Connect Dongle to Android Tablet

Often we find connecting a dongle to our Tablet PCs a big task set in front us. But it is very simple as you will know it shortly. Here are the easy steps to connect a dongle to an Android tablet.

tablet-with-dongleNote :  In few tablet on connecting the dongle. The tablet automatically set the APN. So it recommended to wait for 5-10 minutes after attaching the dongle to tablet. Also disable the sleep mode in tablet.

1.First connect the dongle to the tablet and wait for it to read the dongle automatically, if not follow step 2 onwards.

2. Now go to Settings in your tablet and select the More option which appears next.

3. Select Mobile Networks  -> Acess Point Name[APN].

4. Then select New APN option.

5. All you have to do now is make the following changes in the bracketed entities [ Name, APN and Dial Number]:-

-> Set the network name. Eg:- For Tata photon just write Tata or TP or anything, as you like it.

-> Set the APN, search the net for your service provider’s APN. Then write it precisely.

-> All the dongles come with dial number. Check your dongle purchase paper or the manual or just search it Google. And then fill the same here as the Dial Number, save and you are done. eg. For Tata Docomo it is #999 and Reliance it is #777.


  • After plugging the dongle, a default APN gets created in the APN setting’s page.Try to feed the settings by creating a new APN.
  • Karbonn, Samsung Galaxy and Lenovo A1000 & A3000 tablet does not support dongle.

By far and large the above steps will work with all the dongles and Tablets. Still if you find any difficulty, feel free to leave a comment below, mentioning your devices name and model. We will come to your help As Soon As Possible :


MTS MBlaze

Note: See below for Mcc and MNC code

Airtel 3G (HUAWEI 1731C) and Airtel 3G (HUAWEI 1731B)
  • Name: Airtel Internet
  • APN :
  • Mcc : As per location
  • MNC : As per location
Tata Photon +
  • Name: Tata Photon+
  • APN : Tata Photon
  • User : internet
  • Password: internet
  • Mcc : As per location
  • MNC : As per location


Reliance Netconnect
  • Name: Reliance
  • APN :  #777
  • User : net
  • Password: net
  • Dial Number: #777


Tata Docomo 3G dongle
  • Name : Tata Docomo
  • Dial No : *99#
Vadofone dongle
  • Name : Vadafone
  • APN   : www
  • dial No : *99#
Aircel 3G dogle
  • Name : Aircel
  • APN : aircelgprs
  • Dial No : *99#

Note: Get the MCC and MNC code from here.

  • APN settings for SIM cards



Dial No

Aircel 2g & 3g ( South India ) – Prepaid


Aircel 2g & 3g ( South India ) – Postpaid



Aircel 2g & 3g ( New South India – All )



Aircel 2g & 3g ( North India ) – Prepaid



Aircel 2g & 3g ( North India ) – Postpaid



Aircel 2g & 3g ( New North India – All )



Aircel 2G & 3G – ROI – (Rest of India)

aircelgprs or or aircelinternet


Airtel 2G & 3G





BSNL 2G & 3G





Hutch 2G & 3G



IDEA 2G & 3G



Loop Telecom 2G & 3G



MTNL 2G & 3G Delhi – Prepaid



MTNL 2G & 3G Delhi – Postpaid



MTNL 2G & 3G Mumbai – Prepaid



MTNL 2G & 3G Mumbai – Postpaid



Reliance GSM – RTL 2G & 3G



Reliance GSM RCOM ( Reliance Communication ) 2G/3G



Spice 2g & 3g



STEL 2g & 3g


Tata Docomo 2G



Tata Docomo 3G Mobile SIM Card



Tata Docomo 250 Unlimited Offer Plan APN



Tata Docomo 3G Datacard/Dongle SIM



T24 ( For Future Group/Big Bazar by Tata Tele )



Uninor 2G & 3G



Vodafone ( JK – Jammu & Kashmir )



Vodafone 2G & 3G – Rest of India







324 responses to “Connect Dongle to Android Tablet”

  1. vishal vaishnav Avatar
    vishal vaishnav

    Actually I’m using honor x1 that is tab come cell 7″ inch screen Android please suggest me can I use 3g dongle for this is it possible?? Please guru

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Honor X1 does not support dongle. 🙁

  2. Debojjal Bagchi Avatar
    Debojjal Bagchi

    will dongle work on micromax canvas knight 2

  3. Debojjal Bagchi Avatar
    Debojjal Bagchi


  4. Debojjal Bagchi Avatar
    Debojjal Bagchi


    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Mobile phones does not support dongle / datacard.

  5. Christian Marco Gimong Avatar
    Christian Marco Gimong

    model number – T2
    Android version – 4.1.1
    Touch panel version – TZY 20
    Kernel version -3.0.8+ louxiao@ubuntu#205 SMP PREEMPT Thu May 9 11:04:24 CST 2013
    Build number – HK.KATA.T2.004

    im using mf667 hspa+ usb smart broadband zte stick
    and when i insert my stick dongle, it says damage storage.
    he cant read my usb as modem.. ..

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      When the dongle is not compatible with the tab, it says damage storage. You have to try with other company dongle.

  6. leba Avatar

    can a dongle be connected to a voice calling windows tablet (
    iBall Slide WQ32 Tablet)

  7. manju Avatar

    How to use iball slid tab to use multi tuggle data card for dlink

  8. Sandesh Katwal Avatar
    Sandesh Katwal

    I have an e-tab TOUCHMATE TM-MID710 and I am from Nepal. I attach dongle of Nepal Telecom, Skyphone networks and go to mobile networks. Whe I add APN, it asks me many information. So, I can’t use internet.
    Please help me

  9. souradip Avatar

    iBall Slide i701tab which dongle is support in this tab?

  10. Surojit Polley Avatar
    Surojit Polley

    hi, I have a hcl u1 tablet. Please tell me how to connect it to Beetel bg66 Dongle.

  11. nk Avatar

    Hi let me know how to connect dongle to Micromax P690 tab

  12. nk Avatar

    Hi let me know how to connect dongle to micromax p690 tab

  13. nk Avatar

    let me know how to connect dongle to micromax tablet p690.

  14. muralidhar Avatar

    my tabe is iball slide 3g 6095-d20 can i connect the tata docomo 3g dongle

  15. Sourojit Mondal Avatar
    Sourojit Mondal

    Does micromax canvas tab p480 support Internet via dongle??

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Yes it support dongle with 3G support

      1. ani123 Avatar


        Pls tell me how to connect.
        when I select Mobile network, network settibga window is disabled for entering APN number

  16. Manas Avatar

    How to connect iball slide octa A 41 Tab with a Tata photon + dongle ? please help.

  17. marimuthu krishnasamy Avatar
    marimuthu krishnasamy

    hi .i am having micromax canvas p480 tablet,and its not accepting my reliance post paid modem ,when i am connecting that into this tablet there is no response ,i already did the manual settings also .kindly give the suggestions and clarification .

  18. satish Avatar

    I have a tab thats model is nb slatbook 10 hoo6ru
    And in this tab no sim card port and network setting option but in the base( keyboard) usb port is available, then how can i access Internet and which modem or net seter will properly works

  19. vipul thakur Avatar
    vipul thakur

    Hey….i have lenovo tab2-a7 and a post paid tata photon plus dongle can u plzz tell me how to connect .??

  20. saumyashree sagar nayak Avatar
    saumyashree sagar nayak

    i ve xiaomi mi 3 phone. it has otg support but no lte support. can i convert into a 4g phone using 4 g dongle???

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      no it can’t be done

  21. @HEMAN Avatar

    I am using HCL ME U2 MODEL TABLET when I connect dongle their is no option for the mobile networks appears

  22. Ram Krishna Avatar
    Ram Krishna

    Can I use internet on micromax p470 tab with idea netsetter dongle. If can, please help me how can I access it..

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Yes it supports dongle, connect the dongle it will automatically get connected or if it fails then you have to manually set apn

  23. Bhupinder sharma Avatar
    Bhupinder sharma

    How to connect USB internet dongle on my tablet I ball slde model=3g 6095-d20

  24. harsk Avatar

    my i ball slide is not viewing mobile network in settings what is the otherway to connect the dongle

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      If the mobile network is not showing then it is disable by manufacturer or it does not have the hardware to support the dongle. You have to use wifi only.

  25. samyak Avatar

    I want to buy HP slate7 voice tab.
    Will it support dongle via otg cable?

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      It does not support otg cable

  26. sheeba Avatar

    i hv a REDMI
    Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
    8 MP Primary Camera
    Dual Sim (GSM + LTE)
    Wi-Fi Enabled
    2 MP Secondary Camera
    11.94 cm Touchscreen
    FM Radio
    1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 Quad Core Processor
    Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB

    i use Tata photon plus dongle for laptop… can i use this dongle on my Android phone?

  27. Akshit Garg Avatar
    Akshit Garg

    I have a aakast tablet with no sim card slot facility.

    before i was able to connect my idea 3g netsetter dongle with airtel internet and it connected to my tablet automatically.
    But now it is not connected automatically please tell me the apn and other settings i need to do to connect manually.

    details are as follows:-
    idea net setter
    model= E1730u-1
    imei= 355445046871503

    android 4.2.2

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Set the apn as:-

      1. Akshit Garg Avatar
        Akshit Garg

        I have set the apn, mcc, mnc, and all other thing as suggested by this guide but afetr setting all these things i am not getting the way to enable the new apn,

        Please show me the way to my problem

  28. Rajeev Avatar

    Dear sir please help me to connect my redmi 4G note with 3G airtel dongle how can we connect..

  29. raju Avatar

    Hi,i have a LAVA xtron Z704 tab ,pls tell me how to connect tataphoton dongle to this tab

  30. T Avatar

    Hey, k so I have a lenovo tablet with an aircel sim( data pack enabled) & I want to use my reliance dongle, but despite setting up my reliance dongle as shown in the video above I’m not getting my net connection from reliance, rather my aircel net pack is working. What is the solution, what’s missing??

  31. sohanbhar Avatar

    I do all the settings of photon plus, but still it is not working

  32. nishit Avatar

    Can we use USB dongle in phablets supporting UDB On-The-Go. If possible please help

  33. aman Avatar

    i want to connect reliance netconnect+ dongle to my micromax canvas p470 tab…how to?

  34. Rohan Raval Avatar
    Rohan Raval

    i have reliance 3 3gdata card…. i want to use it in my samsung galaxy note 3 neo phone… My dongle is cdma and my phone is gsm…pls suggest me that how to use datacard in my phone…..

  35. GadgetExp Avatar

    Can we connect Reliance 3 (netconnect) dongle on Dell venue 8 (32GB, 3G, No voice calling) tablet? I connected Reliance 3 dongle to tablet via OTG cable. The network is not detected automatically. Still I tried configuring an APN with name: Reliance; APN: #777; User: net; pwd: net; MMC: 405; and MNC: 10. Other feilds left blank. My dongle connection was taken in Karnataka (Bangalore) circle. As instructed I ensured that wi-fi is disabled and data/roaming buttons are enabled. Preferred network type was selected 3G. Android 4.4.2 is running.
    Could you please help make this setup? Please let me know if you need any further details. Thanks in advance.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      In user and pwd section try putting the dongle 10 digit mobile no.
      All other settings are correct.

      1. Tablet Guru Avatar

        In authentication select pap or chap

  36. KP Avatar

    My tab is Micromax funbook P280.. when i tried to follow the above steps, the tablet becomes blank.. and i’l have to restart again.. or some sort of distortion appears on the screen..this happens again and again..

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Some tablet gets hangs on connecting the dongle. It hardware defect. Try with the other company dongle.
      I doubt that the service center will replace your tablet with new one.

  37. sandip-baranagar-kolkata Avatar

    i have a VOX N01 tablet with android jellybean. , a BSNL 3g dongle and BSNL SIM.
    i entered NAME, APN, MNC, MCC but there is no dial no to enter.
    what can i do?

  38. abhai Avatar

    I am using lenovo a7 30. I am not able to connect idea net setter. If you have any idea plz help…

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Which SIM you are using to connect

  39. ankita Avatar

    hi this is tina and i have bright-tab android4.2 jelly bean,model:7-8gbB,please help me with the internet connectivity via a dongle

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Which dongle you are trying to connect….please elaborate

  40. Shivpratap Singh Avatar
    Shivpratap Singh

    Dear Sir,

    I am using Sony Xperia C3 dual and i want to install reliance data card in my phone.
    but it’s not working..

    pls suggest me what should i do..

    With Regards Shiv

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      In phone dongle will not work.

  41. Vikas Singh Avatar
    Vikas Singh

    my tab is i ball 6095 how to connect with digisol 3g dongle

  42. sanjay Avatar

    How connect tata photon dongle in iball3gq1035 tablet

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Go to Setting and click on more under Wireless & Network
      THen click on Mobile network
      Click on Data enabled and select Access Point Name
      Select The dongle you wish to connect Like- in this case Tata Photon
      Check the MCC & MNC
      refer the article :-

  43. Venkatesh Avatar

    Hi sir, I am using HCL ME sync 1.0 Tablet. How can i connect Vodafone Dongle to it?

  44. Satyanarayan Sahoo Avatar
    Satyanarayan Sahoo


  45. Siva Sai Kiran Avatar
    Siva Sai Kiran

    dude i have “reliance net connect+” data card.can u give me list of tabs which supports my data card. plz dude…………

  46. Sonu Avatar

    Hi, I have a DIGIFLIP XT811 Tab. Please tell me how to connect it to Tata Photon Plus CDMA Dongle.

  47. sc Avatar

    i have seen the video of that micromax tablet and i have a samsung galaxy tab 3 will dongle work on my tablet and i have 2 dongles
    1. reliance

  48. C Avatar


    Please help me with list of tablests available which support using 3g Dongle.


  49. Harsh Singh Avatar
    Harsh Singh

    Huawei E3531 3G dongle is not getting connected to my SMT311. Please help me.

  50. sj king the great Avatar
    sj king the great

    i have hcl me v1 tablet
    i want to connet 3g dongle in it
    how can i connect dongle in it

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Method mention above will work.

  51. suraj Avatar

    Dude m using micromax dongle inside tata docomo sim will it connect ??

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      It depend on tablet. Which tab you have got?

  52. Sumit Navgire Avatar
    Sumit Navgire

    I have ubislate 7cz tablet. I want to connect it through Sim dongle ( docomo 3g Sim card ) .its not connecting to it pls help me .is it 3g supported tab or not pls tell me what can I do

  53. rohit Avatar


    can you please help in finding new gadgets available

  54. Rahul Singh Avatar
    Rahul Singh

    Hi, I am using akash ubislate 7cz, and I want to use internet by dongle so please guide me to connect soon.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Above mention method is the only method to connect dongle to tablet. Get the compatible dongle and follow the steps.

  55. pro Avatar

    What about micromax dongle?????

  56. ram Avatar

    Can i use data card on lenovo tablet a3000

  57. ram Avatar

    Can i use data card on lenovo a3000 tablet

  58. Chinu Andrews Avatar
    Chinu Andrews

    Hi, I have connect a7 pro.i tried to use dlink dwp156 for internet but unable to search network. I am using bsnl sim. How can i connect it to net.
    Waiting for a reply.

  59. Mano Raja Avatar
    Mano Raja

    my asus fonepad 7 2014 support dongle.please tell how to connect reliance netconnect+ to my tab
    i connect my dongle with tab using otg cable,my tab doesn’t display any signal or any notifications and i also not able create apn that invisible when i insert sim card it is visible.please help

  60. Nk Avatar

    Sir my tab have mobile network settings but dongal is not working please help. Am using iball dongal with relience sim
    Plz help apas

  61. Manu Avatar

    I have Adam 2 3G. Though there is a 3G sim port, I want to connect my tata photon+ broadband donge to it. I tried different options but with no success. Could you please help

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      If the tablet has SIM card option. Then probably the dongle will not work, this happen with most of the tab with SIM card slot.

  62. deepak Avatar

    I have lenovo a7-30(a3300 gv ) tab and idea 3g netsetter unlocked dongle please let me know how should connect my dongle and make it working with my tab

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Lenovo tab does not support dongle.

      1. deepak Avatar

        Is there any other way to connect single to my Lenovo a3300 gv tab

  63. Susant Avatar

    Hi, I have Digiflip pro XT911 tab and want connect Micromax dongle. Can you please help me to connect the dongle. The Mobile network is not enable.

  64. Arnab Avatar

    Hi, I have Lenovo B6000 H Tab, is it supporting dongle ?

  65. varun Avatar

    hi i have dell venue 7- 16Gb (3g, wifi) tablet how i connect to vodafone dongle

  66. Shubham Avatar

    I have a hp plus 7 tablet.Can i connect tata photon plus with it?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      It should me as it does not have SIM support but noting is mention by the company. So not sure about this.

  67. Chinni Avatar


    i quick question.. Does the latest digiflip tablets support CDMA dongle or not? Tried with flipkart customer service, online but no hint anywhere.

    Please help.

  68. Sreekumar Nair Avatar
    Sreekumar Nair


    I am unable to establish 3G connection on my tablet

    Tablet : Micromax Funbook 255
    Dongle : micromax mmx377g 3g data card

    Sim card : vodafone
    Circle : Gujarat

    Could you please tell me what are the settings to set up 3G on the tablet.

  69. Anshuman Tiwari Avatar
    Anshuman Tiwari

    Hello dear,
    I need APN settings for micromax funbook P280. And the dongle E171 Huwai mobile broadband is with airtel sim of Madhya Pradesh. Please help

  70. Raj Avatar

    How to connect Airtel dongle to Microsoft surface RT tablet.

  71. kvikramdeepak Avatar

    Unable to connect dongle to dell venue 8

  72. Kali Charan Chatterjee Avatar
    Kali Charan Chatterjee

    I have a Dell vanue 16 GB tab.The Tab have not any facility to insert SIM.So how can i access net connection in my tab.

  73. sankar Avatar

    Hai sir.. I am using CELKON CT2 tablet.. please tell me which dongle that i have to purchase to get 3g network…

  74. Naveen Chandra Chowdary Pinni Avatar
    Naveen Chandra Chowdary Pinni

    why tab is not decteching the huwai e303 net setter

  75. romaanchan Avatar

    and please help me
    my ubislate 7cx is not detecting any sim in its sim slot

  76. romaanchan Avatar

    hi sir
    i have an ubislate 7cx and an airtel 4g dongle which also works in 3g
    can i connect it to my tab
    and please give me the apn settings

  77. Vishal Avatar

    Hi, I have a Videocon VT 75C Tablet . Please tell me how to connect it to Tata Photon +. When I select the new APN it ask for data as follows:
    1. Name
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol
    16. Bearer

  78. tarun paliwal Avatar
    tarun paliwal

    i HAVE IBALL 7236 2g but when i connect my reliance 3g dongle to it mobile network is disable is there any other way to connect dongle to this tablet please help me

    1. ilyas Avatar

      i have same problem, pls admin sent me also solution,


  79. indianmt Avatar

    I have a 7″ Ubislate 7c+ running on Android 4.0.4. Though it has facility for 2G SIM, for 3G the only ‘locked’ dongles it supports are:


    2 WCDMA E1750 HUAWEI

    3 WCDMA E1780 HUAWEI

    4 WCDMA MF633 ZTE

    5 WCDMA MF110 ZTE

    6 CDMA2000 EC122 HUAWEI

    7 CDMA2000 EC161 HUAWEI

    8 CDMA2000 EC189 HUAWEI

    9 CDMA2000 EC167 HUAWEI

    10 CDMA2000 AC2736 ZTE

    11 CDMA2000 AC2746 ZTE

    12 CDMA2000 AC2766 ZTE

    13 CDMA2000 AC580 ZTE

    Can I make it support an unlocked dongle ZTE K4201-I from Vodafone? How?

  80. veda Avatar

    I am using a7 30 tablet. . I need to connect tata photon plus dongle to it… how shall I do it..?

  81. rameshnaid Avatar

    Dear sir, Not able to connect my tata photon plus to my new asus FonePad 7 me175cg
    dual SIM. The access point names settings is hidden (disabled) even
    though the usual light in the dongle blinks . HELP me how to access dongle in my tab
    You may mail me your suggestions on

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Asus tab does not support dongle.

  82. Neeraj Dubey Avatar
    Neeraj Dubey

    hello, I have swipe calling tablet.
    Can it support Mblaze dongle. If yes, How ?

  83. Balasubramanian S Avatar
    Balasubramanian S

    I am having Samsung tab and AirTel 3G Dongle (Huwaie Modem). How to configure for Internet?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Dongle does not work in Samsung tab..

      1. Balasubramanian S Avatar
        Balasubramanian S

        Thanks for your Info! Can I use it with a OTG cable? Or have to use the SIM card straight with the Tab?

        1. Tablet Guru Avatar

          You have to use the SIM card directly. No OTG..

  84. Aubin Avatar

    No APN menu on tegera note 7

  85. vinay kumar srivastava Avatar
    vinay kumar srivastava

    Hi I have iBall SLIDE i9018 Tab . Pls hel me how to connect to BSNL 3G Dongle. When selesct it ask following details

    1. Name
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol
    16. Bearer


    1. Kapil Singhal Avatar
      Kapil Singhal

      Please tell me the same about

  86. vinay kumar srivastava Avatar
    vinay kumar srivastava

    I have iBall Slide i9018 android tablet. Pls tell me how to connect to /BSNL 3G Dongle . When connecting asking following details . HELP
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol

    16. Bearer ls helphowt to install

  87. sanket Avatar

    sir i have tata docomo photon + cdma post paid dongle it doesent have sim card what settings should i do ?

  88. Melro Shamendra Avatar
    Melro Shamendra

    Hi let me know how to connect dongle to Lenovo A3300-GV tab.

    1. bibhu Avatar

      Sir please reply to this question

      1. Tablet Guru Avatar

        This is SIM enabled tab. Dongle is not supported.

  89. manoj agnihotri Avatar

    Hii I am Manoj all May Frd Plz Help Me Tablet To dongal cannect

  90. jayson Avatar

    Could you please tell me how to connect a 3 mobile dongle to a archos 97 carbon tablet

  91. shantanu lale Avatar
    shantanu lale

    hi,pls help,
    I am having IBALL-7236-3G Tab and when tried TATA Photon Dongle … Its not showing any access for USB Internet ..

  92. Reshmi Avatar

    Help me..
    I am using iball slide6309.Bt unable to connect with reliance netconnect+ now.

  93. PRAVIN Avatar

    Hi, I have a IBALL SLIDE 6318I Tab. Please tell me how to connect it to Reliance Dongle. When I select the new APN it ask for data as follows:
    1. Name
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol
    16. Bearer


    1. Ankur Maurya Avatar
      Ankur Maurya

      follow me
      step 1 Name me kuch bhi nam likh do exmpl x y z
      step 2 APN me #777
      step 3 me user name & paswrd me apna Reliance number dale exmpl 9300000000
      step 4 authentication me pap or chap
      step done baaki kisi me kuch mat likhna ,

      1. deepanshu kashyap Avatar
        deepanshu kashyap

        bro i am using coolpad note 3 ..and a netgear dongle ..coolpad note 3 supports otg but still my dongle dosent work with my phone please help me as fast as possible …thanks!

    2. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Name : Anything
      APN : #777
      Username & Password : Reliance dongle no
      Authentication Type : pap or chap

      Leave rest of the field empty.
      Thanks Ankur Maurya for correct solution..

    3. sourav chakraborty Avatar
      sourav chakraborty

      u dont need all otherwise it will show error 1 time i did all and it didnot applied

    4. manish Avatar

      same problem with me

  94. Bhushan Avatar

    I am having Touchmate 7″ touch screen dual cam tablet which is having wifi . how to connect the dongle to the tablet . I can use the internet with the dongle. can u give the suggestion.

  95. Mar Avatar

    I have a Nextbook 7″ Tablet can I used a dongle on it and if yes please advice which one is the best to used with this tablet. thank you

  96. Rajiv Avatar

    Dear Tablet Guru- You have answered all the Issues- I feel you have answer for my issue too.
    Dongle-Tata Docomo 3G Dongle
    Tablet- Micromax Funbook P255
    Error: I don’t see Dial No/Access No field: Only Name APN Proxy Port User Name Password… etc
    What should be my APN? Tata.Docomo.Internet OR #999 OR TataDOCOMO3G
    Kindly help Tablet Guru-Awaiting answer soon

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      If you are using SIM to connect then Tata.Docomo.Internet and if you are using the proper dongle with no SIM attached then use TATADOCOMO3G

      1. manoj agnihotri Avatar

        Dear Tablet Guru Hot to Cannect Donagl all In One Sim Card Teblet ibol 6309i Plz Help Urgantly manoj

  97. Dilawar Ali Avatar
    Dilawar Ali

    Hi, I have a Ambrane A707 Tab. Please tell me how to connect it to Reliance Dongle. When I select the new APN it ask for data as follows:
    1. Name
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol
    16. Bearer

    Kidnly help.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Only fill these fields and left all other as it is.

      Name: Reliance
      APN : #777
      User : net
      Password: net
      Dial Number: #777

      1. Ganapathy Avatar

        i set above details in next tablet but, it’s not working, help me

        1. Tablet Guru Avatar

          Then your tab does not support dongle.

        2. Ankur Maurya Avatar
          Ankur Maurya

          too user name nd pswrd me apna reliance number likhe thn done kre

          1. manoj agnihotri Avatar

            Hello Ankur Maurya How R u ??
            U r free Plece help Me Manoj

  98. mary Avatar

    I can’t save my APN settings in my xpad mini tablet…it says it will dial automatically… plx help me

  99. Swarnava Bhattacharya Avatar
    Swarnava Bhattacharya

    Need help
    I’m unable to connect my micromax 3g dongle(MMX377G) to my micromax funbook p255 tablet.
    Please do give me a solution!

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Above mention steps are the only way.
      You have to give the APN of the SIM card you have used in dongle.

  100. Vedant Ahirrao Avatar
    Vedant Ahirrao

    I have a Croma 1131 tablet with calling . So, is it necessary to have sim in the tab and the tablet.If yes both of them should be same.Please

  101. Pallab Bhattacharya Avatar
    Pallab Bhattacharya

    Not able to connect my tata photon plus to my new asus FonePad 7 me175cg dual SIM. The access point names settings is hidden (disabled) even though the usual light in the dongle blinks . HELP !!!
    You may mail me your suggestions on

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Dongle is not supported on Asus Tab..

  102. Sri Avatar

    My tab 3 T 210 doesnot have mobile network in setttings what is the otherway to connect the dongle

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar

      Dongle will not work on Tab3 210. 🙁

  103. sarwar Avatar

    hey, please help me how to connect my dongle after doing factory reset

  104. Tee Avatar

    Hi, I have a GD Gemini Pro (GEM10313BK) tablet… would you happen to know if this tablet would work with a dongle connection or is it wifi only?
    Thanks for your advice in advance.

  105. Anyikwa chinonso Avatar
    Anyikwa chinonso

    Pls, am using Nordmende 101, I tried connecting my dongle, but it would show the signal and immdiately disappear.. Pls how can I resolve the issue 🙂

  106. Ujjal Avatar

    I have I ball slide 3g 7334i tab. I want to purchase a reliance net connect+ dongle for internet. Pl. Guide me which model will be suitable for connection & is there any WiFi modem?

  107. Mahesh kumar Avatar
    Mahesh kumar

    I have micromax p 362 model tab
    How can I connect it Micromax model mmx3770 modem through Airtel 3g sim card

  108. Mani Avatar

    I have a reliance netconnect broadband+ ZTE dongle and Onda V801s tablet how to connect?

  109. shivank verma Avatar
    shivank verma

    Help me
    I am using samsung galaxy tab 3 t311 but its sim card slot is not working how do I connect my idea net setter to my tab help meeee.

    1. manoj agnihotri Avatar

      Other Sim Card Is Use to Mobail

    2. yogi Avatar

      Guru, pls. do you have any suggestion for his query..I’m planning to buy one if
      Samsung tab not support sim. Then which model you could like to recommend..

      Thank you,

  110. Raja Avatar

    i have a lava etab vello+ and a dlink dongle with vodafone 2g conection how will i conect it by otg

  111. satheesh Avatar

    How to connect reliance AC 3727 dongle to HCL ME U1 tab to use internet.

    Pls share APN settings to my mail id

  112. angelica Avatar

    why cant I save the APN settings

  113. angelica Avatar

    I have an xpad mini and not able to connect it to a dongle…I read the manual and it says it will connect automatically….but its not connecting at all….plx help me

  114. Chandrasekhar Avatar

    I have purchased a HP slate 7 it is dual sim tab, but I unable to access INTERNET through airtel sim. help me please.

  115. Manushri saxena Avatar
    Manushri saxena

    hey, thank you for you suggestions but can u plz tell me does NEXUS 7 2013 16GB WIFI model can also run 3g dongle????please help me i’m in trouble 🙁


    1. Ashish Karn Avatar
      Ashish Karn

      Unfortunately Nexus 7 2013 does not support internet connection via dongle.But we are working on that.

      1. Manushri saxena Avatar

        but i watch a video on youtube in which they connect dongle by using an app called BLUEVPN+….AND IN VIDEO

  116. Vedant Avatar

    How to connect dongle/data card in croma tablet?

  117. Shyamal Avatar

    I’ve Motorola’s Moto G

    Can I connect my Vodafone 3g Dongle on my Moto G via OTG cable?

    If yes than

    Please guide……..!!

  118. Prasanna Avatar

    i have a lenovo ideapad A10. I don’t have a direct access to the APN option. How can i connect a reliance HSD dongle model AC2738?

  119. speeds Avatar

    i am using BSNL tab with my tata photon max wi fi but I am not able to connect in my tablet.

    it is not showing any thing hoever the dongle contniously blink. can you pls provide me the step ?

  120. Shamshad Avatar

    Hi Sir,

    I have bought Asus Fonepad 7 ME372CG Tablet (WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling, 8GB)

    i am trying to connect the tablet through reliance 3g data cable but not able to connect internet,

    please help in the regards.

    please note i have used ur suggest APN setting but not working, there is no dial no. is available where i can dial #777.


  121. Vivek Avatar

    I have Unislate 7c+ Tab & want to connect Reliance Netconnect+ HUAWEI EC 159 Dongle. Please tell me whther it is compatible.

  122. sunil Avatar

    I have bought lava e tab extron+ few day ago. Its wi fi tablet. But suport external dongle. So it has a usb cable port to connect dongle. So to access internet when i connect i ball airway dongle with reliance sim card my tablet not detect it automatic but light blink in dongle. When i try to add new apn after input all field “save” button not appear. and new apn does not save. why ?? please advise..
    tab model no. lava JB7+ W0213

    1. Atul Avatar

      I have to lava etab extron it not support all dongle.
      I am also tolerate it.

  123. vasan Avatar

    Pl advice which dongle can be used for my HCL me G!-tabulet.

  124. Falak Avatar

    I have simtronics xpad720 .. and I m trying to connect bsnl dongol ..but my tablet is not detecting the dongol..plz suggest me a way

  125. ramandeep singh Avatar
    ramandeep singh

    I have a archos 97 tablet .plz tell how I can connect photon plus dongle with it..

  126. Zohair Avatar

    Does the Simmtronics Xpad Freedom support dongle? I am not being able to connect AIrtel 3G dongle to this Tab even after performing the above steps and it does not ask for dial number while creating an APN.

  127. Laxmi Narayan Avatar
    Laxmi Narayan

    i have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) and i want to connect tata photon + to it can u tell me how to do it . i tried the steps in video but i was not able to connect it

  128. Mariya Avatar

    Can i use my mts mblaze with lenovo s6000 tab?
    if yes then how?

  129. Mritunjay Kumar Avatar
    Mritunjay Kumar

    I have Optima V tab and net conect tata photon +
    Can i use internet on on my Tab?? if yes then,
    How can i use internet on my tab (via dongle)?? and which otg cable should i use ?? (orignal or any other company)
    Kindly advice.
    Mritunjay Kumar

  130. Ciril Avatar

    I am trying to use iball slide i6012 tablet with Reliance netconnect EC159. Done all the APN Settings as mentioned. But no network signal is dispalying in the PC. Please advise what to do?

    1. Mano Avatar

      Hope you are able to connect tablet with dongle Huawei EC159 .

      Please explain me how to dit.I am facing problem now to connect Lava ETAB XTRON+ tablet.

  131. agripinus Avatar

    i have an android tablet pc E721J, when i try to connect with my huawei EC122, its on detect, but when i try to connect, it says cannot be connected to the network, so is there any altenative to solve this? the modem is huawei c122 evdo network

  132. Kabir Avatar

    Hi Tablet Guru,

    Pls help me connecting internet from TataDocomo Photon 3G dongle (Make : ZTE) with my tablet iBall \ 638i

    Imp : Dongle specs show it is not made for Android OS. Any solution ?

  133. Aditya Mittal Avatar
    Aditya Mittal

    I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (t 311) and Reliance 2g net connect dongle.
    Can i use internet on on my dongle?? if yes then,
    How can i use internet on my tab (via dongle)?? and which otg cable should i use ?? (orignal or any other company)

    Thanks in advance


    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Samsung tab does not support dongle.

  134. Utkarsh Avatar

    I have a ubislate 7cz and a mtnl dolphin delhi sim. Mtnl doesnt provide settings for ubislate and if i try to add a new apn there is no option for me to save the settings! please help

  135. Sanjiv Avatar

    Great article. but your instructions are not working for me. I have a Asus 172v tablet and a Tata Photon+ (CDMA) dongle Huawei EC152. When I plug it in I don’t see the menu option under Settings-more. thanks in advance for your help.

  136. Hirak Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I have it Croma Tablet model no-CRXT1131, I have Reliance net connect postpaid dongle. How can I connect Reliance net connect dongle with tab?

    Please help me.


  137. Hemant Avatar

    Plz help me to configure lava xtron+ for terracom lw273 dongle provided for BSNL 3G connection.

  138. antony stanlley Avatar
    antony stanlley

    I have purchased DOMO slate X3D SE and I am not able to connect Reliance netconnect and also not able to read MicroSd reader. kindly advise me on the issue.

  139. Palash Avatar

    Does UbiSlate 7CZ tab supports beetel dongle?

  140. NAHVI Avatar

    I have Samsung Galaxy tab 3 (SM-T315) . Also i intend to connect with Reliance Netconnect dongle (HUAWEI 1260). How to connect the dongle in my tab?

  141. san Avatar

    Does Simmtronics xpad722 support d-link data card..? And also,the saving is not possible,like all others told.. Plz help..

  142. v.ragunathan Avatar

    Hi, I have purchased Ambrane model AC-7 and unable to connect the dongle even though followed the steps given in your site kindly guide me to solve this problem.

    name- reliance, APN–#777, Username–net ,, PW–net MMC-405, MCC-15 these arr the things I have filled and tried.

  143. Ratish Avatar

    Help for BSNL Penta IS701C. (OS :: ICS)

    Aircel 3G sim in dongle.

    I am NOT able to see any fields for Dial No. Could you help me with setting up the Internet on my tablet.

    The fields I have for creating a new APN is as follows.

    1. Name
    2. APN
    3. Proxy
    4. Port
    5. User Name
    6. Password
    7. Server
    8. MMSC
    9. MMS Proxy
    10. MMS Port
    11. MCC
    12. MNC
    13. Authentication Type
    14. APN Type
    15. APN protocol
    16. Bearer

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Then fill only the name & APN section and save the settings.

    2. ABDUL HAMEED Avatar


  144. abhishek Avatar

    I have Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ ZTE and HCL ME connect 2G tablet. How to connect it please guide me step by step.
    Thanks in Advance

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Goto Settings->More->Mobile networks-> Access Point Names.
      Create a new APN and fill the below details.

      Name: Reliance
      APN : #777
      User : net
      Password: net
      Dial Number: #777

  145. Shankha Avatar

    I have a Lenevo A3000 tab and trying to connect MTS dongle.
    After editing APN settings as directed, it does no longer show up in the list as soon as MCC/MNC settings are provided. No device drivers were installed also.
    Please help

  146. jyoti Prakash Tiwari Avatar
    jyoti Prakash Tiwari

    Hi I want to buy a tablet dongle supportable, Please advise the best one.

  147. Shiva Avatar

    Dear Guru,

    I have Samsung TAB III T210 which i bought it in canada.It has Wifi facility however i want to use Reliance Net connect + dongle in it.
    Will it work in Samsug Tab III.If so how do i connect and use it in my tab.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Dongles are not supported by any of the Samsung tablets.

  148. Deepan Avatar

    Is there any way I can connect a 3G dongle to Hisense Sero 7 pro M470BSA tablet and use the data from the dongle to access the internet. The tablet does not have the option “Mobile Network” or “3G” under Wireless & Network settings. Please suggest how to connect.

    Thanks in Advance.

  149. madhu sudhan Avatar
    madhu sudhan

    I have Ubislate 7ci tablet and tata photon plus ec1260 dongle, but the mcc and mnc codes are not listed here for tata photon plus but only for tata docomo. Can I use the tata docomo settings or if there are any different mcc & mnc codes.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Mcc and MNC code change according to the location. It does not depend on the dongle.
      See her for Mcc and MNC code.

  150. Chandan Manglani Avatar
    Chandan Manglani

    i have Ubislate 7ci and i have huiwei E1732 Dongal , In dongle i have inserted Idea Sim card
    when i connect dongle to tablet my tab gets hanged
    before 2-3 months ago i was able to use
    but not able to use now
    Plz Help me in this.

  151. vinayak Avatar

    I have lava tab Z 2G+, but couldn’t connect to reliance dongle , also this tab has VPN instead of APN ,pls guide

  152. anand Avatar

    I have just purchased Milagrow TabTop 7.16 pro. It runs on Android 4.0.4 It supports 3G USB Dongles. But whenever I put in my Reliance NetConnect dongle, it displays message ‘Damaged SD card..’.
    So, how to make this dongle work ?
    So, will somebody help me to configure these dongles to work with my tablet

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      “Damaged SD card” message appears because the Reliance Net connect has SD card slot and when you plugged in dongle to the tablet, its card slot must be empty, so it shows “Damaged SD card”. There is nothing to worry about it.
      I will also recommend to view this video.
      In this when we give the the default Reliance Netconnect settings, tablet did not get connected to internet. But When Tata-Photon settings were given it worked. Try it out, it might work. 🙂

      1. chandu Avatar

        Hello frns can u plz suggest me, why HCL ME V2 tablet not detecting the dongle though it is detecting the pendrive, etc.
        What are the supported Dongles and how to connect it plz reply me plz…

  153. zoo:3 Avatar

    Plz help me, I have Lenovo Ideapad A1000. How can I connect reliance netconnect to it?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Using the following APN settings in Settings-> More -> Mobile Network -> APN settings
      Name: Reliance
      APN : # 777
      User : net
      Password: net
      Dial Number: #777

      1. zoo:3 Avatar

        but there is no option of APN, there is a VPN option.

  154. Pranav Kalapala Avatar
    Pranav Kalapala

    My nexus 10 only supports Wifi.There are no mobile networks in my tablet.
    What to do?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Then it will not support any dongle.

    2. Shubham pandey Avatar
      Shubham pandey

      If u want to buy a dongle then get a wifi dongle like of tata docomo released recently this month earlier, use it by making a wifi hotspot by plugging it into a power source. It’s easy and fast. Or if ur’e not able to do this much so get a wifi modem/router of like D-link or iball , make ur own wifi state.

  155. anand Avatar

    Dude plz guide me how to connect reliance net connect+ to karbonn ta one A37.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Sorry bro. None of the Karbonn Ta-Fone support any dongle. Only SIM internet will work. 🙁

  156. vishakha Avatar

    I am planning to buy LENOVO A1000 tablet,will it support photon plus?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru


      1. Madhav Mahajan Avatar
        Madhav Mahajan

        I have actually bought it, but can not figure how to connect my tata photon+ with it…
        I need urgent instructions please!

  157. Vishvanath Avatar

    I have purchased BSNL penta 701C model recently. I had ZTE MF 190 dongle for internet connectvity. When I connect tablet with this dongle, it shows green light glowing constantly however it says error in network searching. error as ” Unable to connect at this time. Please try later.:
    Can somebody help me ?

  158. mukesh joshi Avatar
    mukesh joshi

    I had purchased intex ibuddy connect 7.0 tablet having 2G inbuilt sim.
    Now I want to connect idea netsetter
    plz tell me what to do

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Follow the method as mention above and also ask the customer care if the idea netsetter is compatible with intex tablet.

  159. nikhil Avatar

    How to connect Eros android supported dongle in Karbonn Ta-Fone A34.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Karbonn Ta-Fone does not support any dongle.

  160. Vivek Dongre Avatar
    Vivek Dongre

    I want to connect iball 3.5G dongle with idea sim 3G support to Karbonn TAFONE A34. How to do that.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Karbonn Ta-Fone series does not support dongle. It can only be connected through SIM card.

  161. Abhilash Avatar

    I have HCL ME tablet U1, using BSNL sim with HUAWEI dongle. The device get automatically detected and green signal is blinking on tablet but in settings shows no internet connection. When I try to surf, pages are loaded very very slowly (About 5-6 min).
    Plz help

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      To check whether the tablet is connected to Internet or not, see the right bottom of the screen. Near the “Time” option.
      To get 3G speed on tablet.
      Goto Settings-> More-> Mobile network. There un-check the option ” Use only 2G network”.

  162. Sam Avatar


    What is meaning of as per location in Mcc and Mnc??

    Should I have type in that particular fields or any specific numbers will company provide us?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      It means in which State you are in India. MCC and MNC are different for different state.

  163. mukkul Avatar

    earlier my dongle connected easily, now my tablet didn’t detect.
    Can you plz figure out this problem.

  164. bebolulu Avatar


    I think there is something wrong about the procedure or the info given here. The problem faced by majority of the people and me is they cannot save the APN after they feed the data. When i click “save”, the window just closes and there is no new APN at all. Someone told to feed the data and wait for 10-30 secs and click back-button and it will be saved, but this did not work as well. Any solutions for this?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      This issue is there in the few tablets. Will update the info regarding how to solve this problem, very soon.
      Thanks for writing.:)

      1. bebolulu Avatar


        Here is an update: as i said, the APN will not save, but as i tried the ” wait for 10-30 secs and click back-button” thing, i discovered something. The APN will be saved if you feed all the data except the MNC and MCC and press the “home” button, not the “back” button. But that is also useless since once you come again and edit settings of that saved APN and add MNC and MCC, it disappears or gets deleted as well. Hope you can find a solution to the problem. During my research on the problem, i read that the APN is not saving since the tablet or the OS is not accepting the MCC & MNC. Thanks for replying, anyways.

  165. YassiNe Avatar

    Can I Use This On my Galaxy tab3 T210 ???

  166. Arthur Bergeon Avatar
    Arthur Bergeon

    Does Photon plus postapid require a sim to connect to a tablet?
    My photon plus is a postapid but is not reading in a lenovo A1000 tablet. Is a SIM required?

    1. manish Avatar

      same problem ….my airtel 3g modem,and micromax 355G modem is not reading in a lanovo A1ooo tab….

      1. Tablet Guru Avatar
        Tablet Guru

        Not all dongle are supported by each tablet. Each Tab is compatible with few dongles only.



  168. Pavan Avatar


    Is it possible to connect the Lenovo – IdeaTab Miix 10.1 inch Tablet to a 3 g dongle.

    Please advise on this

  169. yogesh Avatar

    how to connect my reliance 3g dongle with 3g sim to my android tab which show USB damaged and ask to format it?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      In this case the tab you have does not support the Reliance dongle.

      1. MS Avatar

        Not correct, I am facing the same problem in the Tablet that was working fine with Reliance 3G dongle but now not working and giving same error.

  170. arun Avatar

    How to connect with (ambrane tablet model number a 13-MID, Android version 4.0.3)

  171. himanshu Avatar

    I have hcl me 2.0 2G tab and I wanna connect tata photon plus model no.EC1261.
    But I cannot change MCC and MNC numbers as I change it, complete apn is lost.

  172. Ramachandran Ravoori Avatar

    I have a Milagrow tablet having Andriod Gingerbread OS. I also have a Tata PhotonHuawei EC156 dongle.The tablet has a micro-USB port and an adapter to connect to regular USB 2 port. Kindly advise if the two are compatible and, if yes,what steps should I follow to use this Photon dongle with my tablet.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Both will work with the Tata Photon. Now put the APN settings as mentioned above.

  173. Aneesh Avatar

    I have HCL ME tablet I am not able connect the internet using huwai dongle with BSNL SIM, same dongle get connected with idea SIM. I have Checked and reconfigured APN name, still not working, plz help.

  174. sripati Avatar

    My tablet is SamsungGalaxy Tab2 310. How to connect TATA Photon+ and any external hard disk device?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Use OTG wire to connect dongle and hard disk.

  175. Maninder Kour Avatar
    Maninder Kour

    How to connect Aircel dongle. What is the APN and Dial No. for aircel dongle?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      APN : aircelgprs
      Dial no : *99#

  176. walter Avatar

    How to connect MTS data card with WAAM tablet.

  177. pras Avatar

    Can I connect my Photon+ dongle to Samsung Tab P3100 using the APN procedure mentioned above?
    Is there any alternate way to connect Photon+ dongle to Samsung Tab P3100?

  178. Zabi Avatar

    I don’t see save settings button while setting-up mobile networks as you specified in my new lava xtron + tablet. Please guide.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Save option is in the lower part of the screen. There you will find three dot shape button. Click on that and you will find the Save option.


    Still i can’t get my relliance 2g dongle on AAKASH UBISLATE 7C+,please guide me as soon as posible

  180. dheeraj Avatar

    I have a TP link TD-8817 wired broadband modem, I use it on PC. Is it possible to use it on my UBISLATE 7cz tablet?

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Connect the broadband to Wi-Fi router and you will be able to connect it to internet.

  181. nitin Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased Karbonn A34 Tab but not getting the Tata Photon+ tanggle connectivity. Followed your above steps but in settings it shows VPN address instead of APN.

    Pls suggest how to add the tonggle

  182. PRAVEEN Avatar

    How to connect unlocked ZTE MF 190 data card to ambrane LP 7 mini laptop (android)

  183. Sandy Avatar

    there is no option like “dial number” in my tab..!!!

    1. SamsungTab Avatar

      Same here. Even I am facing the same issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
      1) Without sim card in slot, I cannot open “Mobile Networks”. I get error “Insert SIM to access network services”.
      2) If I insert a sim in slot, then when I try adding APN, I don’t see any “Dial Number” option in add APN.
      3) If I try to add APN (without any dial number) but try changing the MCC to Tata Photon plus and click “Save”, The APN automatically gets deleted.

      Android: 4.0.2
      Tablet: Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1
      Dongle: Tata Photon Plus – Huawei EC156

      Please help!

  184. charanjeet Avatar

    I have the Ambrane mini laptop LP 7 OS 4.0.3. I want to know which type of the dongle is compatible for this android mini laptop…pls help

  185. Liana Avatar

    I cannot connect internet with my Reliance 3G dongle (Model- MF190) in my Android 4.1.1 tablet (my tablet is Zync Z930). I am doing all APN settings but could not save it. Help me please.

  186. Sagar Avatar

    How to Connect Reliance NetConnect (Blue Color Dongle) to Zync Z930 Tablet?


    I am trying to connect my Airtel 3G dongle(Huawei E1731) with ZYNC Z930 Tablet.Dongle gives blue blinks (3g enabled) but does not connect with Tab (continous blue). There are no APN available under Mobile Network option. Even if I add new APN, tab does not save it. Can you please help me how can I use my dongle on this tab.

  188. lakshmi Avatar

    I want to connect reliance modem with bsnl pentais701c.Help me

  189. Hasim Shaikh Avatar
    Hasim Shaikh

    Note that I own Micromax Funbook Talk (P350) tab. I am unable to connect my Airtel 3g postpaid dongle (Huawie E1731) with tab. Dongle is only giving blue blink but not continous blue light. There are no APN available under Mobile Network option. Even if I add new APN, tab does not save it. Can you please help me how can I use my dongly on this tab.
    Thanks in advance.
    Brgds/- Hasim Shaikh

  190. Anil Kumar Avatar
    Anil Kumar

    I am having MTSBlaze Dongle internet connection and as per above I have done all the mobile network setting i.e. APN MCN MCC Username and Password. But still my dongle is not activating on Aaakash 2 Tablet (i.e. UBSlate 7Ci). Please help me how to activate the dongle to start surfing. Awating for early reply. Thanks. Anil Kumar

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Have you followed the steps as mentioned here?
      Also not all dongles are supported by all the tablets, so check out with the tablet company customer care if the MTS dongle is supported and ask them the list of supported datacards.

  191. Rohit Avatar

    i brought celkon CT9 Tab.
    and i already have tata docomo 3g – ZTE – MF631 HSUPA dongle.
    How should i connect?
    In setting of TAB i am getting name and APN but not dial number 🙁
    Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  192. Pravir Avatar

    How to connect iBall Slide 3G 7334 Tablet with reliance net connect+ dongle ZTE AC 2738

  193. DEBASIS RAY Avatar

    I have bought a Aimax tablet. Iam trying to connect Airtel 3G dongle(Huawei E1731). Now in the dongle support section mentioned in the Tablet does not mention this particular model of Huawei ( There are other Huwai model mentioned in the list). I am tried to fill the APN,MMM and MNV which I got from Airtel customer care. But still not able to connect internet. On connecting the dongle it gives green light followed by Blue.

    Pls help me to give a solution for the same

  194. Hasim Shaikh Avatar
    Hasim Shaikh

    I am trying to connect my Airtel 3G dongle(Huawei E1731) with funbook talk (p350). Dongle gives blue blinks (3g enabled) but does not connect with Tab (continous blue). There are no apn available under mobile network & when i try to create new apn, it does not save the profile.
    Can you please help me to show some workaround.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      After you created the APN. Save it buy clicking on the top right side of the screen.

  195. akok Avatar

    I have an lava e-tab xtron ….
    plz help me to connect 3G dongle on it and I got beetel 3G dongle.

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Check out the following link to see how to connect a dongle to an Android tablet.

  196. Mayur Avatar

    I have tablet with sim but it does not have USB port, is there any way i can use dongle for surfing…???

    1. Tablet Guru Avatar
      Tablet Guru

      Which tablet you have got? There must be one port to connect the tablet to the PC.

      1. Mayur Avatar

        yes, it has one small size port to connect tablet to PC for transfer of files or pictures or docs but does not have USB port to connect doongle, can i still connect doongle for net surfing…??
        kindly guide me…!

  197. kiran Avatar

    How to connect reliance netconnect+ data card to Ubslte 7c+

  198. VIGNESH Avatar

    I bought Byond – Mi3 tablet. I have reliance 2G datacard model number “zteac2737 “. In some of the websites that have listed the supported dongles, the reliance zteac2737 is not listed. So , can I manually configure the datacard connectivity settings for my datacard by providing name , APN number and dial number in my Mi3 tablet? kindly help me in this issue…thanks in advance.

  199. Ibrahim basha shaik Avatar
    Ibrahim basha shaik

    How to connect reliance 3g dongle(ZTE MF190) to ubislate 7 C+

  200. ganesh Avatar

    How to connect reliance zte 3727 3g dongle to karbbon velox tab to use internet

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