Steps to Flash Micromax Funbook Tablets

Flashing is the method of re-installing Android on a device. The process varies from Tab to Tab, depending upon the company it belongs to, but mostly they can be flashed using Pheonix card and LiveSuite software.

See the Flashing of Tablets using Pheonix card software.

Almost all  the Micromax Funbook Tabs can be flash with LiveSuite software. Download the software from here.
Extract the LiveSuite Pack and in the extracted file click on LiveSuite.exe file,  following which the below shown window appears.

LiveSuite for android tab flashing

The method of flashing the Funbook tab are as follows:-

1) In the above window click on  the SelectImg option and then select the path of compatible Android ISO file for your tablet.

2) After this press the volume up (+) button in the Funbook tablet and connect the tablet to the computer through the USB wire, after attaching the wire to the tablet press and release the power button 4-5 times.

3) Two windows will appear on the computer screen, select ‘Yes‘ in both the windows.

4) After this, the Android installation on tab will begin which will be indicated by the progress bar. As the bar reaches 100% mark, plug out the USB wire from the tablet and then restart it.

5) After fresh installation of the Android will take around 5-10 min to start the  tab.

Tablet Model Download Link Notes
1) Micromax Funbook Talk P350 Download See instruction video here
2) Micromax P300 Download
3) Micromax P275 Download
4) Micromax P255 Download

See the flashing of the tab in the video



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  1. ayyub khan Avatar
    ayyub khan

    thanks bro for help

  2. Shabbir Kapasi Avatar
    Shabbir Kapasi

    Hello ,I am also having this tab and I want a custom recovery for this tab and a costom ROM too , plz plz plz help me..
    Your nice bro – shabbir

  3. charles Avatar

    im trying to flashmicromax funbook p255 but livesuit isnt detecting it.tried using phoenix butt im facing the same prblm..a little help would be appreciated
    and the tab is on bootloop (running stock)

  4. swapnil Avatar

    How I reset os of my swipe ace 4.4.2 android tablet please tell me

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Use Gpg dragon tool to reset the tablet
      or download the file and select only user data in sp flash tool then flash to reset the device

  5. Abhiinav Bhardwaj Avatar
    Abhiinav Bhardwaj

    My Funbook p300 is not Flashing with any Livesuit version please help me Tablet guru

  6. Hashiq Valiyakath Avatar
    Hashiq Valiyakath

    sir, i can’t flash the prestigio multipad 7.0 HD+ pmp380c-duo. It was hang on the boot option how solve this
    please give me a solution pls

  7. Manju Avatar


    I have Lenovo Tablet YOGA – B6000-F, and having China SN, and now it is not booting, can you share the OS and other drivers need to install, so that my tab will start again

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Attach an image of the device with information on About Phone

  8. maqebool pc Avatar
    maqebool pc

    hello sir please i want micomax mid8813 firmware

  9. Gatsby Wax Avatar
    Gatsby Wax

    Hello sir i have starmobile tablet engage 7 lite what firmware should i used? pls help me thank

  10. Gatsby Wax Avatar
    Gatsby Wax

    Hello sir i have starmobile tablet engage 7 lite what firmware should i used? pls help me thank

  11. tanishk Avatar

    Sir, i have smartab x2 and its board id id is SA86V-A13-2 V2.0 i did not get the firmware sir please help me

  12. piyush choubay Avatar
    piyush choubay

    sir i want software of touchmate tm-mid793 3g call pad wave

  13. Nikunj Avatar

    i have micromax p410i tablet i want to download a game i do not have much space on my internal.memory i am trying to download it on my external sd card . i have done the default write disk also to sd card then also it is being downloaded at internal storage.why it is happening and how can i download anything in sd card

  14. krishna Avatar

    what about funbook p362, can you give me the link for p362 rom or firmware

  15. Priya Mahajan Avatar
    Priya Mahajan

    I have funbook p255. I had hard reset the tab…but it’s still stuck at funbook logo…n i even tried flashing it..but there’s no pop-up. I insalled the driver too. pls help

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Try using another USB Cable and check in Device manger your device should appear in other device

  16. Ajay Balasubramaniam Avatar
    Ajay Balasubramaniam

    Micromax Funbook Talk P350 iso file is not available in your link

  17. sumanth komaragiri Avatar
    sumanth komaragiri

    Hello,Sir I have a Micromax funbook Duo p310 . So How to Download And Install Gta Vice city…. Please. Sir can You give any Link or descriptions About this.. Thank You!

  18. zubair rahman Avatar
    zubair rahman

    i have problem with my micromax funbook p255 flashing i dint get any windows when usb attached and power on……what to do?

  19. kamal Avatar

    i have micromax p255 funbook tablet, it just staying on funbook page comes in starting tablet.. its not going further….what should i do, help me out

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Hard reset it. Check the link in above post.

  20. Carre Bandoquillo Avatar
    Carre Bandoquillo

    how to reset the prestigo multipad 7.0 ultra + please help :((

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      You have to use Android multi tool to reset your prestigo multipad

  21. Monimoy Sarma Avatar
    Monimoy Sarma

    for too many patterns ma LAVA Mtab is locked and i tried all methods of buttons to boot it but i am unable to processed can you help me with that please….

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Actually you have to use RK android tool to hard reset your tablet. Follow the link, it will guide you to unlock your Lava Mtab

  22. laxmanure 123 Avatar
    laxmanure 123

    i have p275 not showing in pc and also enabled usb debugging. is it any kind of drivers issues pls help

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Yes, reinstall the driver & if it is not detected by PC then use another USB wire

    2. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Check the video here it shows how to install the driver and flash it.

  23. Salman Mhd Avatar
    Salman Mhd

    i need the firmware of china tab of board id BTC-202 B94V-0 E220370

  24. minal Avatar

    dear sir ,
    on my micromax tablet adobe flash player is not supporting then what will be another software for same

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Specify the model no., OS and Browser you are using to operate internet

  25. Rizwan Avatar

    livesuit software can flash other devices ??

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      It is specially used for Allwinner processor.
      Can you provide the detail, which tablet you are trying to flash

  26. arpit Avatar

    sir i want iso file of karbonn smart tab 8 velox version 2

  27. man Avatar

    sir, good day. please give the android iso file for slate 7, thnks GBU

  28. anurag Avatar

    i want the iso file of p360

  29. sunil Avatar

    micromax funbook p360 flashfile

  30. Kunal Avatar

    Bro do i need to root p255 tablet? I tried many time the procedure you said but i am not seeing any two windows messages to proceed.

    Please guide me bro.

    1. Sushruto Ghosh Avatar
      Sushruto Ghosh

      Don’t worry I was in the same situation….. There are two options… Or possibilities…check the wireor check the buttons

  31. suresh Avatar

    i have a acer iconia tab a 200 model, now i want android os version 3.2.1, how i download os and how to install

  32. Jorge Solorzano Avatar
    Jorge Solorzano

    I need to flash my Nextbook Premium 7 Model : NEXT7P12-8G wondering if you have a ROM compatible with this tablet. Thank you!

    1. Sam Avatar

      Hello Jorge
      did you get any response on your question as i have same problem.

      1. Jorge Solorzano Avatar
        Jorge Solorzano

        Hello Sam,

        I haven’t recieve any response about the ROM yet…

  33. Pronoy Avatar

    God thanks…..
    U r really awesum thanks bro ……….
    really appreciative 😀 😉

  34. Deepak Kumar Avatar
    Deepak Kumar

    usb debbuging on nai h or mere pc me conect nai ho ra h so please tell me someone .plz help me bro

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Micromax Tablet hai.

  35. Roshan Singh Avatar
    Roshan Singh

    sir please give me a valid link for downloading iso file for micromaxx p360 funbook android os 4.0.4

  36. jessen Avatar

    sir can you please give me a link to download iso file for LG optimus l5

  37. krishna Avatar

    please tell procedure for micromax tablet p560. it has android os 4.0.4. this procedure doesn’t seem to work.i want the iso file link for micromax p560, please sir

  38. Niranjan Wadkar Avatar
    Niranjan Wadkar

    sir please provide android iso file and detailed procedure for reinstalling karbonn ST10 tablet

  39. Dipraj Goswami Avatar
    Dipraj Goswami

    Every time when I try to flash with live suit my device doesn’t get recognized though i have the proper img file and everything are connected properly…… I am using Micromax P255. A little hep would be appreciated. I am commenting in both your article as am really in deep trouble

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Are you following the steps as shown in the video.

      1. Tablet Guru Avatar

        After making all the necessary settings on Live Suite. You have to press the volume up button then plug in the USB wire and press the power button till the device is detected.

  40. Arun Avatar

    please prov ide custom rom for ubislate 7cz

  41. Rishabh Soni Avatar

    Hello sir
    please help me
    i have a micromax p360 tablet
    i want to reset it
    but i cant becouse there is no extra button present
    there is only power button is present

    help me please sir

    1. Sushruto Ghosh Avatar
      Sushruto Ghosh

      There must be home button
      Try pressing both together

      1. sanjukta bhuyan Avatar
        sanjukta bhuyan


        1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

          Try to flash the phone first

          1. sanjukta bhuyan Avatar
            sanjukta bhuyan

            My tablet is stuck in boot loop can I still flash it???

          2. Ankur Pratap Avatar

            ya if its making port or making sound while connecting to PC
            then you can

          3. sanjukta bhuyan Avatar
            sanjukta bhuyan


  42. het patel Avatar
    het patel

    sir i have my micromax funbook p275 actually my tablets dispaly was damaged i wiil go to and repairied but and that bhaiya had told me that my tablet is stopped on micromax symbol then my tablet do not work so he tell me that we have to do softeare flash i said ok but after doing software flash 2,3 times at that time also my tablet has stoped on micrmax symboll than what i can do ?? my gmail id is

  43. shubham Avatar

    sir i want the micromax funbook p350 iso file for hard reset but ur provided link is invalid soo plz give mi the valid link into my account

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Plz check all link has been updated

  44. Thomas Avatar

    the funbook p255 link to 4shared does not exist
    pls update the links
    thank u
    pls update the links
    i badly need it

    1. Thomas Avatar

      pls send me the links @
      thank u

    2. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Plz check link has been updated.

  45. ram abishek Avatar
    ram abishek

    sir i too need the andriod iso file for micromax p350 funbook talk and i am having many other questions and prbs of tht tablet can u help me

  46. Yash Jaiswal Avatar
    Yash Jaiswal

    sir plz give me the iso of mmx p256
    pls its urgent ……
    my email is –

  47. keshav Avatar

    sir please give a valid link for downloading iso file for micromax p350 funbook

  48. adi Avatar

    the link is invalid, can you please provide the iso file on another link

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Try sometime later. Server might be down.

  49. rahulverma Avatar

    Sir.Actually I was trying to download the android .iso file for Micromax p255.I was click on that download link.which turn on 4shared and at there when I try to download it shows the link is invalid.sir can you please send me android .iso file for Micromax p255 .my email….

  50. HacKeRiShU Avatar

    Can I root my Micromax fun book mini p410i..?

  51. Siddhartha Agarwal Avatar
    Siddhartha Agarwal

    plz give download link of micromax p360

  52. Vivek Bharadwaj Avatar
    Vivek Bharadwaj

    sir please give download link of micromax p360. help me sir

  53. saimum Avatar

    Please, upload the img file anywhere else. we need the software a lot. i have been waiting for 2months+

  54. Anjan Avatar

    please tell procedure for micromax tablet 560. it has android os 4.0.4. this procedure doesn’t seem to work.

  55. Khushagra Joshi Avatar
    Khushagra Joshi

    guru ji iso link is not valid please provide another link

  56. Tablet Guru Avatar

    Download the files and see the instruction in the video.

    1. Guest Avatar

      Link is not working

  57. sayan Avatar

    iso link not valid

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Server is down. Check again later.

  58. anson Avatar

    i am using p255 plz help urgent

  59. praveen Avatar

    Dear Sir
    i have datawind ubislate 7c+ EDGE i want to install windows 8 can i install it
    please help me


    1. satyaki chakraborty Avatar
      satyaki chakraborty

      Read 0 Logic sector: 0 failed
      Read encount Error….
      DEC_IMG: read ItemData failed
      sprite update error: fail to read data from dðŸådðŸåxðŸå`ðŸå`ðŸå`ðŸålðŸå\ðŸåàNâÿ_-é
      sprite update error: current card sprite failed
      now hold the machine
      is showing when i am using phoenix card tool burned sd card in the micromax p350
      please tell me a way

      1. Tablet Guru Avatar
        Tablet Guru

        Micromax tablets cannot be formated using Phenoix card. You have to use the live suite software. Download link is given in the above post.

    2. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Not possible..

  60. satyaki chakraborty Avatar
    satyaki chakraborty

    i need the android ISO file of micromax p350 . if you can give me upgraded it would be better . plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ashish Karn Avatar
      Ashish Karn

      Link to download the ISO file is given in the post,you should flash your device using that file?

  61. Gaus Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    I am having micromax funbook p300 & it suddenly switched off & i am not able to open it. When i connect it to charger it take 2-3 min to open & when it open white screen appears. i tried to flash it using Volume up+option+power button but it again get switched off…..What To do next? I am very confused & really in need of ur help. Plz help me ….

  62. ramesh Avatar

    I have acho c905 tab but it is Locked.I tried to hard reset but it is not you have any idea to unlock it from pc?

  63. Pankaj TIwari Avatar
    Pankaj TIwari

    Please send me OS Image for Micromax tablet funbook p256,
    Help the needy 🙁

  64. Devansh Avatar

    I have a nxg electronics xtab mxhd. Its stuck on the company logo. Not even at android screen is appearing. Please provide me with its required drivers and system images. If not the exact, similar system images will also do.

    Cpu – cortex a9 (aml- 8726)
    Tab – xtab mx hd
    Company – nxg electronics

  65. Jatin Goel Avatar
    Jatin Goel

    Thank you Thank you i have done the installation on my tab this is 100% accurate to download software

  66. shravan Avatar

    I have funbook p300 but the volume key is not working and LiveSuite software working with volume key in funbook . Sir should I try the Pheonix Card method in tablet ..or if you have different method for reinstall os then plz provide it….plz sir help

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Wait till tomorrow. First we will try it on our Funbook tab, if it work with phoenix card, will let you know.

  67. harsh Avatar

    i seen your video for reinstalling android in zen ultratab , i only want to know that from where did u get the firmware bcoz in my tablet is touch is not working as i use micromax p255 firmware in it please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Zen flash files are not available currently. But Domo Slate X14 tab firmware will work with Zen tablet. As both has same hardware and configuration. See here for more details

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