Google Nexus 7, 2nd Generation?

Google Nexus 7 new| Wireless charging!|Extraneous display If rumors are to be believed, we will be able to see the successor of Google Nexus 7 adorning the the store shelves very soon, possibly in 2 months time. These rumors are quite persuading because they all have been found bubbling from inside the company. Exactly a year ago, we had the original Google Nexus 7 […] Continue reading →

World’s first small screen Windows 8 Tablet, flashed on Amazon.

Acer W3 810| Windows 8| 8.1 inches Acer is apparently coming up with the first ever small-screen Windows 8 Tablet PC very soon. This news has made its way by the virtue of the fact that Amazon, the biggest online shop, was spotted testing Acer  Iconia W3-810-1600 appearances on the the online shop’s various shelves. The test was quick, but spilled a lot of info […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →