“Must have” Tablet Apps for business

Have a business and want to get the maximum productivity off your brand new tablet? Here’s the list of apps you’ll need:

Kingsoft Office1) Office Suite – For all office needs, there are many Office software bundles. We recommend Kingsoft Office for Android(Free) and QuickOffice (read only) for iOS (Free).

PDF reader/editor – Adobe PDF Reader (Free) makes up for an all round PDF reader-cum-editor.

2) Cloud Storage – You can choose from many options, all from various free providers for the service. Highly dependable are Box (25 GB), Google Drive (10 GB), Microsoft SkyDrive (5 GB). A cloud storage helps you to upload your files on the service provider servers and then access them from anywhere from any device by logging into your account. This saves people’s time from plugging their devices into computers to copy a file they need. It’s just like e-mail, where you attach a file to send someone else. Here, you upload files for yourself.  All the files you choose to upload is there in your account created and can be downloaded anytime, anywhere.Box Storage

3) Reminders – You have to keep a check on all your meetings and to-dos. For that, you can use the calendar app which comes pre-installed in your tablet. Or alternatively, you can choose to use a third-party app which does more than just reminds you of your upcoming events.  Apps like EverNote and Catch (free for Android and iOS, paid for premium users) can also serve you while providing additional features which you may or may not use.

Evernote Reminders



4) Creating Invoice – You can now create invoice (bills) on the go for the company you want to show the quick digital bill, or make one for yourself. Invoice2Go for iOS (Paid) is just the app for those purposes.


5) Tracking expenditure – One also has to keep an account of all the expenditure and payments made all while long. Well, like everything else, there’s an app for that. MoneyWise is by far the best expenditure tracking app for Android for free. It’s a must have app for business and non-business guys alike.MoneyWise

6) Voice Recorder – Never miss that important point in the meeting again by keeping a digital copy of the recording right on Tape-A-Talkyour device. While there’s an preinstalled app for iOS to record voice, Tape-a-talk for Android is also free and provides a great quality of audio recording, cancelling out the background noises when you choose it so.




7) Handwriting App – Whether or not you feel about having a handwriting app, it’s a great boon for many of the people to be able to jot down things at the freedom of your index finger. Penultimate for iOS ($0.99) and Quill for Android ($0.99) are the best apps which are out there. If you want something for free, opt for Handwriting HD for Android with limited number of pages.Quill Handwriting





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