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Tab below 5K: What to expect?

budget tablet

When Apple entered the market in the summer of 2010, nobody ever thought that this technology will one day connect every hierarchy of digital customer. But the concept of ‘Budget tablet’ revolutionized the global tablet market and now every pocket has slate to enjoy and work with. In price sensitive market like India, there are sub classes in all levels which are not only driven by money, but usage and needs as well. To serve all level of low cost customer, tablets below 5K are pretty decent options.

Whether it is Apple’s ipad or any other budget tablet, you want to make every penny of your hard earned money a worth. So every specs, every feature should be evaluate as per one’s needs and also as per the quality of the tab. Tab below 5K do not have too much broad horizon to cater every specs need  and hence at times their utility seems limited. So what can we do with limited pocket and wish to buy a decent tab???… Do not worry. Just do not expect much from these tabs. Choose the best tab as per your usage and keep the following points in mind:-

1.  Play your way: – With budget tab in 5K range, rich gaming experience that too with impressive graphics, ultimate feather touch navigation and fast processing performance is a lot to expect. You cannot get much when it comes to gaming as these tabs start to lag. But games which are easy on OS and less graphics demanding can be played less tediously.

2.  Connectivity: – Generally these tabs do not offer many connectivity suites. Also, they do not come with SIM slots and hence do not sport calling facility and 2G or 3G. The only connectivity suite it can provide is dongle and Wi-Fi. Connectivity using Wi-Fi is fairly competent. But dongle does not perform satisfactorily and connectivity is disrupted.

3.  Design: – Robust design and durability which are the part of premium tablet’s portfolio do not fit better in the profiles of tabs below 5K. It’s not like that they are fragile or are not handy; it’s just that you have to be a little careful while handling them. Remember that warning on cartons…HANDLE WITH CARE.

4.   Usage: – Basically these tablets can be pressed into everyday tabbing and put to usual course like web browsing, documents reading and editing, emails etc.

5.  Apps: – Heavy and big apps that require strong RAM support and terrific processing performance do not nurse well to these tabs. And lagging becomes a banal problem.

6.  Storage: – Internal Storage that it caters is around 1GB or little more, unlike premium tabs that make you utilize 4GB or even more internal storage. So limited space for your apps, music, videos and files.

7.  Camera: – Generally these tabs do not facilitate dual cameras. Even if they, the quality is not up to the mark. So do not expect that this tab will compliment the budding shutterbug inside you.  Also, the Skype experience won’t be a extra ordinary. Rather a compromise is better word to describe the reality.

 So basically tabs below 5K do not pamper all your desires as they are not meant for real time extensive usage like gaming and all. Also, if you are okay with little lagging and hanging then these tabs can be your friends.  After all, What can be expected in 5000 bucks…!!!

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