Razor Edge Tablet- first gaming tablet

Razor-Edge Tablet, PC Gaming Redefined

Razor Edge Tablet- first gaming tablet
Razor Edge Tablet: A complete replacement for Gaming ancestors.

Razor Edge tablet is a Windows 8 based tab and is first of its kind in the market targeting crazy gamers. Play games like Call Of Duty, Fifa, GTA, Counter-strike all on the move. This awe-inspiring tablet is a sheer class apart stuff and has the edge over all others in the race and hence the name, “EDGE”. Edge Tab is indeed a complete desktop replacement gaming device. We see only Microsoft Windows Tab and HP Envy x2 tablet to give any sort of competition to the Edge, if at all there is any.

Features Specifications
Tablet Regular Pro
OS Windows 8 Windows 8
Processor i5 i7
Memory 64 GB 128 GB/256 GB
Screen 10.1 inch, 1366×768 resolution 10.1 inch, 1366×768 resolution
Cost $999 Not yet disclosed

The design of the Edge tablet  itself explains the device’s purpose quiet loudly. The attached console gives a very connected feel while playing a game on the tablet. If you want to go for games which demand keyboard/mouse or want to use external consoles for multiplayer or you just want your HDTV to be the screen for you, not an issue here with EDGE. You can perform all these here and many more. The regular version of the tablet runs on Windows 8 with i5 processor and 4 GB DDR3. More Battery life (presumably double) can be brought through optional 40Wh battery addition. Heat dissipation is an issue which thankfully, has been taken care of quite efficiently by the makers.

Accessories and Booking Details:

Costing $999 for a tablet, well looking at specs,  seems to be  fair enough deal, but you can’t use the device in its full swing until you are also buying its expensive accessories say its keyboard and other consoles. This will surmount another $300-$400 on the bill. Sigh! It makes it a one fat piece in the market targeting anything but the masses.If you are getting restless to try your hands on this invention then sorry mate! you got ton wait for a few more days. Further more it will be launched first in the US market and later on into any other country. Find the link below useful where you can book this tablet (only US addresses will be entertained). Book it from here.



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