Sony Xperia tablet Z

Sony Xperia Tablet Z “Rumor”

Water-proof! Android Tab.
Water-proof! Android Tab.

Sony is rumored  to be out soon ( in the rain, pun-intended) with its water resistant smart Tab. With Xperia Tablet Z, code named as PULLOX, Sony is looking forward to celebrating its first ever water-proof Tablet PC. Now one can be little more lost and lesser careful with his or her tablet, if it’s Sony Xperia TAB (sarcasm?) . Indeed this is a great advantage to a Tablet PC in this accident prone world where water damaged Tablets PCs are not so rare.

Let’s see what more do we expect in this expected release. The spilled out spec details from a worthy source inklings, the device will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We expected something new and even better. Didn’t we? Anyway, the resolution is quite engrossing as they say it’s going to be 1920×1200 pixels. 1.5 Ghz quad core processor will be placed inside to pace the Tablets up and running.

This Tablet Z news certainly shows Sony’s resilient, not giving up on tablets attitude. We all know the previous releases of Sony in the tablet market with the names Tablet S and Xperia S didn’t put up a good fight in the tablet market. But it’s all a new story and a fresh start for them this time. So, let’s wait and watch until the Tablet Z is unveiled.






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