Tablet Buying Tips

Tablet buying Tips


Looking for a Tab? But are you sure you want a Tab at first place? If yes, how much are you willing to pay to own one? Wondering how many days will your this costly Tab last? Whether an Android OS is better than any other OS? Does iOS beat the Android down at all the fronts? Which is cheaper? Which is better? Which is the best buy? Looking for a Tab, right?

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Read below for a few helping thoughts:-

A.  It is a common belief these days that Tablet PCs have replaced the bigger computers completely. I’l say a big NO to this. Still there are a lot of  jobs which only your bigger computers like Desktops and Laptops can perform easily, which could be toilsome doing with a Tab. Say, for example, if you opt for video editing or coding, browsing a website, using various heavy animation software etc. But still the Tabs are a treat when it comes to watching videos, reading ebooks, listening to music, checking mails and quick replies etc. So, if you are sure that you have a completely unique requirements which is comfortable with the Tablet PCs, go ahead get a Tablet PC.

B. Now, which one to go for? If you have good budget and you are looking for a good genuine Tab there is not much of a confusion; iPads are still the best. It is easy to use, light weight, feature touch responsive and fun to play with. One can choose any of the variants, they are almost, all the same. At the time of buying just decide for yourself which extra or lesser feature you care for. Rest will be taken care by the iPad itself and no one regrets owning these. Now if you are anti-iOS, which invariably means you are an Android buff, you would certainly go for an Android Tab. Just until a year and half ago, Android Tabs weren’t so impressive when put to face iOS counterparts. But now, Google and the manufacturing partners have finally brought the Android Tabs to a stage where it can even beat iOS at a lot of fronts. This means if you have a good budget again, you can own an iPad like(or even better) device with your favorite Android OS.

C. If the budget is a factor, you have to do a little brain-storming. Now you have to think which specific purpose or which applications will you be using more on your Android Tablet.Yes, sadly iOS is not an option now. But don’t go for any other OS in this segment. Reason for the same is the availabilty of Apps. Where Android market is already a massive hit with thousands of Apps, others( except iOS) are still in a small hundreds. So, now you are decided it should be Android only. Then simple rule in this competitive Tablet PC market is: more you spend, better you will feel with your Tablet PC.

D. But what if you have too many options hovering around a same price range? Go for the online reviews, visit offline stores to play with all the impressive options to you. By playing with the Tab we mean checking its ergonomics and its touch responsiveness. A few Tabs respond instantly while the others are in habit to give every touch command a second thought. So, don’t be lazy and check the Tab by yourself, before you book it.

Now you can finally decide over a piece, after feeling safe with the following key points:-

1) Check for the real ratings your selected Tab has earned from the trusted reviewers and also on a common public forum. I would recommend to go for 2-3 stars rated device because most of the times the products flaunting 5 stars are kept deliberately to mislead the readers/customers.

2) Check for offers and warranty for your Tablet. Try to avail the best out there.

3) Make sure your the selected Tab manufacturers have their customer support centers near to your place, since electronic products can anytime get wayward, leaving you irritated. Also make sure the after sales support is prompt at these centers.


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