ICICI Tab banking; This is called taking care.

ICICI bank, banking on Tabs

ICICI has become the first bank to introduce Tablet PCs in banking, to help their men improve business. It is scheme where one can easily have a bank account from the comfort of his/her house. And that too in just a few minutes. All you got to do is contact the ICICI bank and express your desire to have a account with them, and a bank representative will be available in no time , at your service; at your home. The reps bring  Tabs along to take the pictures of all the supporting IDs. An inbuilt app makes the Tab a dedicated device to deal with all these process which are involved.

This is a very great initiative which means there is no wastage, be it time or ink and paper. The Tablet not only keep all the records but also syncs the details with the bank’s data base, which previously was done keeping scans/printouts of the pertinent documents. This is looking a very powerful move by the ICICI to lure more and more busy customers, who also normally do a lot banking to keep up with their finances.

The TVC which is there, getting very popular, also because of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, is conceptualized by a company named Ogilvy and Mather. This companies says the motive behind featuring Mr. Bachchan is, as he epitomizes the busiest of people in the country, the product will connect more with the viewers.

As the Tablet PCs are getting more popular and more used to in households, people are not even finding it weird to face or understand it. This means Tablet PCs are also becoming very trusted and acceptable everywhere.

This very venture celebrates the cause of utilizing time in other important things than opening a bank account. The product ensures no paper work hassle to the customer, which is such relief. ICICI is hoping to boost their engagement much more and the Tablet market so wants it too.

Once you are convinced, to have a bank account with ICICI, all you got to do is call a Tab Banking Officer.This can be done either by sending SMS, calling on a Toll Free number or applying online. The details for which is available at ICICI bank official website.

Happy Tablet Banking world!






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