Datawind in CMR

Surprise surprise ! says Datawind to its rivals.

Datawind in CMR
Some went up and some went down…

After the third quarterly Tablet PC market report was out, the market started to feel the heat which was developed my the makers of Akash Tablets in India, Datawind. According to the reports issued by the prestigious Cyber Media Research (CMR), there were about 1,204,410 tablet pc pieces sold in this the quarter which saw months from July to September. In this period, the analysts observed though there were all together 43 domestic and international vendors, only 13 vendors made it worth noticing. The sales registered a 9% year-on-year increase over last year’s 3rd quarterly numbers. And it also picked up the market by 4% more as compared to the last quarter, which is quite a modest performance. This could have been much better if there was no BIS certificate constraint imposed by the government to sell Tablet PCs and alike in the country.

Clearly, the competition is stifle and cut-throat. Many have already succumb to the peer pressure built on them. Not all have the force and fortune like the Samsung, Datawind and Lenevo, which are the top three sellers of Tablet PCs in the last quarter. Samsung has maintain the spot for obvious reasons as there is no other real competition for Samsung in the premium sector which can beat the reasonable price range offered by this Korean giant.

Datawind, despite of the market being flooded with all lot better, in certain ways, entry level Tablet PCs, survives the thunder and saves its spot no. 2, yet again. This report has come up as quite an unexpected surprise news to the general market which thought Datawind has already seen its best days in India. Thanks to the Enterprise Tablet market which certainly had Datawind as their predilection. The Enterprise Tablet PC market is such a market where a lot of entry level Tablet PC makers fight to have their footings. But since the fight is tight here, with minimal profit margin, only an established name could think of flourishing and others are forced to shutdown before going broken down completely.

Lenevo has made another surprise entry on the winners’ dais, unprecedentedly securing the final spot in the top three spots.

According to CMR, as per as technological trends are concerned, 3G Tabs are going to top the sales. Further Android will remain as the undisputed king in the OS department. Though the numbers of Windows and iOS fans are getting bigger and bigger every coming day. Windows 8.1 based Tabs and iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 launch foresee decent drift away in the Tab market. Even in the Enterprise market Android seems to be everyone’s favorite but the latest trends suggest Windows to come into a larger picture soon.

Companies in the Pharmaceuticals and Retail sector are expected to take the Tablet PC consumption to the next level. Good and dedicated OSes are also being developed to cater these kind of requirements of these kind of companies. But even though there is so much being done for new OS in newer Tabs, solution based ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) will rule, as always.







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