consumer’s sentiment. And above all, they have dug their own grave (Have I gone overboard!)

But no doubt phablet will serve its territory dexterously and it can be seen coming large smart phone taking the place of small tablet. What exactly is the difference between tablet and phablet? I mean, is there even a difference? Yes, there is.

  1. Screen Size:- Phablet basically outline the idea representing the amalgamation of both smartphone and tablet with screen size from 5 to 6.9 inch, whereas the territory of tablet starts from 7 inch screen size.
  2. Net Surfing:- Bigger screen,  better text readability and accessibility and smooth scroll and touch during surfing makes the tablet triumph this segment. Here phablets lag because continuous scrolling especially in case of websites, stresses out the fingers.
  3. Gaming: Gaming is all about finesse in visual and flexibility of hands to flow through the game. Without a pinch of doubt, tab gains this one also.
  4. Videos: We all prefer a movie in theater than on laptops. Same goes with tab and phab ( as I like to call the phablet) as well.  The bigger the better it is… isn’t it.
  5. Tring tring( calling): As I already told you, nobody wants to be a waiter with a tray. So definitely phablets gains over tablet for this only. And this in one of the reasons that phablets has made the market felt its dominance.
  6. Professional Approach: At this point I cannot think of anything more useful than tab for professional and business man. This slate has given the professionals their offices at their disposal. Anywhere, anytime and for any purpose you can rely on this “Office Assistant” of yours. Here phablets become a limited resource because there are so many software out there who basic requirements are more than that a phab can offer.
  7. Kids: You cannot afford to forget this class of consumer today. They have their explicit needs which are best served by the tab. The reason being: first, at all times we do not want to kids to have both phone and books and second, the educational apps and games will be more useful and approachable in bigger text, fonts and format.

We might see magnificent and bright moon taking up the sky from the stars, making them feel its presence. But from where I look, the sun set of tablet is still far, far away. Necessity is the mother of invention. And no doubt necessity asks for both tab and phab. My Tablet guru team stands with tab and welcomes the phablet.

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