Tablet PC for Senior citizen

Elders confuse often: Tablet PC or Capsules?

“Tablets, not capsules as you may like it to be said”, says an amused me to an inquisitive old gentleman who was looking for a device capable of connecting him to his grand children living abroad.

He was a doting grandpa who just came across an advertisement in the local newspaper which had this Tablet PC centered. He read it through and found out a feature which grabbed all his interest, for it says “video calling”. With a great enthusiasm he reaches us over the phone asking for a good “capsule” which has a video calling feature. For a second I thought it to be a “wrong number”. But soon I figured out the miss.Sooner he was suggested a piece conforming to his requirements.

Tablet PC for Senior citizen

So be it a capsule or a tablet, what’s there in the name? The matter of fact is this device is gaining popularity amongst all the age groups, every day in and out. With more and more Tablet PCs out in the market we have a whole gamut to choose from as per our requirement and resource.

ipad, iphone, itouch and so many I’s no more belong to the so called “ igeneration”. Or one can say that “igenration” is now, not limited to funky and cool “guys n gals “in their 20s and 30s. New additions are the silver haired heads. And this, not over the edge but beyond the edge technology is the new buddy to these old but bold and beautiful people. They savor the excitement of new launches, the amaze of ranges and the pursuit of utility and efficacy. It is said that the old are in a second childhood. But the outdo version to this is “old are the new youth”. They equally cherish being updated and well read. People above 60 not only serve their time and needs with up-to-the-minute doohickey but also add to their youthfulness.  What they relish is gizmo talk over coffee with their grand children- after all they have earned it.

Son settled in USA, daughter in London, grandchildren busy in their upbeat life. But parents and grandparents are at their home still relishing their life due to these well serving super gizmos. This gives us our second point- social networking or family and friends networking. Facebook, Skype, twitter, Myspace etc. source to numerous facilities such as video chat, video calling, internet calls, sharing and a lot more to inundate in. Do not be surprised if you come across your childhood friends in your latter years. Who can be more useful than a tablet here! Some of these, when not in use, can be used as digital picture frame so that distances do not spoil the memories.

The numerous utility that the tablets serve to your daily lifestyle will add one more star to its badge. For example, it can be programmed to beep with reminders to take medicine, doctor’s appointment, collection of pension and allowance, and to have a daily check-in which fires off an automated e-mail to family. Do not forget those birthdays and anniversary of your children and grandchildren. And online shopping can reduce lots of burden and gifts and flowers will not let your absence be felt among your dear ones.

Since its advent in India, tablets have seen more popularity amongst the younger generation and partly amongst working professionals. Because the idea was more of to deal with the leisure than anything else. But now ever since the tablets are matching the hardware power of bigger computers and also many have started supporting SIM, the functionality tied to a general Tablet PC have escalated to a new level. This is the reason why even the older generation of our society is also no lesser interested in the ‘on top of the trends’ tablet PCs.

Often people from the ‘young at heart’ generation contact us asking a suitable Tablet PC which can solve their purposes with no fuss what so ever. Following are the things they look in a tablet PC they would like to spend on:-

1) Video calling facility: Most of them want to stay connected with their relatives with this very awesome real time features

2) Larger screen : Larger screen with bigger and bolder icons makes their lives easier.

3) Bigger Buttons : Again its easier for the old public to pick on more visible buttons to operate their devices.

4) SIM card internet  : To avoid look out for WiFi and dongles, they prefer to keep it simple with the help of their familiar SIM cards only.

5) Light weight : If the Tab is lighter, it is seen as more convenient and hence, certainly an upside.

6) Not so costly : Whatever it may be, it should not be costly.

Tablet Recommended by My Tablet Guru for the elders are

  1. Xolo QC800 Tab, ( 8 inch, 3G calling, 1GB RAM)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 ( 8 inch, 5MP camera, Android 4.2.2)
  3. Simmtronics XPad -X1010 Tablet (10 Inch Tab)
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note







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