Python S3 calls the OS-trio home, sports a triple-boot environment.

Ekoore Python S3|Triple boot|8GM RAM

Yes, you made a right guess, if you thought we are talking of a Tablet PC with triple-boot capabilities. The Tab-market is swarming with all sorts of Tablet PCs but something like this is still a rare find. The Italian Ekoore company has released a Tablet PC which caters 3 most sought operating systems( Ubuntu, Android, Windows 8) in a single machine which they are retailing with the name of Phython S3.

This must have got you inquisitive by now. How about knowing more about it?

The 3 operating systems are the latest versions in themselves. In Ubuntu, Android and Windows, it has got 13.04, v4.2, and Windows 8 respectively. This Tablet features an 11.1 inch display which boasts a very engrossing resolution of 1366×768 pixels.  The makers assert this selection of display and resolution, by confirming that these figures ensures perfect integration and navigation, especially with all operating systems. Further you can WOW! on the Intel dual core processor 8GB RAM on board. Python S3 features SSD storage of 128GB and an optional docking keyboard with additional battery, which can be your with an additional pay of $179. BTW the Ekoore Python S3 will cost you $770 and is also available in America, other than Itali.

At prima facie, this Tablet PC seems to be marvelous machine to many and indeed the pricing commensurate with the features, but, is it worth investing so much in something where one can not justify completely with the features paid for? Do you think having these many operating systems does any good to you? Please leave your comments below and share what you feel about this new Tablet PC.




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