How to Increase the Internal Memory Storage of an Android Tablet

What do we mean by increasing the internal memory?

The external memory will be converted (shown as) into internal memory and internal memory will be converted into external memory


Things to consider:

  1. This process includes manipulating the system files which might render the warranty of your tablet void.
  2. Tablet must be rooted. See Tablet Rooting Guide
  3. This process might not work for all tablets
  4. By increasing the internal memory, you can install bigger apps and games which require more memory
  5. Preferably do this when you have installed 8 GB or more external memory

This process has been successfully tested on the Micromax Funbook P255 with internal memory of 4 GB, Usable internal memory of 1.5 GB and External memory (SD card) of 8 GB.

App required: SuperSU and Root Explorer (apk can be downloaded easily from the internet)

Step 1: Install the SuperSU app

  • Go to settings
  • Enable the Super User by selecting a checkbox (in some cases it might be already enabled)
  • Close the app
  • This process is called as rooting. The very same process might not root all tablet. Process differ from tab to tab.

Step 2: Open the Root Explorer app (it enables us to explore the android system files)

  •   Go to the “system” directory or folder
  •   Then go to the “etc” directory
  •   Scroll down to find the file “void.fstb
  •  Open the “void.fstb” file using a text editor

Step3:  Look for the lines

  • “dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard” and change it to “dev_mount sdcard /mnt/ extsd”
  • “dev_mount extsd /mnt/extsd” and change it to “dev_mount extsd /mnt/ sdcard”

Make sure that you only make changes to the word “sdcard” and “extsd” and nothing else. This will show the internal memory as external memory and the external (SD card) as internal memory.

Once done, save this file and go back to Root Explorer.

Step3:  A backup file named “void.fstb.bak” will be automatically created. Delete this file by pressing hold the file and select delete. Close the Root Explorer app.

Step 4: Switch off the tablet and switch it back on. Go to Settings then storage and check internal storage. The internal memory has changed to 8 GB (storage capacity of the SD card) and the external memory has changed to 1.5 GB i.e. the internal usable memory.

Note : If the above method does not work and your tablet is not starting or hangs at logo. Then follow the below links to fix it.

See the video demo.


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