Android Multi Tools v1.02b: how to use

Did you forget Pattern or Password of your Chinese Android Phone???


Trying out the Combination but still recovery mode fails to open.

In this post, we will provide you detailed description on How to reset pattern of these type of Android Tablets.

By Following the post, you can reset the pattern of your Android Tablet.

We had used Android Multi tools v1.02b Software to reset the pattern.

Android multi tool

Android Multi Tools software is used to hard reset/factory reset or unlock the pattern lock or face lock of any Android device. For this software to work one of the main requirements is that the ADB and Fastboot drivers must be installed in the laptop or desktop.

Download the Android Multi Tool software: android multi tools v1.02b.

Install Both ADB & Fastboot drivers.

There are two modes available to use in this tool:

1- Normal

2- Fastboot

In Normal Mode, you have to connect the phone in On state.

Then press 1 & Enter.

Your device will appear in Android Multi tool.

Then use Option no 4 to Reset Gmail Account or Option 5 to Wipe data i.e. to reset the pattern.

Note: Functionality within the tool from Option 1 to 6 can be used under Normal Mode (Phone should be connected in On State)

Fastboot Mode: To use Fastboot mode, you have to connect the phone in Fastboot mode and make sure Fastbbot driver has been installed.

Then press 7 & Enter.

Your device will appear in Android Multi tool.

Then use Option no 8 to Wipe data i.e. to reset the pattern in Fastboot Mode.

Note: Option from 7 to 9 can be used only if the phone is connected in Fastboot Mode.

Following are the steps to Install Driver in Android multi tool:

1) Connect the tablet to the laptop or desktop using USB wire.

2)  The system will search for drivers for the Tablet PC. To check if the drivers were detected, you can right click on the My Computer  -> Manage option -> Device Manager..

device manager

3)  When the drivers are not installed automatically then following options will be shown.

drivers not detected

Under the option “Other devices” select “Android“. Right click on it and then select “Update driver“. On the next window which appears, two different options will surface.

1. Select automatically for updated driver software.

2. Browse My computer for driver software.

Select first option to download drivers from the internet.

If the drivers were not found on the internet then select the 2nd option.  Click on it and located the drivers folder on your computer itself. Download the drivers from here. Download Tablet PC drivers. ( These drivers may not be compatible with each tablet).

Also see: Steps to Install drivers for Android tab.

After the drivers were installed, open the Android Multi Tool software folder and click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file. The following window will appear.

Also see: Unlock the tablet through command line

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  • faisal

    i tried to download the software. but it is not getting downloaded.

  • dev

    Usb debugging should be on for this to work?

  • Mohit Agarwal

    i’ve micromax androidone
    i’ve the drivers installed
    when i chk device in the said software it shows the device but as offline and thus nothing happens next
    plzzz help

  • Vincent

    My daughter has a generic Chinese android table that has the 2048 app that has constant full screen adds popping up. I have used the above application to wipe the data but this app will not disappear. It cannot be manually uninstalled as the options for doing this are deadened. I cannot find any way of getting this awful virus ridden app off this tablet. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • share model no & brand of that device and use any good malware to scan & then reset the phone

  • MadDog Mc Cree

    i have chinese Tablet Versus 8G MID903 ,
    CPU= Rockship RK2928-G
    id Board= YK98VH-RK2928-V1.0
    i need it’s Firmware plz

  • David Cox

    Nice website Mr Tablet Guru. You don’t call yourself that for nothing!. The ADB driver and Multi-tools software did it for me (Flek10 Neos soultech) that my son had kindly changed the pattern for and then forgot it. Pulled some hair out though until I changed the USB cable to a short one, and tried and a different port. All the best, Mr Guru

  • Bhagath

    Sir i have a problem with my tablet dell venue 8 that it is not turning on. While on the logo is come and frizz there plz provide me solution


    its nice to join the discussion. Can you provide me the android multi tool for 64bit.I also want to download the os file for micromax tablet p275 but did not get link from your site

  • Safwan

    I have a frenzy 8z tablet.Now it got stuck on logo.How can I get the tablet in working condition

  • shahzaib

    My device is showing offline

    • share snapshot with model no

    • Psychosis Power

      Mine too

  • muzamil

    i have #sony Xperia Z3+ i can’t able to unlock patteren,help me out plz

  • muzamil

    plz send me link guyssss

  • jahmad

    my note 3 N9005 not show th imei number .he shows the null/null

  • jahmad

    plz tel me what can i solve this problem
    hi tablet guru.when am wipe the china tablet through multi tools .when am press 5 for wip then he show access denide permisson error

  • jahmad

    hi tablet guru.when am wipe the china tablet through multi tools .when am press 5 for wip then he show access denide permisson error

  • veniza motin

    when i use the tool and press 1.
    adb server is out of date. killing…
    ADB server didnt ACK
    *Failed to start daemon*

    i follow all the steps.

    plss help?

    ckk axis q17 is the model of tablet

  • Code Zero

    why is mine under the “other device” is “unknown device”? what should I do?

  • Code Zero

    why is mine the name under the “other device” is “unkown device”. what should I do?

  • lol c

    imagine what I lost 1 hour shearching for solution
    but when I lost Hope I ve renember the patern LOL!!

  • deepak rana

    Guru ji if usb debugging is not on then how to unlock the lock……….. if faces it many times

    • deepak rana

      please sir reply me

  • Samar Iqbal

    i have wintouch a92 teb,i want to remove pattern lock,i am using android multitools but it is not detecting device what should i do

  • Atul Chawathe

    This tool does not detects my Micromax P362. But my tablets drive can be seen on PC with all the folders & files in it. Could you please help me out as i want to hard wipe my tablet as i forgot my lock pattern.

  • vinay jain


  • vinay jain

    any one there

  • vinay jain

    i have all important doc. in that tab

  • vinay jain

    plz help he sir

  • vinay jain

    i have samsung galaxy tab 3 by mistake i have deleted the android system so how should i deal with the problem and install a new android system

  • Rajil

    hi I am using Samsung windows 10 pc..and I want to reset cioecud tablet..i saw your video and I followed your instructions but I couldn’t find ‘android’ option in device manager/other devices
    ..i changed my data cable and again try it couldn’t see..

    • Try using Power+ Volume up+ Menu key combination
      and charge it upto 70 percent

  • Hamza

    i also download and Install ANDROID Driver when i run Android Multi
    Tools Software and press 1 and press enter so dialog box is appear and
    shows message that lish of device attached” Press any key to

  • Buner Khan

    i try it for sony xperia z2 but its not working i think the phone is not connecting with this app how i connect my mobile help anybody bro

  • Vicky Sam

    when i connect the tablet to my pc its charging but it not coming in the other device option in the device manager..pls help

  • Michael Luigi

    hey I have LG G3 F400 korean version i change the resolution and restarted and i had error Unfortunately android.systemui has stopped etc. I tried everything to follow your steps but I had no devices.

    • Flash the device which will bring your tablet to life

  • Ade Reid

    I have Mikona 10.1MHTMID-B1005DC-B stuck on password page, no volume buttons, not showing up in device manager as android device, shows in usb controllers as mass storage device.
    also when I attach my other devices it shows as offline

    • First install ADB driver then it will get identified by PC
      After it use Android multi tool to reset device

      • Ade Reid

        any more solutions ?
        to this problem

    • Ade Reid

      my device showed up in device manager as android device but was getting a code 10 after installing drivers…
      also my GPG is not detecting it. also my android multi tools v1.02b is not detecting when I select any command like check my device

  • diridawa

    i tried the option 2 and 3 but says permission denied! any idea what to do?

    • Post device model no & brand

      • diridawa

        onyo tabletpc trendyTab XL it doesn t say anything else

  • paulneth

    how can i fix my tablet pc? it wheni open it the tablet pc is not running. pls help me to fix this

    • Mention Brand & model no of ur device
      and all of it happens suddenly(device not getting boot)

    • Submit detailed description of your device

  • deepak rana

    Thanks guru

  • Jason Polinar

    when i try it for the second time it works now! i fix my mom’s tablet thank you so much for this! it really helps once you follow all the steps. :))))

  • Jason Polinar

    i try this but still my device could not be detected by the android multi tools i already install everything that needs to be installed however still at the multi tools no device detected . please help me? 🙁

  • Rosa Fragoza

    I’ve tried everything to hard reset my Android tablet its a trio- 7.85 8GB ..pls help

    • you can reset the tablet by inserting pin in reset hole

  • Stephen Whigham

    Xgody T93Q receiving error:
    “Wiping /data Error opendir’ing /data ‘Permission denied’ Done wiping /data”
    Please help.

  • vicky

    done all things still not working

  • Denise

    Help!! I have to restore my tablet every day now. I don’t understand why. I’ll restore then use for the day. When I shut down and turn it back on again the next morning and it just sits at the Android screen.

  • devilman

    it said permission denied pls help me!!!

  • Jumar Aporador

    thank you thank u so mch….at last, i finished for how many times i try and try..

  • Gopone Songopone

    my iconia a500 not detected by multi tool. help me

  • Showrav

    There is no other device in the device manager in my pc. help me out

    • Other device appear when your device is getting identified, try another usb wire



    • Which device you are using & its cpu type

      • COLLEEN

        Hi I’m using a hip street atom tablet model 7dtb24 8gb

        • Press power + volume down, Android exclamation will appear then press power key to shift Android recovery mode

      • COLLEEN

        My daughter forgot her password, just want to unlock it for her

    • Jason Polinar

      i have the same error with you i hope someone could help us to fix it

  • Ents Yrenavi

    sir, why all my apps in lenovo a6000 has been stopped a week ago please help … how can i fix this ? thanks

    • try to hard reset Tablet using Power + volume down which will bring you to recovery mode
      the select wipe data–>yes-delete all user data

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    Thanking for ur answer
    Multitool is not opening when i try to opened it just flick of screen and nothing happened.
    Several times i dowloaded from different web even from this web and deleted multitool becuz of not opening and download again and followed the steps as mention on various sites or tutorials regarding how to setup Multitool on to ur PC but the the same problem presist
    Would u plz guid me why it is not opening or any solution to this problem plz help
    I m using win 8.1 64 bit

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    is this tool works on win 8.1 64 bit

    • If tablet get detected in device manger then this tool will work

  • Rahul Waghela

    Dear Team,

    We have facing issue for android multi tool not working, getting error of “Wiping /data Error opendir’ing /data ‘Permission denied’ Done wiping /data”

    So please kindly help me urgent plzz.

    My Email ID –

    • Share the Brand & model no of your device

      • Rahul Waghela

        Dear Ankur, Thanks u for Reply,

        I have tried Karbonn A111, Karbonn S1 and Samsung Galaxy S1.

        Please help my friend…

        • Samsung S1:- Try Power + Volume up + Home
          Karbonn S1& A111:- Power + Volume up
          and when exclamation mark appear press home key to enter recovery mode

          • Rahul Waghela

            Still not working. getting same error. plz help.

          • On which model

          • Rahul Waghela

            Karbonn A111, Karbonn S1 and Samsung Galaxy S1.

  • rishabh

    Mr guru when i connect the usb and on the tool it says list of deviced attached and then press enter to continue .what should i do???

  • jan argel zuleta

    can i use it to a andriod phone not tablet?

    • You can but cpu has to be of Allwinner

      • Marco

        I have an ezee tab 903 (storex)… tried all… message “AndroidDevice Offline” but it appears on device manager… got stuck on logo… is there a way for getting it “online”? sorry for the english… i’m portugese
        please email me:

  • sean

    how to reset eclipse 7 4lte by verizon

  • arnav gupta

    My comp does not recognize my tab

  • arnav gupta

    Actually my tablet is not booting properly
    When I boot my tab it sticks at that moment I have even mentioned my tab details

  • Jaybee

    Master Tablet Guru i have a question when i press number 5 there is exec ‘system/bin/sh’ failed: No such file or directory .

  • dhronzer

    so my problem is that when i open the multi tools app 360 total security says “Detected Trojan” pls help

    • dhronzer

      I can’t access it. What to do?

  • dhronzer

    when i open the android multi tools app this is what is shown. pls help. what’s the problem?

    • The image you have uploaded is not linked

      • dhronzer

        when i open the android multi tools app “360 Total Security” says “Detected Trojan”. How to fix this? Yes im using windows 7

        • Disable the antivirus for a while and then open the tool.

  • AJ

    Toshiba Thrive stuck

    • Switch off the Toshiba Thrive tablet
      Now turn on tablet by pressing and hold power and volume up key
      Select the picture with exclamation mark
      now select Wipe data
      then Yes-delete all user data

  • Abhilash

    Hi Tablet guru..can you help me with my touchmate portotab pro model TM-MID-722N ….it is not getting detected on computer..on tab I was trying to reset to factory settings and since then it just shows me “Settings has stopped” error… I tried reset using the recovery mode also bt still the same…please help me in fixing this as my tablet is unusable coz of this!!

    • Reinstall the USB driver and check again

      • Abhilash

        Thanks for your reply Ankur..Can you suggest or guide me as to where I can find the usb drivers for this it is not available on site. I downloaded the firmware that was available on company website but it is a .img file and I have no clue as to how to use it

        • You will get driver from official website

          • Abhilash

            Hi ankur…as I said earlier pn the company website the only thing available to download is the firmware which is a .img file sizing 671MB..that is the problem…when I connect my tab to shows up d option to connect as mass storage…the device manager does not any device as mentioned in the post..

          • Check out the link to Install Driver

          • Abhilash

            Hi Ankur
            ADB Driver Installer does not detect my tab unfortunately…in device manager there is no unknown device neither there is any device that says android.

            What else can I do to install USB drivers??

          • Try another USB wire

          • Abhilash Thobias

            Hi ankur
            When I connect my tab it is showing to connect the mass storage on the tab…and the tab storage shows up on the computer…but nothing like android shows up in device manager or the Adb installer

          • your tab is getting identified by flash tool or not
            either you are able to flash the Tablet or not

          • Satyam Tiwari

            @ankur // will tis softwr also work on htc fones

          • This software work for Allwinner CPU, and if the device appear in device manger then it will work too

  • Jem

    Tab guru how can I sim unlock a Samsung s

    • Please specify Model no., you have to root the device

      • Satyam Tiwari

        bro its HTC desire vc

  • dj_abs

    this is what i see when i opened it maybe you can help me find the model. to help me flash it. thx.

  • dhirajkumar patil,jalgaon


  • Ajnabi Insan

    Thank you very much Mr.Guru Bro…………………….. Thanks again for the reset my Tab.

  • chura

    :thank u so worked.

  • Angie Cooper

    I performed a hard reset using the “multi tools” software. now, I cant get my tablet’s wifi to connect to the internet. I switch my wifi on, and it never turns on. it just says, ” Turning wifi on….” earlier, it said, ” Obtaining IP address” to a wifi network and it never connected even when people around me were using the same network I was trying to connect to. ( I own a crystalview 7” android tablet)

  • iftikhar shah

    i have chines ainol tab on winch written sarah innovation crystal quad core and stuck at recovery mode the processor chip is 729 i need a updater zip file of any procedure to bring my tab functional please help

  • Paul Elliott

    I have a rooted generic chinese tablet 9 inch running android 4.4.2. i foolishly installed a boot logo changer now stuck on bootloop, unable to update via caches on recovery screen and still on bootloop after factory reset. I have been unable to find firmware for my board ET F900 V1.5. any suggestions would be gratefully received paul.elliott@gmx,com

  • keningauboy15

    why did i get this message??

    please help 🙁

  • ranjeet

    any idea for downloading easypay tablet driver mt65xx

  • EMCP2211


  • yari

    coby kyros 1042 won’t turn on , stuck on coby, then keep on flashing android, if i try to hard reset , the Android logo icon wont appear ,no menu either, need help pls..

  • dave

    will this remove the password lock on a rca tablet, my nephew put one on it and now can’t remember it..thanks

    • Naveen

      you have to Reset it, your all saved data will clear. If you are ready then:
      Follow the detailed instructions below on how to completely reset your RCA tablet.

      Step 1. With your tablet turned off, press and hold the volume up (+) button. While holding the volume up (+) button, press the tablet’s power button until you see the RCA logo with Nipper and Chipper on the screen. After a few seconds, the screen will change and you will see the Android bot on his back with a caution symbol above him.

      Step 2. Now you are going to press and hold the tablet’s power button, and without releasing the power button press down on the volume up (+) button. You should then see many option in which you have to select the next step.

      Step 3. Use the tablet’s volume up (+) and down (+) keys to navigate to and select the “wipe data/factory reset” option. To select this option, press the power button.

      Step 4. The tablet is going to ask you to confirm your selection. Use the tablet’s volume up (+) and down (-) keys to navigate to and select “Yes – delete all user data.” Once again, use the power button to select this option.

      tep 5. At the bottom of the next screen, you will see “Data wipe complete.” Press the power button to restart the system.

      6. The system will begin to reboot and once again display the RCA logo with Nipper and Chipper. The next “Welcome” screen will prompt you to select your language of choice. Scroll through the options using your finger and press start when finished.

      You will successfully reset it to the factory program.

  • Redwan N. Shishko

    my tablet is Stouch model 718 by Yingxun, the problem, i/m having is that it’s not recognized as an ADB interface – it’s recognized as a portable device and windows has successfully installed the correct drivers to make it work..but the tool naturally can’t detect it! what do i have to do to make it work?

    • Naveen

      Have you checked “USB Debugging”, if not, then please go to the setting “Developer options” and check the USB debugging box. If it won’t work then after connecting to PC you will find device shows usb connected on the notification panel and then click on the notifications panel click on the notification turn on usb storage, these option might help you.

      • Redwan N. Shishko

        Sir, I can’t access my notification bar because the device is locked with a password that has been forgotten with no method of retrieval available – and hence I can’t also enable the USB debugging mode..
        What can I do using my PC to override this locked password screen? is there any way to override the lock or bypass the lock screen on my tablet?

  • nihal

    this problem

    • Seems like you are using Windows 8. Try it on XP or Windows 7.

  • mano

    green tab says waiting for device what can i do now

  • Drama Lover Min

    The Android ADB interface is here but when I type 1 check device no device listed? what to do?

  • raazz

    hy my tablet is ashtel brand. i had done all the step mentioned above but when i tried to run that multi tools.exe it shows….

    • Is it Windows 8, if yes, then try it on Windows 7.

    • Which OS is installed in your PC, I think it would be Windows 8 or 8.1

  • cmx

    i have a tablet cmx aquila 097-1016 and stuck on loading screen ( showing CMX and android logo ) and my pc does not see my tablet as connected device…what should i do????
    …i have downloaded your AMT!!!

  • abbas khan

    green tab saying this ( list of devices attached )

    • Drivers are not installed correctly or Android developer option is not enabled.

  • georg_kalo


  • FriarTuck00

    I have an Atria Aero tablet that gets stuck on the Android logo when booting, even after wiping device using Android Multi Tools. Any ideas?

  • ace

    tnx tnx tnx!!!!!!! i love you

  • rihan

    i hve micrmx a27 stuck in bootloop.after when i cleared cahe partition,delviche cache………evan i used fastboot method to install cwm but didnt work……..plz hlp.

  • Josh

    My drivers are present but the screen is still frozen upon startup

  • wolfsirch

    hi sir.. can u help me? i cannot open my O+ fab nova 3g., the problem is i cannot unlock it. 🙁 i dont the process how to unlock it using HARD RESET. kindly please help me thanks and more power sir!

  • Ken Richie

    yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy it works,.. Lesson i learned,.. just be sure that your device is fully charged,.. thanks Master Tablet Guru,.. now i can use my call pad,.. hehehehe

  • Ken Richie

    Master,.. i have Call-Pad Touchmate China Tab locked it said too many pattern attemp and i cant see the drawing pattern,.. it says enter the username and the password,.. i try this tutorial but there is no effect,.. the tools wipe all the data but when the call-pad reboot,.. its the same,.. no chages,.. what should i do? pls help me,.. im searching the solution for about 2 weeks i follow your tutorials,.. but there is no changes in my callpad,. help me pls,.. thanks and more power

  • ian

    cannot see the andriod device

  • ian

    cannot read of the computer of my andriod

  • jd chavez

    i have a Sony Xperia S tablet that is stuck on the loading screen (the one that has blueish flame appearing from left to right) i think this is the only way i can use to make it work again,, these are the drives i got from the link.. which one should i use for it?

    • Check the method here, will work for your tab also…

      • jd chavez

        it will work if the tablet can be opened… but mine is stuck on the loading portion when trying to open it.. tried this method but didnt worked for me

  • Guest

    i have a sony xperia s tablet that is stuck on the loading screen (the blueish flame that appears from left to right) so i think this post is my only solution to get it working again.. which driver should i use on the list for it?

  • Faysal Ahmmad

    green tab saying this!

    • Close the tool and start it again..

    • Skingtan

      we have the same problem.. i close the tool and open it, but nothing change.. any suggestion sir tablet guru 🙂 tnx

    • Hamza

      i also download and Install ANDROID Driver when i run Android Multi
      Tools Software and press 1 and press enter so dialog box is appear and
      shows message that lish of device attached” Press any key to
      What can I do

  • Guest

    this is show in my green tab

  • Simona

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Anoop

    my usb debuging is not on so it cannot connect to pc it show that androd phone is not available

  • sengerandu .

    My micromax a27 is in a boot loop as soon as I insert the battery(even when power button not pressed). This happened after I tried to uninstall live wallpapers through Titanium backup. It asked permission to modify the recovery image and reboot the phone twice. But after that it just kept on restarting. Now the vol- +Power does not respond either.

    i have downloaded all tools required and tried to connect it through research download. But it does not detect it. Please enumerate roadmap to revive it.

  • khalid

    Thank you very much Guru it really helped out reset my Tab.

    • Thank you.. 🙂

      • Jaybee

        Master Guru when i pressing no.5 there is no such file or directory

  • neil

    and i updated the android pc driver …. i only stuck in the multi tools … thanks ahead sir Guru. 🙂

  • neil

    hello sir Guru …i have problem with my torque tablet … i try all the steps you’ve discussed in youtube but my problem is …. the multi tools you’ve been given, it can’t detect my tablet… i try Checked Device but it say’s “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”… when i try volume+/ volume- + press turn, it shows the android logo and it say’s “no command”… Hope you can help me with this problem sir Guru … More power to you and godbless..

  • Lumbani

    now i need help

  • Lumbani

    back to the present
    it has no brand china 7 inch just android

  • Lumbani

    so i searched then found u

  • Lumbani

    but i didnt use an email so i thought i wud reset it

  • Lumbani

    u see its blocked lyk password too many patterns

  • Lumbani

    i hav a hmmmm seems i dont kno wat i hav

  • Lumbani

    uhhhn my tablet isnt seen

  • IvoRaso

    Hi, I have a problem with tablet RK3066. I tried to connetc to PC via USB bur shows like mass sotorage only.
    Not possible to reinstall driver etc. Tablet makes a strange thinks. Don’t possible to reinstall factory setting trough the system, back button and home button doesn’t work, have no idea what to do.
    Pls advice.

  • Andy Frivet

    Thank you very much…. Your tool worked in perfection…. see you soon…. 🙂

  • ThnX I do it !!!

  • I have China Vtouch teblet, How I install android driver please help meeee.

  • Reginald K Jackson

    I have A 10.1″ Zenithink C93 Dual-Core Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Tablet Cortex A9
    and i put a pin password on it and now i can’t get in i was wondering
    how do i do a factory reset on this tablet i try all the button commands
    but there not working i even try your android multi tool and it keeps
    saying error when i try and wipe it clean please help thank you….

  • Claudiu

    Hello Guru, I have an Orion TAB-700QC same as Florin below… The tablet freezes at the brand logo boot sequence, and my goal is to wipe the user data – a factory reset. First step connecting the tablet to the computer via USB cable then pressing once the on/off button (the only button on the tablet – there is also a reset pin-hole on the back) the tablet is displaying the charger icon – next I have pressed repeatedly the button, and the windows usb-connecting sound happily emerged… to be followed shortly by the usb error sound ! (the tablet screen is off all the time) In the device manager, under the “Other device” tab, the only clue that the tablet is connected is “Unknown device”… I have tried to install the driver using the internet search option and your driver collection with no luck so far. Am I doing something wrong here ? Your help is colossally appreciated !!!!

  • Hemanth Char

    error: device not found
    in cmd

    • Seem like USB debugging is not ON.

      • wakz

        does that mean i cant reset it if USB Debugging is not On?

  • Hemanth Char

    hi me out with this.,

  • Sir I am a tablet user. I have problem regarding TOO MANY PATTERN ATTEMPTS. I am not conscious that I was hardly using my friends Google account that’s why I don’t know what account I am using to unlock my tablet. I already used and practiced the instructions using Android MultiTools. There is no problem when I check the device. Only that when I opt to choose 2,3,4,5 and 6, the tool shows that there is NO SUCH FILE DIRECTORY. What is this sir? What options do I have? TY

    • It seems that Android multitool is not supported on your tablet. Will provide you the another software, try with that.
      Will provide you the link with instruction in a day or two.

  • Adel

    i have Q-wave70 tab when i type (adb shell) in dos it give me an error ((exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed: no such file or directory (2) ))

    • Close the command prompt and try the process again.

      • anne

        cmd says device offline what that means? guru

    • Wamiq

      bro how did u flash the tab?

      • Arsad


  • AJAY

    i am having a micromaxx funbook P300
    it is showing white screen after rebooting i

    • It is might getting enter into fastboot mode. Check if any of the volume button is pressed.

  • Polo Driver

    Doesnt work for a mid tablet m008 CPU WM8505

  • Yasas

    It worked for a tab called “speed tab” made in Malaysia. Thank u very much. Ur work is much appreciated.

  • Alexander Jimenez

    Excuse me but Im not very good with English language… I have an Ankar Gamer Tablet (dont know the model because I got only the tablet without box and after looking thru the internet finally I can identify the brand. My problem is the tablet turns on the blue light (power i guess)… and turn a orange light (charge i guess)… but wont turn on the screen… I dont know how to repair or the combination of buttons to do a hard reset or how to install a new image and where to get it or wich tools use to do it correct way. If anyone can help me I´ll be very glad… Grettings from San Jose, Costa Rica in Central America.

  • dharani

    datawind ubislate 7c+ edge hangs on datawind logo, tried using the Android Multi Tools software and was able to get the driver and when i enter 1 i could see the device details. but when i try to execute 5. wipe data i can see the shell cmds being executed but the result is “Read-only file system’ and then system reboots nothing happening. pls help

  • saif khan

    HELLO guru.i have china tabler epad model a704L.whenever i restart it it goes automatically to restore itself in china language.and i dont have memory card in it,and now it shows the internal storage as 0.00.i cant install anything coz it says not enough space.i tried ur method but when i connect my tab to pc through ,nothing happened ,even in device manager nothing. I changed the usb cale but still nothing.when i connect my flash drive through usb cable to tab it works.plz help me bro.

  • Florin

    I have a ORION TAB-700QC (quad core). In device manager it apears at Other devices with the name “Full AOSP on Leopard SOC” I tried to search for driver, but i failed. Can you help me? Thanks alot.

    • Florin

      and with your drivers my laptop found the driver but coudn’t install it

  • altkon

    Have installed AMT V1.02b on my desk top and connected with male to male USB cable to my tablet..Turn on my Tablet on taping Power+Menu +Back keys , then tapped on #4 and enter but it was not recognized.
    later managed to fix the drivers and my PC is communicating with my Tablet, but when I press key #4 and enter it does not recover my Tablet Android OS.
    What to do next which choice of reset or other action should I choose in order to reboot my Android 2.2 #3245
    tablet which is not timing out on startup..
    Thanks a lot

  • jiju

    I downloaded the multi tools but my laptop wont recognize the tab..then i download the drivers and when i go to show where the drivers are located manually the drivers wont show up..Please can you reply on how to use the drivers.Please

  • zay

    i have a proscan plt7777g tab…what driver is compatible

  • keith smith

    hi i need help factory resetting my coby kyros tablet model number MID7022 but i cant do it because the owner i purchased it from forgot the pattern lock password anyway you can help me?

    • Ashish Karn

      Have you gone through the process mentioned above ?

  • Bach

    Hello Tablet Guru,

    Awesome post much appreciated. But i encountered to problems trying to execute it this steps.

    1) My Device Manager does not detect the Tablet, even if its connected to the PC. I tried using different ports but no success. Its under Other Devices too.

    2) The Android Multi Tools Software does not detect it either.

    When the Table is switched on, i continuously get messages saying “Unfortunately, the process” or when i try going to setting i receive “Unfortunately, Settings stopped working” e.t.c.

    I tried, getting the Android recovery Screen, but it did not work.

    I would highly appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance


    • Tablet Guru

      We too have faced the same problem with one of our tablet. It solved only after flashing the tablet. Which tab you have got.

      • kasna

        i have the problem coz my usb debugging not enabled,cannot find the in other device my tablet no android option…coz my tablet is lock due to many pattern use

  • Naeem

    its really worked for G-TAB P720i. Finally my tab working fine now.

    Thanks to team.

    • Tablet Guru

      Great to hear that..:)

  • Shivandra Singh

    I have tablet LENOVO A 3000 and it is DEAD. i tried to reset but fail, i cannot install MTX65xx preloader for windows 8.1 as can not find the proper one. I installed win 7 version of android tools but fails and informing about not confirmed certificates….

    tablet is totally dead. what it maybe??

  • pintu

    karboon a6 pattron lock open code

  • Maran Maniam

    Hi, I’m really appreciate your post here. Its help me to reset my fathers tablet. Thank you so much.

  • VG

    Thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to know whether hard reset guarantee removes any viruses already present on my tablet. I had installed talking tom 2 on my tablet and after that, my tab’s giving me problems.
    The screen is being touched randomly and many apps are opening randomly and even google app is opening up and (zzzzzzqqqqqqq????? etc) are automatically being typed.
    After doing the factory reset it worked fine for some time, but same prob came back.
    So i wanted to ask whether its a hardware problem (screen defect) or the virus is still there and not gone even after a reset.
    Please help.

    • Tablet Guru

      Initially it seems like hardware problem as hard reset delete all the user generated data. Also make sure the memory card you are using is not infected.

      • VG

        Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure that the hardware is damaged, so i can go for replacement in service center.
        Thanks once again.

  • akinscott

    Pls,can you help me with steps to take in flashing a cwm recovery to my bricked tecno P5???

  • pranay

    i could not install drivers for my celkon tab, plz help me

    • Tablet Guru

      Have tried above mention steps..

  • Thomas

    Worked for me. Did Option 1 first to check my device, then did Option 4 to reset gmail. Passed the gmail login screen. Rebooted the tablet to make sure everything worked and indeed, I got to the main screen of the tablet.

  • @necatibey06

    hi-level HLV-T707 my tablet, Android Multi Tool software did not solve the problem. Is there another program?

    • Tablet Guru

      Have you tried the Android SDK solutions. Link is in the post.

  • Thomas

    Excellent, very good work, i am unlock no name china tablet (mid 001) gest lock & reset gmail. THX

  • jhun magnaye

    I have problem with my polaroid 7 V7 internet tablet pattern lock due to many attempts. i try android multi tools software but device not found i update driver but still not can update my device firmware.pls help me.

  • Bhoy

    I have my Chinese tablet i already download the Android Multi Tool software after extracting and open the android multi tool software i follow the instruction above mention after i press 1 and enter it says “List of devices attached v9 offline ” i think my usb debuging is disabled but how can i enabled my tablet if was locked? please help . .

  • Maiwand

    I appreciate your nice Information about the unlock of PC tablet.

  • Roy

    how to install the tablet pc

    • Tablet Guru

      Extract the Tablet pc drivers folder. Goto device manager, then goto other devices -> android. Right click on android and select update drivers. In the appeared menu select ” Browse My computer for drivers”. Here select the path of tablet pc drivers folder.

      • asif

        Unable to see Android in others tab

  • angelo

    Thanks bro, I already lost my hope when I do what you said its work, God-bless you bro may god help you and give you all the joy in life tnx bro you r hero.

    • Tablet Guru

      Hey, your kind words encourage us..thanks brother. We wish best of health to you and your tab as well 🙂


    Great job … I was trying to reset my son’s tab which his younger brother locked it by attempting several times pattern lock. It took me 4 hours when finally i found you 🙂 Thanks man your tool worked perfectly. Now i will see my son’s happy face in the morning 🙂 Thanks a lot again for all the work you are doing here for guys like us..

    • Tablet Guru

      Thanks for your kind words.