iOS 7 Updates for iPad and iPad Mini released

The 237 MB software update is now available for the Apple iOS 7. Labeled the Beta 2, the OS update aimed at iPad and iPad Mini is packed with minor tweaks to most Tablet apps and features. Here are the top 5 changes:

1. Siri has Male voice


Yes, Siri now comes with an option to choose male/female voice from the settings. Don’t know if it actually serves some technical purpose except satisfying the long standing demand for changing the voice search engines personality away from its feminine origins.

2. AirDrop file transfer

The Peer to Peer file transfer feature is now available on iOS7 for iPad and iPad Mini as well. Users will be able to transfer even huge files faster with this P2P app.

3. Add media to shared Photo stream

io7 updates

Photo streams can now be populated with Videos and Pics and there’s a notification to let make you aware of that.

4. Avatars in Group iMessage Chats

The group chats in iMessenger will now feature Avatars on the left hand side featuring stored images of the users involved.

5. Newer Locked screen Music controls

That Apple devices are famous for their performance for Music is well known. iOS 7 has brought changes to the Locked screen music controls to make it even simpler to jog through your playlist.

– Apart from this, there are changes to almost all major features including a revamped look to the Bookmarks/shared links feature. The Newsstand holds a newer look. The media player controls too look slicker. The Camera Pano mode has been given a new UI and even the unique facetime app sports a newer UI.

The Weather App now features a button to view conditions in many cities all at once
The Weather App now features a button to view conditions in many cities all at once

*However, it must be mentioned about the inclusion of the Find my iPhone icon in the settings enables users to directly know about their phone without too much hassle.And yes, the locked screen also sports control features for the Camera.

*Note: The upgrade once installed cannot be reversed to earlier versions.

The Update will be available to existing Apple users of the iPad and iPad Mini, since it changes specially designed for the larger screens of the tablets. Here a few other screenshots of the Beta 2 for iOS 7.

So coming in end June, they sure will add some spice to the much anticipated iPhone 5 launch later this year. In the meanwhile, it will do to assuage the demands of the Apple fans who were looking for some changes to their Tablet interfaces, especially, in the face of stiffer competition from emerging Android Apps and development updates (Key Lime Pie version).

Lets hope the Beta version of the iOS 7 update launched last month for iPhones and now this bring some respite to Apple that has been under fire in recent weeks thanks to the bad publicity generated around its Tax avoidance allegations.






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