Intro to Apple iPad

Intro to Apple iPad

The dawn of the portable computing was started by the Apple and it has still been in the helm of them. And in 2010, we saw another of the revolutionary product to be born to the world,  iPad.

Apple came out with a monumental product with iPad, which was dismissed by many as nothing but a larger iPod Touch, but lesser did they realize the many possibilities which could be possible with the larger screen size. And then came the flurry of apps which exploited the true potential of a bigger screen, being more portable than a laptop at the same time.

Since the first time of its inception, the iPad is minimal in design and makes the most use of the space it has. With each iteration, the iPad kept getting more powerful than before and with that, more functional in terms of usage. And just as people started thinking, “this cannot be made any better”, Apple to everyone’s surprise came with more bang and launched the iPad3 (or the new iPad) in the spring of 2012.

Most of the loyalists of Apple, true to their loyalty, have invested in an iPad one after the other. And so have most of the people who ever had a need for a portable device bigger than their smartphones, have a portable book reader, portable gaming device or to watch movies on the go on a bigger screen or just to show it off. Or all of the above (most of us have exactly the same need mentioned)! iPad is just about that, functionality with flaunt.

The first of the iPad was all about the right execution of a vision that the people at Apple had. It was light, portable, powerful enough to perform various day to day tasks and most important of all, easy to operate. As easy that even a three year old can operate it with such an ease that it felt like he had been taught to operate the device before birth itself.

With a new version of iPad being launched each year since 2010 and another new-er iPad is rumored to be launched in 2013 and we can hope that it gets all better and better with each incarnation of the device.

So here’s the question you might have asked yourselves a hundred times (or you would’ve already went out and bought one for yourself), do I really need the iPad?

We’ll answer to your question in the subsequent pages of our wholesome review of few of the key aspects for daily use of an iPad.

What makes the iPad stand out of the crowd and takes its leaps ahead of the competition is not the hardware, but its software. The iPad, like all the other Apple devices, comes with a very tight integration of software with the hardware, making the software optimized for the “limited” hardware power it has. This might seem strange on paper, but in actual practice, it gives a phenomenal stability of the operating system running on the hardware. Just like the iPhone and all the iPods! Since the software is written keeping in mind a single hardware, the coders write the codes in such a way which fully utilizes the hardware of the device, which on the user end provides a very fluid user experience.

The beauty of iPad is that you already know how to use it! From the moment you pick it up in your hands, everything is immediately self-understood and the user feels right at home already from that moment itself. It requires no user manuals, because it is made so simple that nobody can go wrong in handling it.

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