How to update Android on your Tablet PC

Update Android Tablet


Since many people asked us how to upgrade their Android Tablets, and more people asked if their Android Tablets are upgradable to the newer versions of Android, we decided to answer your queries by letting out a post.

To be very honest, not all devices are upgradable to new versions of Google’s Android. Whether your device stand a chance at upgradation, depends solely upon the manufacturer of the device.

There are ways you can still enjoy the newer flavours of your favourite mobile operating system by rooting your device, but you will end up voiding your warranty provided by the manufacturer. Although many people give in to rooting their Android Tablet (like we did with our HP TouchPad), we recommend it for those people only who know what they’re doing.

Manufacturers announce on their websites a list of devices manufactured by them which can be upgraded. So, the upgradability can never be determined before the company makes any announcement. If your device is costing more than Rupees 20,000, much chances are that it might be upgradable to newer versions, because it has capable hardware to handle the newer (and generally more demanding) versions. So, it’s always the word of the company which manufactures our device.

Now to check whether there is a newer version of OS available for your device, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Go to Settings, then in that ‘about phone/tablet’ and then select ‘device updates’ or ‘Android updates’ which should be the 2nd or 3rd option from top.

2. If it says YES, all you have to do is to connect to a Wi-Fi router and download the updates.

Mobile data takes a lot of time to download updates, since the updates are generally more than 100 MB, and it varies with different tablets. So you better get a 3G connection for some while to download the updates or get to a fast enough Wi-Fi connection.

3. All set and done, the phone will reboot itself and install the updates.

It will take anything from 15 to 30 mines to install the update, again the time varies with devices, and faster devices get it done quickly.

Do not interrupt the update in between, you might end up losing your device altogether.

And after the installation is complete, you can go ahead and devour on the new flavor of your Android dessert. YUM!

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