iPad Design Features


All the iPads are still the benchmarks of industrial design language they have created for the other players of the tablet business. Nobody even reaches close to the design philosophy that Apple gives to their products, and iPad is another truth added to their collars. Though iPad was a revolutionary product, it was bulky none the less. Apple learnt the lesson as they themselves claimed and tried to better the device in terms of usability being lighter than before.

They achieved this with iPad 2, which was even thinner than their own iPhone 4 (0.34-inches compared to 0.37-inches). Although the iPad 3 is a little thicker and tiny bit heavier than iPad 2, it was done in order to make space for a bigger battery to keep their promise of 10 hours of battery life for us. Still, the design cues don’t miss the premium feel and feels amazingly sleek to hold, even with one hand.

iPad Design features

The best thing about the way Apple design their products is that their products have no design at all. They follow the principle of Aristotle, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. And that’s what makes them stand apart. Their design has a language of their own and has a rich and austere feel to it.

With the new iteration, Apple built the new iPads in order to house a foldable cover which they call Smart Cover, which can be attached to the sides of the iPad magnetically with the help of two magnets already inside the body of the iPad.  Both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 are compatible with Smart Covers.


There are just 4 buttons on the iPad. A volume rocker, making two buttons, a sleep/wake button, long pressing which brings up the shut down option on the screen and a “home” button. That’s it! And there’s one slider switch which can be programmed to do different toggle works like mute on/off, orientation lock, night mode on etc.

Please note that doing all these customisations needs to have iOS 5.1 and above on your device.






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