Nokia Windows Tablet

The rumors of Nokia releasing their own Windows 8 tablet is getting strong day by day. People at The Verge have claimed that the Nokia tablet will be a competitor to the Microsoft’s Surface, with Nokia adding their own tricks to the tablet. The tablet is rumored to have 10-hour battery life, 2 USB ports and running on Windows 8 RT. The biggest bang for this tablet will be inclusion of SIM card slot. You won’t have to wait for long to see the Nokia tablet finally making it to the public view in CES 2013.

Specifications as expected:

OS Windows 8 RT
Processor Qualcomm’s S4 processor
Battery Life 10 Hrs
SIM card Yes
USB 2 ports
Screen 10 inch touch screen with optimized touch
Release date Feb, 2013 (Expected)

Nokia Windows Tablet

Rumors got triggered way back in March itself when the design chief of Nokia, Mr.Marko Ahtisaari reportedly hinted the expeditious work being on the design of a tablet. Later the CEO Stephen Elop also accepted that Nokia’s own tablets is a project is something which is getting very serious and they are looking for all possibilities.

According to Digitimes, Nokia has planned to put only 200,000 pieces in the market initially with an intention to sense the Windows 8 market. This was they can roll out their back up plans, if needed.

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