Tab in 2014: What to Expect

Just like any other product, Tablet PCs are also ever evolving. We got a lot of news from all the corners about how Tablet PCs being tweaked for better appearance and performance. A few will lead and the rest will follow, rather will have to follow. In this post we are about to list of 7 most probable augmentations in a Tablet PC body in the year 2014.

1) Screen Size : Samsung has made it official about its plans to flood the market with a range varying from 8 to 12.2 inches. This means 7 inch tablets won’t be at the radar for the Korean makers any more. Considering the deep rooted reach and acceptance of Samsung, others will have to chime in to put up some competition or for mere survival.

The biggest competition will be posed by Apple with its even bigger iPads (12.9 inch screen), ready and raring to go.

According to various renowned market analyst Phablets will dwarf the sales of smaller Tablet PCs in the coming days, as people are willing to have larger phones and larger tabs to them.

2) 64 bit versions : So far in the consumer market, it seemed like only iPads had the prerogative over the 64 bit processors while others were only  busy bundling up numerous cores to their 32 bit processors. But in 2014, Windows 8.1 Tabs will feature 64 bit Tablets and are expected to surface in the first quarter it self. Although Windows RT and phones won’t be compatible with 64 bit as of now. Android fans can also expect, later in the year though, 64-bit processors for their favorite OS.

With Intel making it official to venture in the Android world, it has planned to come-up with 64 bit processor for the Android 4.4 KitKat version which will run with Bay Trail chips. And now if you are worried these Tabs will try dug deep in your pockets, then fret not! this development won’t come up as any extra burden.

3) Dual/Triple Boot: Not just a Asus, more companies are planning to launch Tablets which will give their customers the choice of selecting the OS they want to, that too every time they switch there Tabs on. These kind of Tabs come touch expensive and remain expensive for some time, as such a models are still rare and demand extra work in the making.

Check out Asus Transformer AiO P1801, which actually also an Android Tab disguise. It features Windows 8, Window RT and Android OS– all set in harmony.

4) 4G : With 4G taking all over the world, new Tabs will not just feature 3G compatibility but also 4G from now. Although, 4G in India, isn’t as obvious as it is in the various developed and developing nations, it is certainly the next big thing here as well and hence all the international players in the Tablet making arena are making it a must have in the feature-specification list.

With category 4 network for 4G (presently Vodafone offers this service in a few limited cities), one can download with an unbelievable speed of 150Mbps in their supportive Tablet PCs.

5)  3D display & other Designs: In the race to look different, makers have also started taking the designing part of the Tab much more seriously than they used to with just delivering simple hand held slate like products.

Swipe, one of the most popular Tablet PC makers in India, has taken it to complete new level by launching first ever 3D Tablet PC in India. Customers get premium 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D experience. Check the details for this amazing 3D tab here.

The other Tabs in 2014 will feature multiple screens, slider arrangements, swiveling bodies and what not. Just keep an eye on for all these additions, the fight is going to be intense among the companies–resulting in a bliss for the consumers.

6) More variants from a single manufacturer : Samsung is going to launch as many as 4 new variants in first quarter of 2014. They are planning even more for the other quarters. This has stirred up the market and if the sources are to be believed even Apple will give real options  from now to fix their slipping hold from the market.

As the consumers are more picky these days and a lot of companies have started to respect this, “bringing variety” is a must call from all the top managements of the companies.

7) All these, yet affordable: As by now we know there will be so many new things happening to a generic Tab, we might tend to think of a price rise in a normal Tablet PC. But at a conference held a few days ago in New York, where many of the Tablet concerned officials assembled, it was declared that instead of price-hike the market will see dip in the pricing to promote and encourage Tablet PCs.






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