Steps to Flash Micromax Funbook Tablets

Steps to Flash Micromax Funbook Tablets

Flashing is the method of re-installing Android on a device. The process varies from Tab to Tab, depending upon the company it belongs to, but mostly they can be flashed using Pheonix card and LiveSuite software.

See the Flashing of Tablets using Pheonix card software.

Almost all  the Micromax Funbook Tabs can be flash with LiveSuite software. Download the software from here.
Extract the LiveSuite Pack and in the extracted file click on LiveSuite.exe file,  following which the below shown window appears.

LiveSuite for android tab flashing

The method of flashing the Funbook tab are as follows:-

1) In the above window click on  the SelectImg option and then select the path of compatible Android ISO file for your tablet.

2) After this press the volume up (+) button in the Funbook tablet and connect the tablet to the computer through the USB wire, after attaching the wire to the tablet press and release the power button 4-5 times.

3) Two windows will appear on the computer screen, select ‘Yes‘ in both the windows.

4) After this, the Android installation on tab will begin which will be indicated by the progress bar. As the bar reaches 100% mark, plug out the USB wire from the tablet and then restart it.

5) After fresh installation of the Android will take around 5-10 min to start the  tab.

Tablet Model Download Link Notes
1) Micromax Funbook Talk P350 Download See instruction video here
2) Micromax P300 Download
3) Micromax P275 Download
4) Micromax P255 Download

See the flashing of the tab in the video

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