HP ENVY X2 (2 in 1) Tab

HP ENVY x2 HP ENVY x2 11-G004TU, a tablet err a notebook or oh wait! It’s a bit confusing. Is it both? The answer is: Yes, HP delivers this new entry in the market trumpeting it as 100% both, tablet and a notebook. The highlight here is the detachable screen off a complete notebook or you can look it […] Continue reading →

Byond Mi Book L9+

byond tablet 9+ After the success of Byond L9 tablet, Byond gears up for a new feat by introducing tablets with keyboard and which they fondly call as “Laplets”. Byond L9+ is the tablet we are talking about, which technically is a Byond L9 tablet with an additional tablet to its case. It looks big enough with 9 […] Continue reading →

Micromax Funbook P300

Micromax Funbook p300 Micromax Funbook P300, is the one of the most sought budget tablet in India. In the year 2012, Micromax was the second most tablet selling company, following Samsung. In Micromax’s entire sale, Funbook P300 had the maximum contribution. So, it’s quite clear by the sale-stats itself how it has managed to steer the customers by […] Continue reading →

Zync Z5- First Dual SIM Tab

zync z5 dual SIM tablet Zync Z5 dual sim tablet, yes you read it right, it is a dual sim support tablet. We are not surprised much as with pace tablet world is evolving pushing the limits every day in and out, a dual sim tablet was round the corner quite expectedly. In India Zync is the first company to […] Continue reading →

NVIDIA TEGRA Mobile/Tablet Processor

Nvidia Tegra Tegra line of processors are copyrighted with Nvidia which are specialized processors for greater audio and visual performance. Brief Introduction: The first Tegra processor was released in 2008 as name Tegra APX 2500. Soon enough, a better version, having two core processors and an in built graphics chip was launched as name Tegra 2. Microsoft’s […] Continue reading →

Milagrow X11 (128 GB)

Milagrow X11 (128 GB) Rip Off!, Rs 66,990 ?? This might be your first reaction after learning the price of this tablet.  For many of us, it is hard to digest such a tall price for a small Tablet PC. But indeed people are buying this fat piece. The specifications associated with this tablet are simply the best, no […] Continue reading →

Milagrow MPGT 07 Pro (8 GB)

Milagrow MPGT 07 Pro Milagrow MGPT07 pro can be thought as a star performer in the sub 6K category. This tablet is recently launched and has earned fair reputation points because of its multimedia quality and the spacious 8GB internal memory. FEATURES: SPECIFICATIONS: OS Android 4.0.4 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) Processor 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex 8 RAM 512 MB Memory 8 […] Continue reading →

Know about your Tab Hardware

Tablet hardware components When out to buy a tablet, points which may seem irrelevant while choosing one may not be so irrelevant after all. Hardware are the integral part of any device and that, along with the software, decides that how much functionality you are going to get out of your device. Many a times we miss to […] Continue reading →

Karbonn Smart Tab 8 ” Velox”

Velox, Smart Tab 8 from Karbonn Another addition to the Karbonn Tablet family, welcome Velox! Karbonn Smart Tab 8 has been elegantly given a short name by the makers as Velox. This is the newest Karbonn Tab in the market after Karbonn Cosmic. This New Year Celebration, in order to capture the youth’s gaming fondness, Karbonn has come up with a […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →