Intro to Apple iPad

Intro to Apple iPad

The dawn of the portable computing was started by the Apple and it has still been in the helm of them. And in 2010, we saw another of the revolutionary product to be born to the world,  iPad.

Apple came out with a monumental product with iPad, which was dismissed by many as nothing but a larger iPod Touch, but lesser did they realize the many possibilities which could be possible with the larger screen size. And then came the flurry of apps which exploited the true potential of a bigger screen, being more portable than a laptop at the same time.

Since the first time of its inception, the iPad is minimal in design and makes the most use of the space it has. With each iteration, the iPad kept getting more powerful than before and with that, more functional in terms of usage. And just as people started thinking, “this cannot be made any better”, Apple to everyone’s surprise came with more bang and launched the iPad3 (or the new iPad) in the spring of 2012.

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Karbonn Smart Tab 4

Karbonn Smart Tab 4

karbonn Jelly Bean Tablet
Karbonn’s entry into the Android based Tablet market will open gates for others to follow

The race between various companies to capture the Android market has intensified over the last couple of quarters and has slowly spread into the Tablet PC segments too. Now, it’s Karbonn‘s turn to put another finger into the Tablet Pie with its upcoming Smart Tab 4 release with  Android 4.1 Jelly bean OS.

The expected features of the tablet are as follows:

  • 9.7 inch display with a Gorilla Glass
  • 1.5 GHz processor
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi, bluetooth and USB dongle
  •  SIM card slot
  • Expected Price Rs 11,000

The Smart Tab 4 is likely to be priced around 11,000 INR and if rumors are to be believed, it could find competition with Asus’s Nexus 7 also featuring a Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS scheduled to be released this October.

Other tablet in the Karbonn Tab series are:




Ensure a Longer Life For Tab Batteries

Tablets since their introduction, just seem to be getting better and better regarding all the aspects such as advanced apps, better processing speed and a larger memory but one area that seems to be taking a beating is the battery backup of the device. Advancement in the device technology is indirectly proportional to the it’s battery life. So here are a few tips and tricks on how to enhance your battery life for a better performance of the tablet.

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Micromax Funbook : Best low cost Android Tablet

Micromax Funbook : Best low cost Android Tablet

Earlier it used to be only big brand names like Apple, Reliance and Samsung that dominated the Tablet market all across the globe. But over time many new companies have felt the importance of Tablet’s emerging market in India, all because of their attributes i.e. Light Weightiness, Portability, Integrated Camera, SIM module, Wide Application support, Good Battery Life, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS support. They surely are a better substitute to the Laptops.

In last couple of months we have seen a flood of low-cost tablet launches in India. Many new vendors have already jumped into tablet market that includes names like HCL, Zync and iberry. Now its Micromax’s turn to introduce it’s much awaited Rs 6,499 Funbook tablet. The excitement and interest in online world could be clearly seen when two of the Top 10 tweets on Twitter were related to the tablet. The tablet is aimed towards Smart YoungGen says Micromax CEO.Funbook Tab Read More “Micromax Funbook : Best low cost Android Tablet”

Aakash 2 : World’s Cheapest Tablet

Aakash 2 : World’s Cheapest Tablet

Aakash 2 Tablet – An initiative by UK based company Datawind Corporation that makes “Ubislate Tablets”, has been recently into news again as its launch date is near. The much hyped Aakash 2 Tablet had to face delay in launch due to the differences between Datawind and IIT Rajasthan. Eventually the project was transferred by Indian Govt. to IIT Bombay for testing. The first phase of the Aakash 2 project was completed successfully as four tablets were handed over to Engineeering College namely VJTI, KJ Somaiya College, PIIT Panvel and COEP Pune Principals who were there in the workshop.

“It would be a Dream Come True”, says Kabil Sibal at the Official meet.


Last year Indian HRD dept. entered into an agreement with Datawind to provide very low cost tablets to all students in Each University, Each College in India. The project was a failure due to many controversies. The Next Generation Aakash 2 Tablets are expected to come with loads of improvements. Below mentioned are some of these:

Features and Specifications:

  1. Priced only at $35 or Rs 2,250. Buy it from here.
  2. Enhanced Speed with 800 MHz (earlier 366 MHz) ARM Cortex-A8 processor.
  3. 256 MB RAM.
  4. 2 GB Internal storage.
  5. Improved Hardware with Google’s Android 2.3 OS upgradable to Android 4.0.
  6. 7-inch Capacitive (earlier Resistive) multi-touch screen for better user experience.
  7. High definition video support.
  8. GPRS, Wi-fi and USB support.
  9. 3200 mAh battery ensuring longer battery life.
  10. Datawind’s UbiSurfer Browser that accelerates browsing speeds upto 10x to 30x.
  11. One of the unique features of Aakash Tablets is that they have got better “Programming capability”, i.e. they can be used to write programs in different programming languages such as Python, C, C++ and Scilab. This move will help Computer and IT students directly as they don’t need to purchase costly PCs or Laptops especially for academic purposes.

Tablet Wars : Surface vs Nexus7 vs iPad3

On a global scale the triple threat match between Microsoft, Google and Apple, has to be billed a big one. While Microsoft introduced its Surface Tab that will use the new Windows 8 which is built specifically for touch devices, Google released Nexus 7 Tab that will run on new Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and just one week after the release of Surface Tab, Apple came up with the iPad3 with boasts of improved features and specifications.

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