Re-install Android OS on Tablet PC

Here, in this page you can checkout how to re-install Android OS on Tablet PC. This process of re-installing OS is termed as Flashing. This is required in order to fresh up the tablet and the device get reset as the new one.


Some of the possible reasons are listed below-

i- OS corrupt
ii- Tablet get stuck at boot menu
iii- Hang
iv- Slow processing
v- Tablet getting on/off automatically
vi- Application not responding

Here all you have to do is to format or re-install the android OS on your tablet. The re-installing process in Android is different as you normally do with windows.

To install OS on your Tablet you need Android OS file that are compatible with your tablet and Software tools.

The various Software tools used for Flashing are :-
a) Live suit tool – See working steps
b) Phoenix tool
c) Rock chip tool – See working steps
d) Phoenix card

Here we will see the working of Phenix card software.

1) Memory hard has to be made bootable. For this the PhoenixCard tool is needed. You can get this tool from here. Pheonix Card.

PhoenixCard has a simple user interface as shown in the image.


 2 ) First format the memory card, then select the  compatible Android ISO file. Please note that different tablet need different ISO files.  Few of the Tablet files has been listed in the table below.

See the installation process in detail in following video.

Note: The ISO which is used to make to the memory stick bootable sizes around 900 MB and different tablets need different software for Flashing/re-installing Android.

Here we have listed few of the links from where you can download the ISO file of the respective company. Other Tablet PC firmware link will be published soon.

             Tablet Model     Download Link Notes
 1) BSNL Penta Tablet ( All Models)        Download See detail instruction here
 2) Domo Slate ( All Models)        Download  See instruction video here
 3) Micromax Funbook Talk P350        Download See instruction here
 4) Micromax P300        Download
 5) Micromax P275        Download
 6) Micromax P255        Download  See instruction video here
 7) HCL ME U1        Download  See instruction here ( Above mentioned method will not work with HCL Tab)
8) HCL Tablet (All model)       Download
9) UbiSlate 7C+
See Working Video here

As we are receiving more and more request for installation. We recommend post your tablet details on our forum so that other user with same tablet can use the info.  Check out the forum.

My Tablet Guru Forum

If you can’t find your tablet PC in above table then let us know about your Tablet PC’s company and model name on  My Tablet Guru Twitter Page.

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  • Fazalerabbi Stuida

    I insert the pin but nothing happened.

    • ok can you share brand & model no with chipset inside
      or Share about phone snapshot

      • Fazalerabbi Stuida

        Display 10 lcd touch screen.
        Processor a9 1.0GHZ
        1 gb ram DDR 11
        4.0.1 version.
        Connection port.
        1×usb2.0 port , vplume +/-

        • still specs. are not clear, any link for the tablet

  • Fazalerabbi Stuida

    ZTpad cortex a 9 pc tablet android.
    Only power key . Usb debugging mode off.
    I know Gmail account and password please please please please please please please please please please please please help

    • there must be a reset hole. try to insert any pin in it, will reset the phone directly.

  • MyTechWorld

    hi eevryone..i need to re install os on my tablet penta ws1001q which have been protected by orange telecom and gov app..i want to remove all and put fresh os that can be used as normal,..any help plz.

  • hemant chandwani

    can anyone help me in changing network preference of my tab pentatab 704Q so as to use jio sim in that. i have tried mtk engineering mode method, xoroware method etc as available on net but could not change network preference to lte3g2g. if there is any other method plz guide. it would be a great help to me. thanx alot

  • sameer

    Guru do u have any idea about any mobile phones flashing method

    • yes share brand & model no

      • Madhuri

        Hi Ankur,My mobile brans is Micromax Android AQ4501(Android One).Unable to hard reboot the system after no command on screen.

        • you have to flash the device
          its process is tricky
          First you have to unlock the port
          then you have to unlock bootloader
          then only, you can flash the phone

          • Madhuri

            Thanks Ankur.I will try the steps and let you know

  • hemant chandwani

    can you please guide me how to install android in penta tab 704q as the method shown by you in the vedio of 701 c is not same for 704 q. i have downloaded the PC firmware from the link provided by yourself but am not aware of process of doing that

    • use sp flash tool & untick preloader while flashing

      • hemant chandwani

        Thank you so much SRINIVAS VARUDU for the help provided on call. it made my day.
        i wanted to use jio sim in my same tab and have tried mtk engineering mode method, xoroware method etc as available on net but could not change network preference to lte3g2g. is there any method to change the network preference in the tab.

  • Hellen Creighton

    I have a 10″ a33 quad core Inet d102c pendo (generic tablet) that won’t boot up even after resetting to factory. Is there a stock firmware I could flash to it? running lollipop 5.1.1

    • Garbo Dave

      I to have same model and unable to find firmware

  • Pranav Aggarwal

    i have lenovo tab A10-30. i formatted it and now its not booting

  • Laxman Dass

    Hi i have a Tablet of ICE . It is a chinese tablet
    the problem is that it is not start up . so please help me .
    tablet name : ICE TOUCH
    android : kitkat version
    quad core processor
    ram : 512 mb
    storage : 8 gb
    model no: xt104

  • jibin

    i have enet E733 can i get firmware link and to install

  • Crobars’ Corner

    I am looking for an ISO image for:
    Coby Kyros MID7125
    7” display
    Currently running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
    Also, I would like to upgrade the OS to a newer version of Android (3.0 or 4.0…), but one step at a time.
    Unfortunately, Coby is now out of business so no help there.
    Any help or links you could provide would be much appreciated.

  • Francisco Morales

    But the firmware have in img. Format for Phoenix suite

  • Francisco Morales

    I need the firmware for my
    Hp8 1401 tablet
    8in ips
    Cpu: allwiner a31s
    Quad core 1.2ghz
    Gpu: powervrsgx544mp2

  • uzmaa

    hi i have a745 Azpen tablet
    can anyone give me the firm ware link please?
    The talet is stuck on erasing and the recovery mode is not appearing when using the power button and volume button method. Can anyone help me please? i will be grateful to you. Thanks

  • gurminder

    i have vodafone smart tab 3g stuck at optimizing files…. help me wht to do..

  • Mihaela Luca

    hello please help me cuz i’am really stuck
    i have a tablet overmax quattor a10+ what is getting stuck with the android logo. i paid about 50 bucks trying to get it fixed on local services but still not working.
    at a particular time i was able to wipe data with android multi tools and after that was starting until shut down was ok,but now it saying device not connected(similar with phoenix tools,Jurassic or dragon tools),on the instructions for had reset to pres home button ,connect to PC pres power button about 10 times and release all.did that a few hundred times….still nothing.As well i had send an email to the manufacturer with no replay from them of course


    i have a proline sv-701 tab

  • Bakar Sadeeq

    I have the ikon Ik-800D so how can I hard reset the tablet because there volume buttons are not working. Thanks

  • Soa Tin Ee


    Hp 8 G2 1411 , allwinner a33 cpu,

    I need the firmware, so I can flash it by PhoenixSuit.exe.


  • Hello, I have an RCA RCR6272W23 and I perform reset and wipe data from the recovery screen no problem…it just doesn’t do anything. It runs for a few minutes, and then says “completed.” Only it’s not….all data is wiped and I can’t get to the home screen even now….but the “Settings Locked screen,” pops up as soon as I connect to wifi during initial setup.

    Man, if you could help, it would mean a ton! I bought this for my daughter and since it was on at the time, I figured I could just reset it and make it like new for her. But she’s starting it up and reset comes up and I’m at a total loss!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Julie Poirier






    DISPLAY=nuclear_gp707pub-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20121208 test-keys


















  • Kassie Jean

    I have a RCA, 7 inch voyager II, Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is stuck on startup. This tablet is not listed above.

  • Hannah Robertson

    I have an ellipsis

  • सत्या यादव

    bhai ankur plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i have hcl connect 3g 2.0 tab i am download the firmwere from hcl support but when update by sd card invalid partician sertting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help wht i do my email

    • try to use another SD card with only Firmware in it

  • Mukesh

    I need iso firmware of BSNL Penta tablet model no .WS704DX. pls give me download link

  • Parbat

    hey i need a firmware for
    Sharp Aquos pad SH-08E

  • dhia

    please help me
    my board id FCF-4 94V-0
    please help me i need frimware

  • Greg

    the board say rc_k8726_y1073_v1.1 1 gig cpu 8 gig memory also has other numbers on tablet E254667 T-MI P4E00035A0 RU94V-0

  • Greg

    I have a zeki 10 inch tablet what firmware is on this tablet

  • Sidi

    Simbans tablat model FunDoTab FDT2S5C7862 and on de printboard i found this number al-a23-751_v2.1 ken you help me with finding the right firmware?

  • Maeslthur

    I got a problem wit a asus me172v tablet, I can not a system recovery, even the asus metod does’nt work I need the iso files but I don’t know where can I find them. I need help please.

  • shankar

    Hey Tablet Guru,
    I have Pendo Tablet in which Board its written as

    ALD 94V-0

    Its is stuck on Android Logo. Please help me. I have tried your 1st and 2nd method. Both the two methods did not worked out and for third method as you have said need some software, Please help me to find those software.

    Many Thanks

      • shankar

        Dear Tablet Guru, I tried this link. It is again stuck in the middle of the download. please send me some strong link from where I can download the Firmware. Because This Pendo is gifted to my daughter and she is very upset. Please do help…..

      • shankar

        Dear Ankur Pratap,
        I guess the link you have provided is broken or corrupt. Its not being working.This type of message is being displayed, “{“message”:”Signature is invalid. Please, try again.”,”code”:”403.0322″,”cause”:”IPSignError”}”

  • STAN

    Yes, Sir I have a Ellipsis10 tablet by Quanta and a cleaner app got stuck during a deep cleaning and erased files from my UI .So do I need to reflash my firmware or something?I tried to remove the back cover to get the numbers from the MB but I was afraid I would break it.Is their a easy way to get the back cover off my tablet?Your help is greatly appreciated Sir.

  • Husna K.S

    My tablet is wintouch electronic tech model Q75S dual core… NO recovery menu available .. Though when connected to computer it is getting charged only and not getting connected to computer.. No google account attached… got password locked by kids… dont know how to solve.. Pls advice

  • Elisma Eloff

    hi i have a fondi pad t708b. all i know about my tablet is it’s a MTK8312 processor 1.2GHz (Dual cortex a7) android 4.2.2. i need this tablets firmware please??

  • محمد انس اسماعيل

    hi ! Good day!

    my tab is Broncho N802 model, kindly post some help, please help!!
    Android Version : 4.0.3
    BaseBand Version : MW100G_BASE_B300R20
    Kernel Version : 3.0.8 software_pub@compiler #9

    i really need Flash for this model..tqvm

  • Jaisudhakhar Jayaram

    Hi ! i need Eurostar ET7583G-B15 firmware please help !!

  • Jay Krishnan

    tab name.intex ibuddy connect II 3g
    version 4.0
    i need this file
    pls send me the link

  • pradeep

    1.problem-tablet stuck on penguin logo
    2.details about tablet-
    unknown brand
    rockchip 2918 1.2g cpu
    google android 2.3 os/ 3.0 ui
    9.7 inch 4:3 10 points capacitive touch screen ips 1024*768 pixel
    1gb ddr3 ram
    16 gb nand flash built in memory
    front 2.0 mp,back 2.0 mp camera
    wifi 802.11b/g/n
    support usb 3g
    2*usb 2.0,1 host and 1 otg
    skype phone function
    flash 10.3 support size 243*9.8mm

  • Burger

    Acer iconia one 7 B1-730

  • rhandel

    Good day!
    my tab is asus k01n model, kindly post some help, coz my tab when it is open, even if I didn’t touch any icon it will open, I tried so many times to reset/hard reset my asus tab by same result, please help!!

    • submit version no of device.
      Unplug battery & check or in setting–>about phone

      • Munteanu Cristian-Laurentiu

        hi,i need a flash for a13 xw711 v1.6 20121102 pls

          • dj_abs

            Hi. I need the flash or firmware for A9 EM_M61_v7.3 for my TRIO STEALTH G2 8 INCH

            OS: Android™ 4.1

            Display: 8″ 4:3, 1024×768 HD Resolution

            Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch)

            Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB)

            Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback*

            Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio

            Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later

            Interface: High speed USB 2.0

            RAM: 1GB DDR3

            CPU: Amlogic AML8726-MXS, Dual-Cortex A9

  • jonathan hawker

    hi i have a flypad ultra tablet pc. with a allwinner a20 board number fcf-4 94v-0 E232205 i am stuck on the adriod screen i have wipe the date by using vol and power key but still will not load. dose anyone have any ideas. thank

  • apex

    1. Tablet name : AMIKO TAB 7 TERRESTRIAL TV

    2. Company : AMIKO

    3. CPU model ( optional) : AML 8726-MX

    4. Other info: MOTHERBOARD M1701_MAIN_PCB_V2.0

    5. Tablet Pic (optional) :

  • bsagon

    Model: RCT6773W22

  • Sammy

    I have ramos w27pro and I don’t know the exact firmware to use, please help

  • Raees Kannambath

    i need iso firrmwer for huawei meadia pad 2 youth model: S7-701U… pls help. i m stuck at huawei logo

    • Raees Kannambath

      sorry it’s huawei meadia pad 7 youth model: S7-701U.

  • hi there!I have in my hands a chinese made ,”smart internet tablet” (this is written on the back )A33 quad core ,

    The device is named VERO ,made in china for Oktabit ,model number A8870

    and on the outside of the back cover has this code


    After opening ,and i was able to get these numbers out of the cpu and the chip

    A33 E8024AA 2951 from the processor

    and Q88 A33 8G 2681 7660 512M SP1409025 3032 LZ87 20140930

    also from another chip AXP223 E3094

    I must mention the tablet had kitkat4.4 but after some installation it refuses to fully boot.It comes on only ith the logo of android,and reboots continiously,without ever reaching operating state.

    I am not experienced,but i guess i could flash it with an SD card as i read,only if i could find the firmware .

    Searched for hours internet doesnt return anything helpfull.

    anyone can help?

    I d appreciate it much!:):)

    Best regards


  • Rajeswari Lalitha

    my tablet is
    name:micromax funbook
    plz give me ios or firmware for this plz sir

  • dj_abs


    OS: Android™ 4.1

    Display: 8″ 4:3, 1024×768 HD Resolution

    Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch)

    Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB)

    Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback*

    Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio

    Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later

    Interface: High speed USB 2.0

    RAM: 1GB DDR3

    CPU: Amlogic AML8726-MXS, Dual-Cortex A9

    please help find firmware and how to install it Thanks

    I can not find it any where!

  • aaditya kumar

    Hi i have tablet Brand- Creative Vision , Model No.U07AV01,,The Tablet running very slow it android version Android 2.2 froyo..I need to change Latest version ,,Please Give Firmware how to Flashing….

    • First root device then only you can install custom firmware

      • aaditya kumar

        Please give me software link and please tell me how to do…..and give firmware also

  • rfs

    I have a tablet infected by APUS. I cant get rid of it. Help

    • Try to remove or uninstall Apus then perform a hard reset

  • Alejandro

    Hola Estoy teniendo dificultad en encontrar la rom exacta para flshear con phoenix card.

    Esta es mi Tablet.

    CPU: Boxchip A13 1.0 GHz

    RAM: 512 Mb DDR3

    Disco duro: 8GB NAND Flash (ampiable vía SD hasta 32 Gb)

    Cámara delantera: 0,3 mpix

    WIFI: 802.11B/G/N

    Pantalla: 7″ TFT LCD, resolución: 800×600

    Pantalla táctil: capacitiva multitáctil.

    Codecs multimedia: MP3, 3GP,AVI(320*240), Video. Word , Excel, Mail y PDF

    Soporte de Youtube

    1 x MicroUSB
    1 x MicroSD (hasta 32 Gb)
    1 x Salida de auricular estéreo

    Audio: altavoces estéreo

    Ainol vende este modelo sin cargador. Deberás comprar un cargador USB o bien conectarlo a un PC o portátil para recargarlo.

    Agradezco me hechen un cable para esto,tambien así si puede colaborar en que alguien que la tenga no tenga que provar 30 o 40 roms que no sirven.


    Un Saludo.


  • abreast

    I am looking for the image file for a tablet :

    Model M102
    Processor: Allwinner quadcore A33
    Android version 4.4.2
    Firmware V2.0
    Kernel 3.4.39
    Kernel version lxl@newqihao # 19
    Monday Sep 15 15:01:21 CST 2014
    Build No: astar_m102 eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20140915 test_keys

    The Motherboard: m102_v.1.2

    May be manufactured by astar

  • Bitan Ghosh

    Hello i m having a tablet ubislate 7cz… and its not working properly…whenever i start the tablet either it stops or connects automatically to the wifi and turns on the data connection..need help.. help me please..

  • moumita mallick

    Arow AT-2310G Specifications

    Operating System Windows v8
    Box Contents Tablet, Battery, Charger, Earphone, USB Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card

    Processor 1.5 GHz, ARM Cortex A9
    RAM 1 GB

    Internal Memory 8 GB
    External Memory Yes, Up to 32 GB

    Screen Size 10.1 Inch
    Screen Resolution 800 x 1280 pixels
    Pixel Density 149 ppi
    Display Type LCD

    Main Camera Yes, 0.3 MP
    Zoom Yes, Digital Zoom
    Front Camera Yes, 2 MP

    Capacity 5000 mAH, Li-ion

    Wi-Fi Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11
    GPS Yes, with A-GPS
    USB Connectivity Yes, USB Port, HDMI Port

    Touch Screen Yes, Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch
    Colors Black, Champange Gold

    Games Yes
    Browser Yes, Adobe Flash
    Other Facilities Android Market, Calculator, E-Book Reader, World clock, Calendar, Alarm, Document viewer
    Email Yes
    Instant Messaging Yes

    Video Player Yes, Video Formats: MPEG4
    Music Yes, Music Formats: MP3
    Loudspeaker Yes
    Audio Jack 3.5 mm

  • toniesha

    i have a AOC S70G12 Tablet. Please send a link.

  • prafful

    my Android Tablet hcl me champ stuck on boot screen !
    and i’ve had done the hard reset by pressing the respective key but its just showing its logo
    what to do with that problem?

    • 1- charge ur tablet upto 70 percent.
      2- switch off device.
      3- press & hold power for 2-5 second then also hold Volume up.
      4- Now recovery will appear.
      5- Select Wipe data.

  • Justin Crager

    hi i need firmware for
    irulu expro x1 7 inch tablet
    processor-quadcore a33
    android version-4.4.2
    firmware version-v2.0
    kernel.v-3.4.39 adc#adc#77 SatNov2814:41:43 CST 2015
    build number-kvt49l.20151128

  • Redgoldcat

    HI………..I HAVE A stealth-10 trio mst-21 tablet and its stuck on the welcome screen. How do I get it to work normal?

  • Jen

    I have a dopo tablet dp717. It’s brand new but it fails when I try to check for updates. It says online update unknown error
    . do you know where I can get the latest updates?

    • Visit official website and make sure that Dopo has rolled out any update for your device

      • Jen

        Thank you for your reply. I did try that and should have mentioned that in my comment. The tablet wasn’t even listed on their website. I guess that’s why it was on sale. It’s not always worth it.

  • madhu goyal

    Hi, I have HCL connect v3 model tablet. could you please tell How can I upgrade my software Jelly Bean to Kitkat. and please provide the link also.

  • mitaely

    hi! i have a trio stealth g2 (mst8-21) and is stuck at the trio logo. i try to conect it to my computer but it doesnt appear to be conected. The computer doesnt recognised her and i cant find the drivers. Does anyone have any idea so i can fix it? or my tablet just die?

  • zubair

    hello there here is the details of my tablet it stuck on staring logo. need firmware and some tutorial to install the firmware.

    Company Name: it works
    Model: TM904

    Processor Quad Core ATM7029 a 1,2 GHz
    Screen size 9,7″ (24,6 cm)
    Processor Quad-Core a 1,2 GHz
    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    • Try to hard reset device

      • zubair

        dear ankur partap thank you for reply my device didnt have volume up and down button only have power and back button i have tired several methods but didnt succeed in hard rest.

        • Try by holding up power key for 40-50 seconds or insert pin in reset hole

          • zubair

            tried this but not working didnt have any reset button or hole in
            tablet 🙁

  • Sayan Chakraborty

    My ubislate 7c+ touch not working after flashing it.plzz help

    • U had flashed the device with wrong file. Match file then flash

  • tommy

    tablet name superpad
    bored yonestoptech-bc1003 cpu a10 I NEED FIRMWARE FOR THIS TABLET PLEASE.

  • vishnu

    I need hcl connect V3 firmware please

  • Suresh Gajangi

    my bdf 10 inch tablet wont get switched on,but my tablet is new one and battery 4.8v show .technition say firmware is curupted and want tab model no i didnt have model no what can i do

    • Attach a link to your device or post board id

      • Suresh Gajangi


        • Suresh Gajangi

          plz firmare provide for me

  • Harikrishna

    HCL ME V3 Tablet Firmware needed, tried checking the whole internet, please help by providing the correct firmware by sending an email to

  • takeit ec

    My Tablet is Eblue Berry 9″ Display with the main board of A23. T900-mainboard-V 2.0. . I need the Android OS to reinstall. Please help…Thanks for your support in all the ways…Rasheed.

  • Pradip Talaviya

    I need Firm ware for Datawind ubislate 7c+ table

  • Eric Angote

    hello! kindly assist me, i need to reinstall original android v2.2 for my WonderMedia tablet WM8650. installed uberoid and the screen is not working properly. thank you

  • Xabiso Freedom Xolo

    hi i dont know much about these things but i have a similar problem with a tablet that is stuck on the logo. it is a,

    proline tablet pc

    model no.: M7453GDC . please help

  • Arturo Morales

    datawind link down, i need help

  • De Napster

    Hi, I have
    Proline R718DC that is hard bricked. Is there a way of bringing it back to life. I’ve searched almost every site but it seems as if no one has it’s rom. Please help my daughter needs it more than before.

  • Ahmed Abubakar

    hi how to flash a xolo qc 800 tablet with sd card

    • if the flash file you have downloaded is then you can flash it with SD card just use combination to turn tablet into recovery mode then flash it with MicroSD card
      ***your SD card should contain only Firmware for successful installation

  • ignacio pacaldo

    my tablet groundead not open display

  • lee

    I have a zeki 7′ tablet with M801 processor I need firmware for. Can you help.

    • Provide detail description of your device, I had not found the link to your device

  • Zvoj

    hello . my tablet stuck at boot menu

    Tablet Name : Iview-795TPC
    CPU: Dual Cortex A9 up to 1.5Ghz
    OS: Android 4.0 ICS
    RAM: 1GB DDR3

    CPU: Dual Cortex A9 up to 1.5Ghz
    OS: Android 4.0 ICS
    RAM: 1GB DDR3
    Internal Memory: 8gb (supports up to 32gb)
    Interface: Mini usb port/ micro sd card

    Thank you . 🙂

    • Try to hard reset the tablet
      steps to Hard reset:-
      1- Switch off Device
      2- Press & hold Power + back key.
      3- When android logo appears release Power key.
      4- Now chinese option will appear, press 2nd option in right and if the key does not accept
      5- Press back key once and then press the 2nd option again
      6- Press 2nd option on the left side of device
      7- Press green chinese character to confirm
      8- out of the 4 box appearing, press 2nd option in the right
      9- Tablet will restart.

  • Silas

    How can I flash tecno tablet P9

    • You have to use SP Flash tool to flash the device

  • Denise

    Hello I have a dopo

    Model: M980
    Can you please help me?

  • Sakiusa Ravudolo

    Hi I also have this tablet also stuck on android logo.when I try to Hard rest it it says FTM in my screen. Its are ZTE model V9C. And manufactured by ZTE in China. Please help me find a solution to my problem

  • Sakiusa Ravudolo

    Hi my name is saki I have got this tablet that is stuck on the android logo please help find my firmware.The tablet runs on a a13 Allwinner tech processor and a mother boards number is CB-M RU 94V-0 brand is Samsung its a chines model.Please give me a link where I can download the firmware from

  • Tanya Beckley

    how do i reinstall OS on a chromo inc tablet? it has Android 4,4 . It freezes on that page and will not load anything further.

    • Hard reset the device your problem will be solved

  • Piper Garcia-Munoz

    Can you please give me the firmware for Prontotec 7 tablet? M2101b_v1.0
    I have tried using all the tools you provided to remove the password and none of them work.

    • there is reset hole in tablet insert pin, it will reset the device

      • Piper Garcia-Munoz

        There is no reset hole. The only holes on the tablet are mic, headphones, dc-5v and the speaker holes. I tried to upload a picture but it won’t work.

        • Ok your tablet has been powered by Allwinner A33 processor. SO, key combination will not work out you have to use android multi tool to hard reset your tablet

          • Piper Garcia-Munoz

            I did try the multi tool and that will not work neither. I had to download something called adb so that I could download the driver and now the driver shows but the multi tool still doesn’t work. When I try to use it or says that adb isnt recognized as internal or external.

  • Mirza Tazeem Baig

    sir i have tablet crown micro b703 please give me settings i will be thankful to u

  • tanmay

    hi i have tablet and please give me a firm ware link to download and install


  • pratik utpat

    hi can you please give me a firmware for this tablet.
    Tablet name : Ubislate 7Ri (resistive screen)
    display-7″ [800*480]
    Android 4.0.3
    processor : cortex A8 – 1Ghz with Graphics accelerator and Hd video processor
    Memory RAM : 1gb
    Storage internal: 4 GB
    input device : resistive touch screen
    connectivity: wifi

    thanx in advance

  • Sandesh Katwal

    Hi, I have a tab of TOUCHMATE COMPANY TM-MID710 AND I need the ANDROID OS for my device

  • amar nath

    i have done flashing my tablet datawind ubislate 7c+ after flashing touch is not working i have done with livesuitpack software so please help me

  • girlgamer

    i dont know im not really sure about this but okay heres the details about my tab
    Android ice sandwich

  • Prince Kevon

    Hey i have a tablet and please give me a firmware link to download and install

    -Tablet name : Royal
    -Display: 7″ LED with multi-touch capacitive touch panel
    -Panel Resolution: [800X480]
    -OS: Android 4.2
    -RAM: DDR3 512MB
    -Memory: 8GB Flash
    -Model no: RTAB-718
    -CPU: Dual Cortex A9 (ACTION7020) 1.3GHz

  • Tawkeel Jamil

    Huawei Mediapad 7 Youth 2 plzz ! 🙂

  • arshad

    Tablet name : gtab p700+a23
    RAM 512MB

  • Zaw Yeh

    And I want to download Micromax P255 file, to try to test on that phone but I cannot download

  • Zaw Yeh

    Hi Please Help me,
    I had a problem as your this tutorial, but my phone is not like your brand, it is Joey Fit (4″) in Thailand.
    Processor : 1.0 GHz
    RAM : 512MB/ ROM 4GB
    it was running on Adroid 4.4 (Kit Kat),
    I cannot find the Adroid OS file to re-install on it, please help…

  • Eri Cage

    I have
    F&U ETB7506 tablet android 4.2 rockchip 3026 . my tablet stay in bootloop pls help me with firmware ect to flash it . thank you

  • madhan

    ubslate 7 c+ file is not download,,

  • i have an icraig 7″ tab it won’t load help please

  • jubayer

    ineed firmare mtk 6577a model-mid700a

  • Kazi Salman


  • Kazi Salman

    I m hvng lenovo a730 tablet..
    Could u plz tell me how to flash it..,

  • jatinder singh

    HI I have an HCL tab which recently got hanged and even the resetting function is not working. Please help me flash or route it. I was checking the page for download links for the same but the same is unavailable please do provide the access or the file. I would be more than eager to put it on cloud storage so other users can download from there.

  • Deboyz

    Hi i have here a Fantab Lifeware… pls give me a firmware link….thanks

  • T Aaltonen

    HI is there any way to make my tablet to work? it’s cheap 7″ wifi, china Tablet and whit no brad at all.
    inside i found that it have a13Prosessor and Board is inet 86ve rev03

  • Kevin Otterspoor

    Hi Tablet Guru.
    recently i have a problem with my tablet (polaris q8h-v1.5). the wifi and bluetooh won’t turn on.
    I have tried turning on and off and also reset it(because i thought it was just a software problem).
    I have looked around on the internet for solutoin but none of them makes sense at all and also i have tried a few. please help me because i need this to fix badly…

  • bene

    could any one explain how to reset to mnfctrr reset my beneworld BW0767 tablet? its a Chinese mnfctrr.

    • Try combination like Power + Volume up or power + volume down or Power + Volume up + volume down
      and if none of the combination works use GPG Android tool Software to hard reset your tablet.

  • irakas05

    I can’t find firmware for my estar mid9738G tablet

  • draženka matić

    Hi. My kid got a Forcebook UltraTab 7. After about a year all apps stopped working so we had to reset it, few times. Didn’t help,got stuck on boot screen. I updated drivers. Worked for a week and again stopped working. Only android logo looping. So maybe I need to flash it. Do you have any firmware for it or a link. These are specs:
    processor Alwinner Cortex A13 1.2GHz
    Memory RAM : 512 MB
    storage internal : 4 GB
    OS Android 4.0

    Waiting and appreciate your help 😉

    • Send board id it will help us to find firmware

      • dada

        Hi, I’ve found the right firmware and managed to flash it with sd card. It worked fine. I recovered the tab. But after a while apps stopped working, begane with play store. Did the factory reset, but it started again. Maybe I should hard reset it?

        • You can hard reset and download the App. from play store. As third party app. installation sometime make tablet hang or malfunction

          • dada

            I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and especially for your website. Thanks to your work, I saved tab which was almost thrown to garbage. So keep up your good work, you are awesome. 😉

  • De Napster

    Hi, plz help me with the firmware of the following tablet
    Brand: Proline
    Package Dimensions: 221 x 136 x 68mm (L x W x H)
    LSN: XCG-KL8-712-4
    Bundled Operating System: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
    Model Number: R718DC
    CPU Type: Boxchip A23
    Number of Cores: Dual-Core
    Resolution: 800 x 400
    Screen Size: 7″
    Memory Capacity: 512MB
    Hard Drive
    SSD or Flash Memory Capacity: 4GB
    Integrated Devices
    Card Reader: microSDHC
    Integrated Speakers: Built-In Speakers
    WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    USB: 1 x Micro USB
    Build No.: TRC726CV12 2014-02-24

    • Christian Rapsing

      my board id:YKQ8S-RK3026-V1.0

  • Sumit Raikar

    name- iball slide 6351-Q40
    ram-512 mb
    i need firmware for this tablet

  • Sumit Raikar

    i want iso files for iball slide tablet . please give me link

  • shahin

    sound also not work

  • shahin

    hi i have tablet and please give me a firm ware link to download and install
    (HEATZ Z7801,3g ,800*480. BOARD F761S, V2.00) I have one but sim not work

  • Ultimate walrus swagger

    i have a hannspree 10.1′ hannspad android stuck on logo screen. please help

    • reinsert the battery
      Hold volume down and power key
      Select Wipe Data–> Yes- delete all user data

  • faraz

    Please provide ISO for Ubistale 7cz and also tell how to install……

  • faraz

    Please provide iso for Ubislate 7cz and tell the complete process of installation………………

  • Ville

    Good evening

    Self tablet: LTLM D7 Standard.
    7 “Tablet

    Tablet constantly retrieves and displays only the name “android”
    It is not a hard reset. Actually not use the vol + + power.
    You can not use VOL + power.
    Is that even right?

    I want to try to play ROMs, but I can not find it.

  • floaaus

    i have an android tablet pc . that was gave to me it has no name for which company who made it. but my problem is that when i turn it on all the apps are missing and popups are launcher has stopped. and all the others pop up and says it has stopped working. i tried to reset but no luck and i tried to clearc chatche and clear data. but no luck on that either can you help me please????

    • You have to flash the tab. It seems like you have got Chinese tab. See how to get China tab flash file.

      • floaaus

        thank you Guru, I took the back off of my tablet and yes your right it is a china make. but the only numbers or id was not like what it showed on the link you sent. here is what I got off the back.
        BAK G505656P
        7.40wh 2k24
        and also another set:
        im not sure which one is the mother board id. because it wasn’t the same as the picture on the link you sent.
        so I wrote both to make sure, im sure you would know.
        thanks for the reply. I hope you can help me futher.

      • floaaus

        This is the mother board to my tablet pc. what id do I use? or can you send me a link to flash as you suggested?

  • aryan

    I have a croma crxt 1125 tablet. Please tell me where ego find the cynogenmod for my tablet.
    Specs: 1gb ram
    4gb ROM
    Mtk 1ghz dual core processor

    My phone is rooted and the SD cards have been swapped as internal storage. So before installing cynogen will I have to revert it back to factory settings.

  • dj_abs

    Here is my Board Id

  • Anees Ayub

    vipad tab , Model:Q88

  • arzam malik

    it is Dany G5 android jellybean4.2.2
    i posted about my problem but no response please tell me what to do my tab switched off automatically now it is not gettin on
    plz tell ??

  • arzam malik

    PLz Help
    i have a Dany tablet g5 plz tell what to do wid it?? plz its urgent

  • Vishal Haria

    hello sir
    i have ambrane d-77 tablet
    i tried to factory reset it. but now it stuck at ambrane logo. nothing is going more than logo.
    So please tell me steps to solve it.

  • Mizan

    hi i have tablet and please give me a process delate os & install link to
    download and install

    Tablet name : nextbook premium 7se tab


    Android os 4.0

    model no. next7p12

    i want to delate os & install os android please help

  • Yogesh

    Hey I downloaded the update. zip for my hcl me connect 3g 2.0. Then I opened the recovery mode then wipe data/factory reset..then apply update from external storage…but it shows error: invalid partition setting
    17 : fat 979e8000:84de8000
    Installation aborted….plz help me what should I do….

  • Живко Јанкулоски

    I don’t see the firmware for HCL ME Connect V3… Please help I need it…

    • Unfortunately firmware for HCL ME V3 is not available online. You have to take it to the service center only.

      • Живко Јанкулоски

        Ahh, great!!! The only problem is, the nearest HCL store is 10000km away…

  • Arup Kachari

    kindly help to unlock my vox v90 tab

    • You have to hard reset it. Steps are
      1. Switch it off
      2. Press volume up & at same time press & release power button until the recovery menu appears.
      3. Here select wipe data option.

      • Arup Kachari

        I tried with this steps many times but it is not working with my vox v90 tab. It shows the android logo with warning sign and then struck, no any other menu or options to do. Probably auto recovery reset mode is disabled. So what to do next option to unlock my vox v90 tab. Kindly advice, whether to do re- install android os. How to re-install os and wich android ISO files are compatible with vox v90 tab.

        • If you can see the Android with warning sign, now you have to again press the key to enter into recovery menu. Try home button or volume up or volume down.
          You are just one step away from recovery menu. It does not require flashing.

          • Arup Kachari

            I tried as per your said instruction but it was not working and get struck with warning sign, Volume up, down and home key not working. kindly give other options

          • Try pressing combinations of keys like power + vol, power + home etc.

            One correct combination is needed.

  • Kinstone

    Model: KS-UMPC070ZK

    processor is INFOTMIC


    2012 date build

    7′ tablet touch screen, has the too many attempts on pattern thing going on with it, would like to get past this rigamaro. Has internal 4g sd card for hard drive, w/ hidden parts. is there a tool to get into the files and edit to remove this nag?

    Owners dead, so doubt I’ll be getting any kind of a pattern off of it. Have already popped it out and looked around on drive, but the real stuff is hidden in a linux part me thinks.

    I don’t even want it as a full functioning tablet, just going to use it to run “TORQUE” (0BD2 bluetooth scanner s0ftware) to display all my gauges on the 7″ screen via bluetooth, going to mount it in dash above radio, going to be gauges only.

    any help is much appreciated, and avoiding having to buy a tablet

    • Sorry for the trouble with the forum.
      To remove the pattern you have to hard reset it.
      For that first switch off the mobile and press the power & volume button together for few seconds until the recovery menu appears. There select wipe data option.

      See more about hard reset here

  • your forim sux dik….joined and banned after 1st post attempt, ur retarded spambot thinks I’m spamming, trying to get sum fukkin help, your forum sucks guy…

  • arnav gupta

    i have a tab of dubai named bee 9990
    details are as follows-
    cpu- allwinner A20
    Ram-512 mb
    os- 4.2.2 jelly bean
    model no – b9990
    pelase find a kitkat image for it as it is stucking at boot

  • Kaikubad Hossain

    hi i have tablet and please give me a firm ware link to download and install
    Tablet name:atouch pad
    Model: Q8s
    Color: Black, Red
    OS Version: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    Screen Size: 7 inch
    Screen Type: LCD
    SIM Support: No Support
    Data: No Support
    Connectivity: Wifi
    Storage: Internal:4GB Expandable:32GB
    RAM: 512MB
    Processor Type: Dual Core
    Camera: Dual Camera(Front/Back)
    build no. A 23 et_Q8_v1.6141118

  • Dron

    Hey I am having Ubislate 7C+ tab and its not turning on so how should I fix this problem??

  • Randy

    hi I have a A10 AMPI rockchip tablet my daughter forget her password and google account and i cant seems to reset the tablet any suggestion?

    • We have posted an article which will guide you to hard reset Rockchip tablet

      • Randy

        Hi Ankur I try that already Ive downloaded that tool but still no Joy when i hold the vol + power button the tables stuck at the android lying flat on his back and from there the tablet take about 20 mins to even do anything even to restart
        I just feel like smashing this in the floor!!

        • Key combination differ from one tab to another try out different key combination like- power + Back or Power + volume down

        • If you can see Android lying on its back then you are just one step away from reaching the reset menu. Now here all you have to do is press the right key combination to enter the menu.
          Try pressing following keys :
          volume up or volume down or power + volume keys or only power once.
          If it has home button then try that, also try home + power
          If none of these work then try random keys.

          If tablet is taking long to start then press the reset button using a pin.
          Reset button is very small hole present in back or side of tab. Can be used only by a pin.

          • Randy

            sorry this Ampe A10 Rock chip has to reset pin hole there is one small hole with a green light coming from it , I try to put a pin in it but the pin goes right inside like im pushing it through a window or something

          • If the Tablet is not read by PC or you have installed the wrong firmware which is not compatible with your tablet, you have to use this reset key by injecting any needle in it & afterward you have to proceed the Flashing or reset process

  • Shailesh Kannan

    Hey I have Sonore TAB703 it is allwinner a10 I have too many pattern attempts.
    I tried doing
    1. Going into recovery mode but it showing android dead logo, i tried many combinations but not worked.
    2. I connected the tab to the pc as mentioned in this video but it’s not detecting. I installed the all winner drivers its showing USB Device(VID_1f3a_PID_efe8), but its not working. what is the procedure to connect?
    3. Tried searching for firmware but no luck found nothing. Does any another firmware works with my allwinner a10 tab. Suggest me a firmware with download site please i need to operate the tab.
    4. I need to know what is the combination to go into the recovery

    I have touchmate mid702w with windows 8.1 bing
    How to install android os on it

  • Ankit Tiwari

    I have a BSNL Penta IS703C model with Android 4.0.1 version. I tried to update my tablet using the driver download for my specific model number from the official manufacturer website. But while doing so, my tablet has stopped working and even the android software on it is lost. It’s not working now. I’ve tried the re-set button and then restarting it but its not working still. Any way I can fix this?

    • You have to flash the tablet to bring it back

      • Ankit Tiwari

        But I don’t have the Android OS file for my tablet. Also, when I contacted the service center, they said that the original OS is not available now and that my tablet’s OS is crashed; which is not repairable now. Can you provide me the OS file or help me how I can repair my tablet, please?

  • Anton Heidebrink

    Hi tablet guru

    I have a phone/tablet (phablet) after I have removed a
    navigation app

    my phablet began to
    corrupt, first the wifi on and off

    and I have done emmc

    unfortunately it is all writting in Chinese

    what I so don’t get

    what do I need and how

    because if I want android lollipop or a working phablet

    specs are :

    tablet manufacturer: Bassoon

    type: processor: armV7 P380, 1000 mhrz

    software: Android 4.2.2

    Kernel: ubuntu 3.4.5

    Build number: alps. Jb3. mp. v1.12

    modified version: V371

  • Qwojo Darlington

    Please i have android 4.0 tablet and i want to flash it how do i get the software?
    Thank you

  • Aljon Cabije

    helow! i need help my tab lenovo A7-30 gv stock on android logo,,this happens when i updates my system can you please help me..what would i do?
    recovery mode wont reboot after i factory reset…help me please

  • Shkelqim hajrizi

    nextbook 7 ,8g ,model no:next7p12

  • johndavid

    can you help me with AOC table model MW0731+ how to install the android os again on it?

  • Now it can be recover back by using Box and if you are having Volcano box you can reset the password

    • Ravinder Gulia

      Dear Ankur,

      What is Volcano Box?

      Please tell me about this Volcano box.

      Regards | Ravinder

      • Volcano box is used to Repair, Flash, Reset Chinese mobile. This tool is very powerful tool for chinese mobile & Tablets Like:- mtk, spd, mstar and the likes.
        You can check the link where you will find how to install volcano box

  • Allen Cinco

    hi i have tablet and please give me a firm ware link to download and install

    Tablet name : Android Galaxy
    display-7″ [800*400
    Memory RAM :8gb
    Storage internal:8gb

    • Information is not sufficient
      Mention the Tablet with Model no
      And if possible share the board id

  • Manu Dharshan

    Hey how can I do this for lenovo Idea tab

    • You had not mentioned the model no. (like a1000)
      firstly you have to download the firmware and then install it

    • You can do this if you have the firmware. But for Lenovo Firmware is not available online.

  • Ravinder Gulia

    my tablet vox v101 got stuck at boot menu, pls provide a solution…

  • srj

    hi, mine is teclast x98 3g c9j6 dual boot model. while installing the windows 10 i deleted the all partitions where android os installed . now i need to install android os. pls help.

  • arora

    HD5 94V-0 e253117
    176c00585a 01040v600-575-G
    Quantum tab intel

    • arora

      Please give link for firmware as tab struck at usb symbol . Thanks

  • Adarsh kumar

    My tablet is bsnl penta p033.. it got stuck on boot screen and i cant access anything … i need to install custom rom … please help

  • Lorena MC

    how will i get firmware for hcl me u1 tab..

  • mohiuddin

    dear sir i am having datawind ubislate 7c+
    it was working quite good certainly it stop working and when i m trying to start i gets hangeg and stops booting only datawind is shown on the screen and it is not booting

  • jami

    firmware for Eurostar epad rk3026 hep me

  • napiera5

    Tablet stuck at Acer logo screen. it is an Acer A500 and just stoped working after i charged it. Help Please.

  • Appu

    how to unlock Xtouch PhoneTab-PL73, (cannot remember unlock pattern)…Please help

    • Switch off your device
      Press and Hold Volume up and Power key.
      When you see Android Logo then press home button to enter recovery mode.
      Select Wipe data and then Yes-delete all user data

  • jonnotheone

    hi I really need some help I cant give you much info on the tablet apart from it has Dual core A9X2…i have an absolute distort child it wont load up it has done this in the last few hours after being charged I have tried every button combination there could be please help me..

    • Sorry but not getting much information from the images.
      What is the company and model no?

      • jonnotheone

        Hi its all good I sorted it I used unidroid as a back door to reboot all working now..

  • Flasher


    Tablet nam: bluewave
    Model: wave 8
    Android 4.4.4
    Internal 8gig
    Ram 1gig

  • adsl1

    yarvik xenta 13.3 firmware?
    serial nr.TAB13201130100450

    • Antoniosv25

      I have this firmaware

  • adsl1

    yarvik xenta 13.3 firmware?
    serial nr.TAB13201130100450
    Grazie mille.

  • mamasodt

    we have an ematic EGS004 it will not progress beyond the ematic boot screen

  • crabthuy

    please help! proscan plt7045k
    need a compatible driver

  • juvee

    where can i get firmware for
    Q902_V1.1_O412 QL20 1613

  • akilesh


  • aslam

    I have inix ntb 702 I wants to update the android os current version 4.0 Its very slow

    • Android version cannot be upgraded. If it is slow then reset it.

  • juve

    hi do you know where i can get firmware for q902_v1.1_0412 ql20 13.16

  • med tag

    i have chines Tablet it is call touch C modele locked by password but i can’t unlock it with hard reset system i try so meny way to unlock it but no thnigs i need your helep to unlock it soon and thak you

    • Have you tried the unlocking tool listed in the post.

  • adsl1

    1 GB DDR3 RAM

  • Angie Cooper

    Hello. I have a Android crystalview 7” tablet. Model # EX-740C where can I find the link for the download and installation instructions?

  • Andre Gallimore

    i need a firmware for rct6773w22 tablet. 7”
    android 4.4.2 kitkat

  • nadeem

    does it need to be rooted ?

  • nadeem

    how to make boot-able memory card for ubislate 7c+

  • mikatclcelerl

    Gemini Duo 7 AV GEM7030 7″ Tablet

  • ajay tamang

    I have a vox v105 3g tablet but I forgot my privacy cod of my tablet please tell me how to unlock my privacy pin cod from my tablet

  • adsl1

    yarvik xenta 13.3 firmware?

    • Send the serial no

      • adsl1

        serial nr.TAB13201130100450Grazie mille.

        Il Lunedì 9 Febbraio 2015 7:50, Disqus ha scritto:

        #yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851 a:hover, #yiv6499477851 a:hover span {color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851button-cta:hover {color:#ffffff!important;background-color:#1188d2!important;}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851button-cta:hover span {color:#ffffff!important;}#yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851outlook a {padding:0;}#yiv6499477851 body {width:100% !important;}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851ReadMsgBody {width:100%;}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851ExternalClass {width:100%;display:block;}#yiv6499477851 _filtered #yiv6499477851 {}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851content {width:100%;}#yiv6499477851 table {border-collapse:collapse;}#yiv6499477851 h2.yiv6499477851headline {font-weight:700;font-size:20px!important;margin-bottom:5px;}#yiv6499477851 .yiv6499477851button-cta {display:block!important;padding:0!important;}#yiv6499477851 div.yiv6499477851header {padding-top:20px;}#yiv6499477851 div.yiv6499477851footer {padding-bottom:20px;}#yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851 #yiv6499477851 p.yiv6499477851mod-tools a:hover {color:white!important;background:#8c989f!important;}#yiv6499477851 _filtered #yiv6499477851 {}#yiv6499477851 td.yiv6499477851avatar img, #yiv6499477851 td.yiv6499477851spacer img {width:28px!important;}#yiv6499477851 “Send the serial no” | |
        | |  Settings | |
        |   |

        | |

        | |
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        | |
        | |
        Ankur Pratap
        Send the serial no 1:50 a.m., Monday Feb. 9 | Other comments by Ankur Pratap |   |
        |   | Reply to Ankur Pratap |   |

        |   |


        | Ankur Pratap’s comment is in reply to adsl1: |
        |   |
        | | yarvik xenta 13.3 firmware?Read more |

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        | |

      • adsl1

        YARVIK XENTA 13.3
        serial nr.TAB13201130100450
        Grazie mille.

        • Use the link for the official firmware

          • adsl1

            Is not firmware for Yarvik xenta 13.3 in official support .
            Can someone help me please ?

          • Post the tablet with pic in MyTabletGuru forum .Will be easier to find the correct firmware and also you will get quick support.

  • Shihab

    I have one Tablet
    Brand Name: Connect
    Model No: A7 TABPHONE
    Type No: TA7120
    Ram: 1 GB
    Hard Disk: 8 GB
    Please provide me the Android OS download link to re install my android. It is getting hang always.

  • mani

    My tablet goes into on when connection to pc. When we remove goes into boot struck which method I do what is problem Place send

  • Share the detail description of your tablet for ISO file

  • Fidèle Abissi

    hi,i have a tablet witch stack on samsung logo and i want to reinstall it

    name- samsung
    behind the tab it is writen – tablet 715, FCCID -A3LGTP1000

    • Please send the Detailed description of your tablet

  • Rajan

    sir i have a real power tablet not getting into recovery mode and pattern locked ang it asks for google sign in …

    so please help me find the firmware and reqiured android of file for flashing and how to flash please help me sir here i have listed the properties

    Processor :
    ARMv6-compatible processor rev 5 (v6l)

    BogoMIPS :

    Features :
    swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java

    CPU implementer :

    CPU architecture: 6TEJ

    CPU variant :

    CPU part :

    CPU revision : 5

    Hardware :

    Revision :

    Serial :

    hardware: galcore 67518 0 – Live 0xbf000000

  • FaaZ

    i need firmware for Quantum Q-Wave L70N

  • Android Modder


  • Triratna Tripura

    I Have Lenovo S 8-50F(wifi only) Tablet. How can I get my Campatible Android ISO files. Pls help..

  • ajay

    dear tablet guru
    i am using ags blu teblet 720
    problen is: 1. auto reboot 2. hang after some time
    plz suggest solution urgent

  • joker

    I have smphone tap I can’t update it he’s chines taplet

  • srikanth

    i have tablet edutor. no name is mentioned on it.
    want to know the model

  • Jayesh Sawarkar

    which is the best smart phone for rs 5000 to rs 6000 with best camera.

  • shakeel

    My tablet is dell venue 7 hspa + can I install lollypop os in it.

  • aasifnasim

    first procedure got error
    CWM-based Recovery v
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/lost_log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/lost_log
    — installation /sdcard/rom zip
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_install
    E:Failed to open last_install: No such file or directory

    second procedure got errors
    UbiSlate 7c+ start only in recovery mode
    and display following messages
    CWM-based Recovery v6.o.1.2
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    trying to recover with recovering backup
    it will display an error message like
    Checking MD5 sums……..
    Erasing boot image…
    Restoring system…….
    E:format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/nandd
    error while formatting system
    is there any solutions for that

    phonix card got error

  • jarvis

    i have a pioneer R1 tablet that wont boot up,what should i do????

  • Agnivesh

    I am unable to hard boot my karbonn smart tab 1 using the power key and the volume up key. I tried doing the same with some softwares but failed there as well. Kindly suggest me some software or send me the link for downloading the android iso file for the same.

  • Moern


    i have a xtouch pf82 and cant seem to find the firmware to update it to 4.4 please help

  • kc123

    I have a zeki tbdg874b tablet that is needing complete new firmware. Please help with where I can get this

  • sabin

    i have xtouch pl71 which has been stucked at the boot menu what to do please help

  • Suhas Puthige

    I have successfully installed factory image for HCM ME Y1. Thanks Mytabletguru.
    Includes Google Play ……

  • Iris Lee Emata

    hi i have android tab name android share, model: mid-2330-s and designed in keorea this is are all the details i can give. the problem is when i boot my tab it stop on android, i tried the simple method but its not working, now i want to try flashing can u give me the right iso. so pls help. thank advance

  • leon bell

    lava evelo z7g need to be flashed.can i do this at home in a slmple way thx

  • mark

    i have a cherry mobile superion navigator.. that keeps on stucking on boot logo.. i downloaded livesuit but didnt work coz.. the usb cant detect to the computer.. wat should i do?…

  • Shylee

    hi..I have my cherry mobile superion Ion and it stuck on the boot menu also i try to follow your instructions but i cant find the compatible android ISO file.Please help me

  • k_jays

    I need firmware for XElectron W99 2G Calling Tablet
    OS: Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream sandwich
    Processor: BoxchipA13,Cortex A8,ARM

    I really need it badly. Couldn’t find anywhere else.
    If not available, then do we have any generic firmware which i can give a try with? on my model?

  • k_jays

    I need firmware for XElectron W99 2G Calling Tablet
    OS: Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream sandwich
    Processor: BoxchipA13,Cortex A8,ARM