Lenevo ThinkPad Helix: The new era engineering!

Lenevo ThinkPad Helix: The new era engineering!

Lenevo ThinkPad Helix| Four display options|2 variants
with 4 display options..

It’s a well known fact that we love working on a Laptop but, however, viewing objects is much more relished on the Tablet PCs. This is the thing which is driving all the Tablet PC/Laptop manufacturers to take up both the production simultaneously, in a single machine! All I mean here, is a tablet cum laptop, a hybrid device which serves both the interests.

Lenevo, a leading PC manufacturer, is already bringing such hybrids in the market. We already have seen “Lenevo ThinkPad Twist” exhibiting a dual characteristics, justifying its convertible section. Next it’s the even better “Lenevo ThinkPad Helix“. This is the latest in the ThinkPad line of computers and is now available for all you ThinkPad fans in the United States of America. But before you invest your money in this Tablet PC/Laptop (whatever makes you happy!) , here are the highlights of this piece of engineering.

No.1 : Unlike many other hybrids, with Helix one can “rip and flip” the screen and then dock it back on the keyboard. The advantage is obvious, extra battery life. FYI, the screen when when used a standalone tablet pc, the battery goes for around 6 hours. On the other hand, if the screen remains docked in the keyboard, one gets additional 4 hours support, when full charged. Moreover, one has more connectivity ports to serve.

helix top view

So, now you have much extra time tied to your Tablet PC mode than the previous times, when hinging the screen flat on the keyboard was not possible. But not anymore!

No. 2 : Helix is a 11.6 inch touchscreen with full HD, 1920×1080 pixel resolution to boast. Display couldn’t get any better to normal human eyes. The quality can be very mesmerizing, so, better Watch It!

No. 3 : The touchscreen houses a USB 2.0 port and a Mini DisplayPort. The keyboard dock has two USB 3.0 and a Mini DisplayPort to itself. These all sums up to lot of usability ports in coalition.

No. 4 : Weight of the ThinkPad Helix is 1.8 pounds when not docked to the keyboard( just the touchscreen). When one connects both, there is an addition of 2 pounds of weight to  the complete set-up.

No. 5 : There is a choice for you. There are two high end variants available under the Helix name:-

[I] Windows 8| 2.8GHz| Intel Core i5 processor|4 GB of RAM| $1680

[2] Windows 8 Pro| 3.2 GHz| i7 processor| 8 GB of RAM| $2000

No. 6 : The base models can be customized, but obviously, with some extra payment. The i5 version comes with 128GB SSD, which can be upgraded to 180GB or 256GB. Similarly, the i7 version comes with 180GB, which can be replaced by 256GB SSD.

No. 7 : The Lenevo ThinkPad Helix can be pre-ordered now on the Lenovo’s official website. The expected ship-start date is 6 th of June, 2013. It is also expected to hit the other nation local stores, in no time.

For more detailed info on the ThinkPad Helix visit the Lenevo website and please come back to us to know about more and more Tablet PC NEWS.



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