Micromax Funbook Talk P350

Funbook Talk p350

Funbook Talk literally allows you to make calls and is a great advancement for Micromax tablets

Micromax is fast becoming a market leader in India in the low cost tablet segment. The Funbook series launched in April has been its prodigal child and with the launch of Funbook Talk P350, it plans to solidify that position further. The Voice calling feature in Funbook Talk is its selling point and will help to give users a completely new experience. Something that was previously not available in other Micromax tablets.


Priced at Rs 7,500, the Funbook Talk comes with an updated Android Ice-cream sandwich 4.0.4 which help users reach out to the thousands of Apps, songs and videos available on Google’s online store, Google Play.


OS Android 4.0.3 Ice-cream sandwich
Processor 1GHz
RAM 512 MB
  • 7 inch
  • Capacitive
  • Multitouch
  • 0.3 MP Front Camera
SIM Slot YES, with voice calling feature
  • Wi-Fi
  •  HDMI
  •  3G via dongle
  • 2G via SIM
  • 4 GB internal
  • Expandable upto 32GB
Battery 2800mAH
Price Rs 7450

Micromax has recently launched a new tablet with voice calling feature Funbook P600.

Other tablets in the Micromax Funbook series are:

Best buy from Flipkart at Rs 7500. If you are in Pune then get the free home delivery at just Rs 7390. Visit The Tablet Shop, The My Tablet Guru Online store for Tablets.

Software and Apps

Micromax Apps for Childrens education and Video Lessons like in previous versions of the Funbook come pre-installed and are like always a great feature for students.

A predictive text input and touchscreen QWERTY keypad help enhance the messaging experience. Music file formats like mp4, wmv, avi and mov are supported and Youtbue videos can be easily viewed on the internet.

TV mode for live streaming of TV channels is a great feature and JPEG pictures formats are supported.

However it is the built in voice calling and 2G support that is the most attractive feature here. The VoIP client is downloadable and with all that available at a competitive price range of Rs 7000, it is definitely an excellent product and might end up being a bargain for the customers.

Hardware Features

With a 7 inch TFT LCD screen, 800 x 480 resolution, 2800 mH battery, 512 Mb RAM Funbook Talk gives you all the standard Tablet features.

A 1 GHz processor provides a fast user interface and ensures smooth display of even 1080p HD videos.

A USB 2.0 helps you connect dongles for internet connectivity. Wi-fi can be easily accessed and 3G support help assure the user with a complete web experience.

Some other standard features include Accelerometer sensors for Auto rotation of screen as you move it around.


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  • rahul prabhu

    can i upgrade micromax p350 jelly bean os ???

    • Tablet Guru


  • siva prasadh

    got micromax funbook p560…itz not supporting my sim card….give me some ideas to overcome this problem…

    • Zain Siddiqui

      which sim do you have?

    • bko

      no able to call from funbook p350..i have airtel sim..

  • Aqi

    plz tell me how to configure internet settings on micromax p350,aircel

    • Zain Siddiqui

      once, you have inserted your sim, and find that network has been found, try requesting internet settings from your aircel operator. once the settings have been installed using message received rom aircel, you can subscribe to a datapack to access low tariff internet. reply back if you still face problems or contact your aircel operator

  • Kettavan

    Hi guys..plz help me out google play is not working in dis tab,if it works rare its vry slow in my 2gsim,to use dongle male 2 female cable has not givn in the box…

    • Zain Siddiqui

      take up the issue with the retailer who you bought it from or contact the nearest support center to get urself a support cable. your problem seems to be slow connectivity. try switching to 3G connection which is supported by p350

  • debdatta banerjee

    I want to buy Micromax Funbook Talk. Please tell me clearly that whether it supports messaging,MMS,calling,bluetooth,and please tell me clearly what are its features.

  • arvind

    I have micromax funbook talk p350
    Have downloaded many GPS apps but it shows ‘your gps settings are disabled’
    How to enable GPS settings

  • arsh

    micromax funbook talk better then other,support caling,3g etc.

  • sanju

    Which 3g dongle supportable for micromax p350? plz tel me any one

  • dipesh karmakar

    I have Funbook talk p350 and I want to update my android version from ICS to Jelly Bean.

    • sankar

      i need update micromax funbook p350.

  • rohit

    plz how can i connect qwerty keypad and dongle on tab p350


  • vishwanath

    i think all future applications should be great especially since they have given importance to students. I really liked it. Micromax has tried to give all this in lowest priced tab to general public

  • prasad

    in micromax funbook p600 can we use ta good navigation

  • prasad

    I want to buy Funbook P600 but I am confused which is better, P600 or P350 is better. Please suggest me. Do it work like Samsung tab 2

    • vivek

      funbook p600..clear winner….it has 3g and dual camera.

      • Theia

        i agree. I think dual camera makes P600 winner as it has SIM calling facility too.

  • Azra

    I want to buy micromax FUNBOOK TALK P350. Does it support 3g sim card

    • Tablet Guru

      It support 3G SIM card but you can only do calling with it, 3G internet cannot be accessed through SIM.

    • arsh

      no azra its support only 2g via sim supports 3g with dongle…

  • ramesh

    how is the battery life of micromax funbook talk…for hw much time does it last with whatsapp on 24/7 on 2g network…i want to use this tab for browsing and whatsapp so i need to know hw much time the battery will last specially if whatsapp switched on…

    • Zain Siddiqui

      Minimum 5 hours. So you can expect a good performance.

  • Mark

    Am using reliace 3g dongle modem e 173. but am not getting signal strength… which Reliance modem will support funbook 350 plz help

  • preeti

    Can I make video call through Micromax Talk?

  • vipin

    I bought micromax funbook talk yesterday..it works well..but when i inserted one 4gb memory card i cant access it thro the ES FILE explorer..not even an icon is seen..but in the menu>settings>storage the details of inserted card is seen..what to do..anybody pls help.

    • Zain Siddiqui

      reinsert the memory card and try again. if it still doesn’t work, try to format the memory card first before use

  • Giridhar Kodali

    How can one copy SIM contacts on to the Funbook p-350, and also please advise as to using sms service on the same

  • Ajay

    I want to purchase a new tab. My budget is Rs.8000. It should have sim slot, Bluetooth, and most important it should support ms office,ppt ane excel to edit documents. My friend suggest me penta WS702C,703c and Funbook talk. So which one is better or is there any other tab fulfills above requirement. Please reply kindly. I am waiting for reply.

    • Zain Siddiqui

      funbook talk is best. it has all the features mentioned and is priced at rs 7500. Although MS office is not functional on Android Tablet, but an office suite can be run on the tablet. It has a good touch screen and battery life too

      • Samin das

        I want to help u my dear frnd. Plz don’t buy these tablet. It is a chiness tablet and it is a bundle of problems. Major problem of these tablet is network problem. When u using a sim, suddenly networks fail and indicate no network etc. I have these tablet but now i want to sell it. And i wl got only 2000.00 rupees. So be carefull when u go to buy micromax products. Thank u

  • parveen kumar

    What about the battery life? And MS Word & Excel can be operated on this or not ?

  • Narasimman.M

    Whether Micromax P350 supports DATA CARD Modem (for instance BSNL, MTS,RELIANCE etc) and where it’s available?

  • Lakshya Mishra

    Why I can’t access Google play with my BSNL 2G sim??

    • chetan

      b’coz 2G net not working n plz u use postpaid sim…., otherwise u use 3G sim exm: 2G aircel, and any dongle

  • maroof

    my funbook tab is best option in tablets. I loved it and like in Karbonn 9 marvel there is no sim service and connecting internet with any dongal is a big problem. But micromax has done everything for me.

  • Himanshu

    Is there 2MP primary camera on this tab? I read this(about 2 Mp camera) on other sites, and one more thing, what about bluetooth and gps?


    I’m decided for buy a micromax p350 tablet. plz clear my doubt.
    can i net browsing via sim card and can phone call in this.

    • Zain Siddiqui

      yes u can browse net and make calls too..

      • irfan

        mr zain just tell me in micrommax p350 tablet…
        which 3g dongles supports kindly send me dongles names and there models name. I am waiting for your reply on my email id thanks.

  • ashray mane

    I am planning to buy Micromax funbook tab but I am confuse with this tab. Is this really support calling and messaging features in it.

    • Zain Siddiqui

      It support calling.

    • vivek

      It support calling and WhatsApp

  • nitin

    yes..it supports messaging, WhatsApp….I’m using..it …it is really a good tab compared to others at this price.

  • Annette Brookes

    I am planning to buy Funbook talk, but I am confused whether it supports WhatsApp or not? previous replies makes me think it doesn’t but I need to know in real terms, or should I go for some other tab in that range, Celkon tab has WhatsApp, how is that one as compared to Funbook talk?

  • sagar chhabdiya

    its suppor whats app..

  • amn Singh

    does it support heavy hd games like modern combat3, gta 3,blood and glory etc..

    • Zain Siddiqui

      Nope..itna sab nai hai isme..its meant for play store apps and all..although you could try…let me know if it works..

  • ankit

    Can we use MS Office on Funbook p350

    • Theia


      • jaspreet singh

        You can use think office.. but you should download from Google Play.

    • sameer

      this is a android suported tablet ..n microsoft product can’t be used on this..

  • pady

    Can we use Ms office and is it upgradable to Android future OS?

    • TabletGuru

      MS office cannot be installed on Micromax Talk and generally tablets cannot be upgraded to other Android Version.

      • Adib

        My friend is using Samsung galaxy tab 2, from Ice cream sandwich he upgraded to Jelly bean … now how is that possible ?

        • TabletGuru

          Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPad are high end tablet. OS up-gradation option is available in these tabs.

      • Ashwini

        Does it support all 3G dongle?

        • chetan


  • Vipin

    Can we send SMS from this? Can we install WhatsApp application from android market?? As, in previous funbooks, we were unable to do so, as they did not support voice calling (no SIM card). Can we categorize it as phone + tablet??

    • Theia

      It does function as phone but messaging does not work

      • vicky Rajpoot

        supports all formats of music, pictures and videos
        7 inch TFT screen with super graphics,
        Best navigation features supports Bluetooth, WiFi, 3g with dongle connectivity and
        work on 4.04 ice cream sandwich.
        fun on playing game
        support all heavy apps.

        sound quality not good.
        You may have some problem while calling as sound is not sufficient.
        sometime hangs automatically
        Pre installed Bluetooth is not good as a result transfer of data becomes slow.

      • sameer

        messaging is possible on this tab ..and it send it quickly..it also tells whether the recipient had read the message or not.

    • vivek

      yes definetely its a phone with 7inch screen

      • jaspreet singh

        yes guyz, it support WhatsApp and messaging.. its totally a cell phone. I am using it. I did video calling also.. its fantastic at their level.

  • Vipin Huddar

    Does it support WhatsApp messaging application?
    Its previous version which did not support voice calling, i.e., SIM card did not support WhatsApp.

    • Theia

      the current tablets donot support messaging as yet

    • vivek