root nexus 7 2013 tab

Rooting Google Nexus 7 – 2013 Tablet

Rooting  an android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet,  is aimed at  obtaining administrator access or root access and overcoming protection measures. It facilitates fine-tuning android functionality and running applications that require root access. But rooting may void the warranty of your device. So do not root your device just for the fun of it.

See details info about Android Tablet rooting.

root nexus 7 2013 tab
Red Android indicates rooting is in process

To root Nexus 7 2013 tab, first thing to do is to enable USB debugging. Go to Settings > About Tablet. At the bottom, Build Number is given. Tap on it repeatedly, until a pop-up appears saying “You are now a developer” which enables Developer options. Go back one step and tap on Developer options > USB debugging.

  1. Now switch off the tab.
  2. To enter bootloader facility, press power and volume (-) buttons together.
  3. Then connect the tab to your laptop/PC by means of a mini USB cable. Use the link given below to download the necessary files to complete rooting. Extract the files to a folder.Download the files from here
  4. Open command prompt and switch over to the directory where you have saved the files using cd command.
  5. Now type “root-windows.bat” without quotes and hit enter.
  6. On the tablet screen, a red android symbol appears indicating that rooting has begun.
  7. On the cmd window, press any key to continue and finish rooting.
  8. The tab will now restart on its own. An app called SuperSU will be installed on the tab.
  9. Open SuperSU > Settings. It can be seen that Enable Superuser option has been checked. Also on rebooting  the device, an open-lock icon will appear indicating that Nexus 7 has been unlocked.

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