MPTool for BSNL tablet

Android Installation on BSNL Petna Tab IS701C

If your BSNL Tablet has got a pattern lock and you forgot the password or your tab hangs frequently then you need to flash ( Android installation) your tab.  The steps mention below will work for all BSNL Penta tabs. But each tablet will needs different firmware, the links for which will be provided below.

The steps to install Android on BSNL Tab IS701C are as follows:

1) Download the IS701C firmware from here. To download firmware for other BSNL Tab see here.

2) Extract the zip file in your system.

3) Keep pressing the volume down button and connect the USB wire to the tablet, wire other end must be connected to the system.  If process is done correctly then a Window named “VDfu” will appear on the screen. This window is the tablet internal memory drive. See the video for details.

4) Now go to extracted zip file folder. Here first click the file “res_packing“. In the appeared menu click on “Convert to Enhance file”.

res packing

5) Now click on “MPTool” file in the same folder. Then a window will appear, in it click on the option ” Download [NAND]” when the option tablet internal drive goes green. As shown in the pic below.

MPTool for BSNL tablet

5) Now the Android installation process will start and will take around 15-20 minutes for completing the process. After the installation finish it will show the option “Download End, click OK and plug out the USB wire from the tablet.

6) Now press reset button by putting a pin in reset hole and switch on the tablet. Now you are ready to use your tablet.

For more details see the video below.

The rise of Swipe Telecom and the story of Shripal Gandhi

The rise of Swipe Telecom and the story of Shripal Gandhi


Last week, the CEO of Swipe Telecom, Mr. Shripal Gandhi came to Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies to deliver a keynote address during its 2 day management fest BARCODE. He had decided to speak on how Swipe Telecom is about to change the landscape of the Tablet industry in India, yet much of his impromptu talk was on a topic close to his heart, entrepreneurship. His desire to not only lead but inspire other young minds to do the same as he has, was evident through what he spoke.

From an initial handful of 5 people last year, to over 100 employees delivering the best of sleek budget tabs to Indians, Swipe has come a long way in its last 13 months.

For a man whose first love is technology and who spoke of the concept of one life to live, Mr. Gandhi seemed to have embraced himself to face any challenge that life has to throw at him. He spoke of his initial education in India and his days doing post graduation in the US, followed by his stint at a technology company Unidym where he worked on Nanotechnology.

The launch and the subsequent failing of the Aakash tablet was a significant event in the lives of the Swipe team. Born from those roots of research, they realized the potential for low cost tablets in India that needed to be introduced to the masses in a better way. The Swipe 3D tablets launched last year is testimony enough. Customer is king. Original packaging and cooler designs seem to have therefore become the forte of Swipe tablets, as is evident by the launch of their latest product in alliance with MTV, India. Swipe has today managed to take a large chunk of tablets sold through online portals and is on target to be a prominent player in the Indian market.


A short but brilliant video described this journey in vivid detail.


But on taking stage, Mr. Gandhi chose to talk about something deeper than just what he does. He told the students about why does it. And the audience was hooked.

Be Smart he said. Don’t just follow what is told. Think. Plan your next move. And the next one after that.

Ask the right questions and prepare yourself to accept the probability of the impossible. He gave examples of Redbus founder Phanindra Sama and Steve Jobs. People who realized the art of making their world a reality. “One life to live”, he repeated again.

This very passion has today led him to be the CEO of Swipe, which by his own admission is valued at Rs 100 Cr plus.

But before he opened the floor for questions, he fielded one of his own. A famous question asked to John Scully, the Ex CEO of Apple. “Why do the top startups come from Silicon Valley?”, to which his reply was that the kids there are given the license to fail. Overburdening young minds with unnecessary pressures will take their freedom away and rob them of their ideas.

Some of the important questions asked to him by the students and their answers.

Q To come up with an idea for a startup, how do you do soul searching, like you mentioned?

Shripal: To realize that nothing comes for free, you must ask yourself ‘What are you willing to give up for it?’. Steve Jobs and Buddhism often said the same. They teach you the importance of looking within. Only then, does an idea come to you.

Q What can you do to save your idea from being stolen?

Shripal: If it’s not good enough, it won’t get stolen. (laughs). But on a serious note, Non Disclosure agreements can be signed by all parties privy to the concept. It is a common practice at events where young minds showcase ideas.

Q Your vision is to empower the masses with the low cost tablets, yet how do you manage your technology side, since it is as important to keep it at low cost as well?

Shripal: Our product planning and production phase is one of the fastest in the world. From conception to final delivery, we take 40-45 days. It is all a matter of planning and licensing the right technologies.

On that note, a wonderful talk came to end. In one Swipe, he won over the hearts of the students and the entire audience. A glimpse into the mind of the entrepreneur.

Tablets for Kids: Answer to parent’s concern

We all remember the famous nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny” from our kindergartens. But do you know the latest version of it??? Here it is,

Johnny, Johnny

Yes, papa

Using computer???

Yes, papa

Throw it out!!!

What, papa!!!

Here is the tablet

Ha hahahaaaaa

If tablets are exceptionally beneficial to the youngsters and adults, and are equally advantageous to the elders, so they can be constructive and nifty for the kids as well. I bet, they are. Technology is evolving at superfast speed. So are our kids and their demands, and the demands of even swiftly evolving, globally connected world ruled by the ultimate God of virtual reality i.e. internet. So, even kids need to stand apart and they are.  Smart classes in schools, multi media as subject and facebook and twitter account in their Smartphone-can anybody say that their world is limited to color books, crayons, building blocks, hot wheels car and Cinderella and Snowwhite!!!

Today even a 5 year old boy or for that matter a girl, know about the latest Smartphone and their specs, the hottest car in the market and the mileage it gives and the recently launched PC and tablet games and configuration that supports it. Not because it’s a trend but it is the need of the hour. What to do???Nobody can afford to sit at the back and see the world speeding up at light’s speed. So do not be surprise when you see your tiny tots swiping and tapping your business slat.

Technology manufacturers responded in a smart way when they realized that the tablet market has grown to leaps and bound and kid zone has to be taken up seriously.  They quickly retorted to this unseen market segment.  I exactly know…what is popping out of your brains???…. What distinguishes kid’s tablets? I won’t brag about education and games and all that….. There is only one word for it i.e. fun. Ohh yes… whether it is games, movies or music, or language learning, e-books, abacus or memory tools… tablet makes everything fun. And that is the key point here. Most of these apps and tools are preloaded and can be enjoyed at your finger tips. So, the kid zone of tablet has everything for everyone- toddlers, younger kids and teens.

I know, I know the favorite of the favorite concern of every parent is what about the boundless territory of internet. No doubt, when it comes to internet and smart technology parents become little concern. After all, it will expose the kids to entirety of unknown. Do not worry. There are controls and filters and parental control software that can track your child’s complete activities and hence, can protect kids online and regulate their usage of the tablet.

So, keep your kid’s need, your budget and some of the following buying tips in your mind while buying a tablet for your kid:-

  1. Robust design: – Children, especially toddlers and kids, bump their tabs into everything. So go for robust built with rear and side bumpers and cheaper ones with warranty.
  2. Bigger screen: – For kids, the bigger screen with large buttons and display lock ascertain great picture, bigger fonts, clarity and bigger drawing screen.
  3. Eyes protection: – Always go for an anti radiation screen to safeguard your child’s eyes from harmful radiations.
  4. Covers and sleeves: – To protect the slate from water and other impurities, tablet should be in sleeves or covers because you never know when the spilling of water becomes a game for your tot.
  5. Apps and software: -Tablets come with preinstalled educational and recreational apps and parental control software. Many more can be downloaded from Play store and Google apps.


So get the full information before buying and give your child a safe and knowledgeable tablet experience.

lenovo a3000

Lenevo A3000, Dual SIM Tablet

lenovo a3000

After a new eruption among the tablet computers, lenevo has again shown its spine with the launch of its brand new product i.e Lenevo A3000. The gesture and the features  what it is possessing is beyond  expectation and thus has become the true temptation when it got the Indian super star Ranbir Kapoor to get itself endorsed. The android OS  4.2 powered by 1.2 GHz quard core is the real piece of attraction with dual sim port , 0.3 mp rear and 5.0 mp main camera. The screen size i.e 7 inch is well matched with the price tag and the features provided. The real pleasure by holding it would be a different experience so why don’t we go to the detailed features to get the hold of it soon:

  OS Android
  Version 4.2(Jelly Bean)
  Upgradable Yes
Best Buys
  Price  Rs 15,125 (Buy from
Calling Feature
  SIM slots  Yes
  Network(s)  2G: GSM 900, 1800; 3G: UMTS 2100
  SIM Calling  Yes
  Speed  1.2 GHz
  Type  –
  RAM  1GB
  Internal Memory (ROM)  16 GB
  Expandable Upto  32 GB
  Memory Card Type  MicroSD Card
  Screen Size  7 inch
  Display Type  TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  Resolution  1024 x 600 pixels
  Other  Multi Touch
  Primary ( Rear)  5megapixels
  Secondary ( Front) 0.3 megapixel
  Video Recording  yes at 1080 x 1920
  Type  3500 mAh litium polymer
  Play Time (hrs)  –
  Average Battery Life (hrs)  –
  Standby Time (hrs)  336hr
  Wi-Fi  Yes
  Wi-Fi Version IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  3G Yes
  2G/EDGE Yes
 Pre-Installed Browser Android
 Dongle Support  Yes
Dongle List
  •  TATA Docomo
  • Airtel, Reliance
  • Vodafone, BSNL
  • MTNL
  Bluetooth Yes
  Btversion v4
 W-Fi Hotspot  –
  HDMI Yes
  USB2.0 Yes
  miniUSB Yes
 Other  Wi-Fi Tethering
  Map support Yes
  AudioFiles  MP2, OGG,MP3, WMA,  AAC, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV M4A, MA4
  Video Files  TS, TP, 3GP, MPG, AVIH.264,  XVID, rm, rmvb, MKVH.264, WMV, MOV, MP4H.264, MPEG,  PMP, MPEG, MPG
 Loud Speaker  Yes
 Audio Jack  3.5mm
  Pendrive (upto)  Yes
  Hard Drive (upto)  No
  Dimensions ( L x B x H)  194x 120 x 12 mm
  Weight 350 g
  Items User Manual, Warranty Card, Charger, Quick Start Guide, Tablet,USB Data Cable, Headset
Official Site


budget tablet

6 Drawbacks of Budget Tablet

John: Oh man! Tablet…!!! Congrats buddy. So, is it promotion or increment???

Neal: What!!!

John: New, shiny, latest tablet. It must be expensive. So… promotion or increment?

Neal: Haven’t you ever heard anything called “BUDGET  TABLETS”!!!

Yes. Today, being techno savvy does not cost you your fortune. Not anymore. Today we have a whole lot of tablets that not only serve us with the latest up to date technology but also allow us to enjoy it without hurting our pockets.  Indian tablet market has witness a boom as a result of which the latest technology can be enjoyed by all kind of users, within all ranges of cost. Therefore, it equally attracts the business users as well as low cost customers. The concept of budget tablets has splendored the market for the user.  It has narrowed the gap between the rural and urban techno demands, the age and gender usage curve and business and entertainment based convention. 80% of the tablet market is dominated by budget tablets. As a result of which sales of tablet in India are expected to at least double this year to 6 million, the market’s third year of growth.

budget tablet

Apart from all these good things there are some issue with the budget tablet which the user are facing and here we are listing the most common issues that arises with the budget tablets.

1. Tablet get heated

The most common issue that catches our attention is that at times it becomes uncomfortably warm to hold them. Or what we say that they become hot.  Usually this happens while playing HD games or continuous long running or the tablet is running in vain like trying to find GPS or Wi-Fi. To deal with this, do not get tablet laminated fully. Ensure proper cooling. Switch off when it is not in use. Avoid keeping it on sleep mode, if not necessary. To savor the budget tablet efficiently, effectively and to ensure longer life, one just needs to take care of it properly. So, just a little bit of tending and you will enjoy the amity of your slab let.

2. Short Battery life

How long you can use your tablet is nearly as important as what it is you do while using it. A short battery life could mean the difference between your slim, sexy tablet with true mobility or carrying around various clunky power adapters, which isn’t nearly as sexy. So here comes the battery life in to limelight. Everybody wants 1080 pi of HD video streaming with full luminosity. And watch it till the very “the end”. Battery life is heavily reliant on the brightness of the tablet’s display and different sensors running. For example, wireless connection activity. The problem surface in, particularly, in case of the 7 inch tablets. So to ensure a long battery life, battery more than 3500AH is recommended. Turn off the tablet when not in use. Keep the sensors off so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of battery. Do not run unneeded apps in the back ground.

3. Tablet get hanged

When there is ever growing pool of apps with the fountain of selection streaming out, only the fools won’t be tempted. It’s always a craving, one become greedy of apps. And why not? What good your slate can be of if cannot satisfy the “apps desire”!!! In case of budget tablet, if one runs too many apps it gets hang or other performance issues float up. Generally this happens when tab is supported with Wi-Fi or internet. So try to use one app or may be two at a time. And do make sure that unwanted apps are not drumming your slate.

4. Camera not so good

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” and in case of tablets, it’s the cameras. Camera is one of the first things to dig for in case of budget tablets because you are not dish up with lot many options and also quality won’t be exceptionally fascinating. But you still be able to get your”wow” and “Aww” moments. Generally the available option is 2MP and one has to test out various options available as per one’s need.

5. Poor touch screen quality

Thinking about the touch, brings to my mind the old anecdote of King Midas who can turn anything he touches into gold. First it seemed to be a stroke of luck but later turned out to be curse. Still thinking… me too. Do not worry. All the budget tablets do not do this to you. Most of the budget tablets have good touch quality that gives quick response and are easy on fingers. Some are so good that they give you the chance to cherish effortless navigation. But the problem comes with the HD games or videos and large number of on running apps. At times, games like Angry birds or Fruit Ninja do not give the smooth touch experience. They simply lag. So it is advisable to explore and experiment the touch while you are in the shop.  So, don’t be shy. Go to the sales executive. After all, why are they there for? Jokes apart, but try different tabs with various applications of your need, if possible.

6. Short life span

My hard earned money!!! Buying a tablet??? How long will it be utilizable? Life span of tablet is at times considered as an unsolvable mystery. But honestly, it is not. Most of the bud tab (as I like to call them )do not ditch before a year. If taken care properly, they can even last to one and a half or maybe more. So follow these steps and you won’t have your tablet using experience “budgeted”.

Micromax Canvas P650 Tab

Micromax Canvas P650 Tab


Micromax Canvas Tablet
Micromax Canvas Tablet

In its latest offering Micromax launched its Micromax Canvas P560 Tab under its very successful Canvas range  of  products. As the Micromax canvas smart phone has already been a huge success in Indian market as it was very affordable and has superb features the Micromax canvas P650 carry the same load of expectations.With this tab Micromax has once again proved that this brand will fulfill all the expectations about latest features and also it will be cost effective.

Talking about the features this tab boasts of a 8 inch IPS display and is fuelled by a 1.2 Ghz Quad core processor.This tablet runs on Android 4.2.1(Jelly Bean) which is also promised to be upgradable via OTA updates.This tab also has aluminum body frame which shows the kind of quality with which this product is made.This tablet also supports 3G and also has voice calling facility which makes it one of the most high end tablet in this category.It also has 1 Gb ram and 16 Gb of internal storage.It also has 4800 mAh battery which is very powerful and provide a very good backup.

Finally coming on the price this tab is expected to be priced at Rs 16,500 and also in this price range this tablet is going to give a strong competition to Samsung  Tab2 and Tab3 series also it is also going to give very powerful competition to Asus Fonepad tab series.

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